Sunday, March 6, 2016

Sunday Globe Special: Defending Donald Trump

I had intended to work on other things this morning, but....

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You need to read that (or at least use it and other links as references) before this slop, but put me down as one now, I guess, because I'll never vote Republican (or Democrat) again. Ever!

"For some, Donald Trump’s golden brand has lost shine" by Matt Viser, Annie Linskey and Tracy Jan Globe Staff  March 06, 2016

That happens when you drag someone through the mud.

It's a front page rip job, and according to WRH the pre$$ is just flat-out lying about Trump with no consequences. 

I don't know if that's true or not, but I know who I'm more likely to believe when it comes to the two.

WASHINGTON — Donald Trump has made a career of placing his gold-embossed name on just about anything. Casinos, buildings, golf courses, vodka, a line of suits, even a now-defunct “university.’’

The common denominator is the billionaire mogul. For the master of the sell, the allure of each product is the man himself.

Failing pre$$ and ma$$ media must be jealous. 

The allure of their sell certainly isn't masterful at all.

But now that Trump has embarked on the biggest sales job of his life with a run for president, he is deploying his personality-driven branding tactics to reshape the GOP.

They really do make you feel sorry (my introduction is relevant to this) for him, and it is nice to see him get an endorsement.

The party of Lincoln, the party of Reagan, is morphing into the party of Trump, with all of its connotations of wealth and power, swagger and bullying, divisiveness, bluntness, and, for many, an undeniable appeal.

As if we didn't have swagger and bullying under W. Bush. 

I remember him saying something about wealth, too. 

And then we got Obama and the same things from the other side.

Trump’s party takeover has spurred some longtime Republican leaders to mount a last-ditch effort to stop him. They don’t just fear that a Trump nomination would produce losses for the party in 2016, but that he will leave an indelible negative imprint on the Republican Party well into the future.

Yeah, keep all that in mind for later. They will lose big if it is Trump. That's because the neocon Jew warmongers will defect to Hitlery.

Trump is leading a movement that traditional conservatives don’t even recognize.

Well, they ignored us for the last eight years and didn't even let our guy in the building. 

What a bunch of out-of-touch a$$holes!

Then they turn around and wonder what's going on? 

Where are our lemming voters like the minorities Hillary Clinton is gobbling up?

Largely because of his presence, the party’s prime-time debates have become anarchic free-for-alls, replete with vulgar references but almost devoid of serious policy discussion about deficits, defense, and smaller government. 

Yeah, and that is the FAULT of the ATROCIOUS PRE$$ MODERATORS!!

“It destroys the Republican Party brand. Without a doubt,” said Katie Packer, a Republican operative leading an anti-Trump group. 

Yeah, it's a BRAND -- as if you are being SOLD SOMETHING!!!!

“A lot of his supporters, I don’t think are actually Republicans,” she added.

(Blog editor snorted in disgust, and I didn't even vote for him; I went Democrat and chose Sanders to stop Clinton)

And the others, she said, “the ones who are Republicans, are ones that just want to blow everything up. And they think somehow that will be better than what we have right now.”


It's getting to the point where ANYTHING would be BETTER than what we have right now -- this slavish political cla$$ devoted to corporate government in the truest form of fa$ci$m ever seen in the history of the world (and please do not confuse it with the misnamed nationalism of past years that has been promoted by certain chosen interests that write the history books).

And speaking of blowing things up, the United States government is the all-time champ, so f*** off!!!!!!!!!

A growing body of mainstream Republicans, fearing the party’s future is at risk, are plotting ways to deny Trump the nomination at the party convention in July in Cleveland.

I would like that because there will be fistfights on the floor of the convention, and maybe some blood on the floor. 

It would be like UFC Fight Night came to the Republican convention!

Some are openly discussing leaving the GOP to start a new party. 


GET OUT!!!!!! 

Who would they be anyway?

Many of them fear that beneath the branding and artful targeting of Americans’ anxieties, Trump’s campaign is unconnected to traditional Republican values.

What values would those be? Torture? The mass-murder of millions based on lies? Obscene wealth inequality and accumulation while gutting the middle class? Those the traditional values he's talking about?

And who does the Globe turn to for "expert" analysis?

John E. Sununu, a former US senator from New Hampshire who is advising Ohio Governor John Kasich.

Where's that trash barrel?

David Merritt, the managing director for Luntz Global, a polling firm that has conducted focus groups and polling on Trump, says that there’s a distinction between Trump’s business brand and the imprimatur he seeks to leave on the party.

That would be famous focus group guy and current Fox hack and narrative creator Frank Luntz? 


“Luxury is the foundation of his business,” Merritt said. “Being the antipolitician is the foundation of his political brand.”

He’s not sure that there’s a cohesive Trump philosophy outside of giving voice to the anger and frustration toward Washington that’s been roiling politics since at least 2010.

“He is looking at a marketplace and he is filling a consumer need,” Merritt said.

A f***ing marketplace -- as if we are being SOLD a PRODUCT!!

The truculent, often crude, language he’s using to articulate his ideas is so outside the norm that top Republican thinkers in Washington have started floating the idea of a new party.

Well, I find it REFRESHING!

They include Weekly Standard editor Bill Kristol who, in December, took to social media to ask this question: “Crowd-sourcing: Name of the new party we’ll have to start if Trump wins the GOP nomination? Suggestions welcome.”

Oh, look, the LEAD LIAR in making the case for invading Iraq, a member of the Project For the New AmeriKan Century, and neocon Jewish war-monger to Boot!! 

Bye, Bill, and GOOD RIDDANCE!!!!

If the party were to disintegrate, the Chamber of Commerce Republicans who want minimal regulation and immigration reform could go one direction, while the religious wing that focuses on abortion and sexuality would go another.

The party has already gone that way; this would just be an official breakup.

What is INTERESTING to NOTE is there is NO MENTION of any difference on the WARS for JEWS -- as if we will all just fall in line on that one!!

“If the party broke apart — there would still be a Republican Party, but there would be a splinter movement,” said Ben Ginsberg, a Republican lawyer who has served as the counsel to the Republican National Committee and several presidential campaigns.

Interesting pairing there.

“It would largely be a presidential party. Over time that entity would either grow roots and flourish, or not,” he said. 

It would be a dictatorship, that is what he's saying. 

Of course, it has been one for decades. It's been under Bush control since at least the 1980s.

Ginsberg pointed out that the GOP brand remains strong in the states — two-thirds of state legislative chambers are dominated by Republicans and 31 states have GOP governors.

That may be weakening with the attacks on Trump. 

“While the Republican brand is being talked about in the context of the gutter in which the 2016 campaign is being waged, that’s not true if you’re a voter in every state looking at your governor and state representative.”

Baker will never get another vote from me (didn't last time; did in 2010).

The benefit of Trump, he said, is that his candidacy is energizing voters and fueling record turnout in primaries. The party will welcome the new voters attracted to Trump’s message of sweeping the insiders out of Washington.

What makes them think spurned Trump voters will just flock back to whatever piece of shit they anoint? 

These guys are F***ING DELUSIONAL!!!!!!!!!!

But, he said Trump’s unsavory rhetoric — including his failure to consistently repudiate white supremacists, his misogynist comments, and his offensive generalizations about Hispanics — could also be attracting people the party doesn’t want.

There you go. There are all the smear campaigns. 

And they have worked. I know a dyed-in-the-wool, earplugs-in Democrat who hates Trump because of everything the ma$$ media is telling them. 

I'm not saying he is a great guy. He's not. But what the elite ruling cla$$ is doing to one of their own is distasteful.

Over the past week there has been a growing chorus of Republicans who say they would never support Trump, even if he is their nominee.

Of course, the debate on Thursday wrapped up with all the candidates saying, "Yeah, we'll support Trump if he is the Republican nominee." 

And who does the Globe turn to to see how they are going to vote instead?

“The party can survive Donald Trump as long as we don’t lose our heart and soul,” said Senator Lindsey Graham, the South Carolina Republican and former presidential candidate. 

Oh, a man who has already lost his heart and soul. 


Who else you got?

When former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney delivered his searing remarks opposing Trump last week, he declared that he’d never support the GOP front-runner and urged voters in upcoming primaries to support whichever of the Republican contenders seems most likely to beat Trump.


Go back under the rock you climbed out from under, Mitt (with all due respect and apology to critters that do live under rocks)!

That multiple-choice approach was widely viewed as an attempt to deny Trump the delegates he needs to clinch the nomination, and perhaps force a contested convention where another candidate could be put forward for the Republican nomination.

Such a path could, however, be treacherous for the party.

Ya' think?

Modern nominating conventions are supposed to be the moment when the major parties explain to the public what they stand for. Do party elders really want a week’s worth of convention coverage about stifling the fervent grass-roots cohort that is fueling Trump? 

I DO! It will EXPOSE THEM for the SCUM they are!



“The idea that the party can unilaterally deny the will of the people — that would be a disaster and destroy the party,” said Ohio state Auditor Dave Yost. “A new conservative party would emerge from the wreckage but that wouldn’t be the Republican party.”

Maybe that is the whole point, huh? Ensuring a Hitlary victory. Then the neocon war-makers will be happy! 

They all USED TO BE DEMOCRATS, you know! Check out Henry "Scoop" Jackson and the roots of that movement.

A Trump-branded party also could accelerate changes in the electoral map. While he may force Democrats to defend working-class states like Pennsylvania and Michigan, Republicans fear they would struggle in states with fast-growing Hispanic populations like North Carolina and Georgia.

“With a conventional nominee, Georgia is not in play for another 10 years, but with Donald Trump, you have to worry about it,” said Brad Todd, a strategist based in Alexandria who had worked for Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal. “North Carolina is in serious trouble if he’s the nominee.”

He says that based on what? Didn't Trump just nearly sweep the South?

Didn't Jindal drop out of the race way back when because of Louisiana's bankruptcy? 

Another Globe "expert!"

After devastating losses in 2008 and 2012, the Republican party engaged in deep soul-searching — tasking six top operatives to meet with roughly 2,600 people inside and outside of Washington to develop a road map to a more inclusive party capable of winning a general election.

The recommendation: Appeal more to female, black, and Hispanic voters.

That's VERY INTERESTING because I HAVE BEEN TOLD that the Democrats need to win the white male vote

What happens is -- after all the scripted mixed messages and contradictory narratives -- is that all this political coverage is nothing but shit! 

It's about building a narrative they think they can sell to the American people.

“Essentially the Republican party is already fairly close to the statistical maximum of white guys,” said Rick Wilson, a Florida-based Republican consultant who is working with a super PAC supporting Marco Rubio.

Of course, that is also BERNIE SANDERS' PROBLEM!

“We could probably squeeze 2 or 3 percent more out of it but we can’t squeeze 20 percent out of it,’’ Wilson said. “And there’s also diminishing returns. The rhetoric you use to whip up the angry white dude, you also lose the suburban mommy in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. It’s a zero-sum game.”


I mean, previous reporting has also stated that Trump is/was winning across all groups, etc, etc.

Oh, and he is bringing in millions of new voters, too. 

Now back to your conventional myth BS.

But Trump might also bring his own brand of political mathematics.

He appeals to Democrats, said Merritt, who has conducted a series of focus groups and polls on Trump. He finds that 15 percent to 20 percent of Democrats will support Trump — a phenomenon that doesn’t hold true for Cruz or Rubio.


The e$tabli$hment Republican Party is going to cut of its nose despite its face because of this guy.

As conservatives roamed the hallways at the Conservative Political Action Conference on Friday afternoon, some of the staunchest Republicans in the country said they were baffled by his rise, by his ideology, and by his freewheeling tendency to disavow old positions and adopt new ones.

Which shows you how exclusive and extreme they are!! 

So much so that Trump canceled his appearance there!

Still, many of those interviewed said they would support him as their nominee. 

Then this is ALL BS, isn't it?

And there was a sense that Trump has already made an enduring mark, not only on the Republican party but also on what voters want from politicians.

“He’s changing the party now to be something of what it used to be — a little bit more real, a little bit more tangible, a little bit more contextual — and that change is going to be permanent,” said Hampton Dowling, 57, a consultant from Loudoun County, Va., who has always voted Republican and supports Trump.

“People are going to look at all of the politicians that they have today and they’re going to say, ‘You’re not real,’ ’’ he said. “That doesn’t mean they like Trump; that doesn’t mean they agree with Trump. They’re just going to say you’re not real.”

I will tell you something else that isn't real.


He forgot to mention the ma$$ media.

I think Trump should beat them to the punch and run as an independent in the November. Drop out of the GOP race right now and take your organization with you. F*** them!

Already stealing the vote from him. 

Last night's headlines when I went to bed was CRUZ WINS SUPER SATURDAY! 

I saw that and I said, wow, the e$tabli$hment is going to bury its hatred of Ted and its fear of his religious extremism in an effort to deny Trump.

"Candidates split votes on Super Saturday" by Nancy Benac and Roxana Hegeman Associated Press  March 05, 2016

WICHITA, Kan. (AP) — In a split decision, Ted Cruz and Donald Trump each captured two victories in Saturday’s four-state round of voting, fresh evidence that there’s no quick end in sight to the fractious GOP race for president. 

So when does Rubio quit, or is he still in it to supply the narrative regarding the theft of Florida from Trump. 

I mean, given that state's awful and ugly history....

On the Democratic side, Bernie Sanders notched wins in Nebraska and Kansas, while front-runner Hillary Clinton snagged Louisiana, another divided verdict from the American people.

Clinton won more delegates.

Cruz claimed Kansas and Maine, and declared it ‘‘a manifestation of a real shift in momentum.’’ Trump, still the front-runner in the hunt for delegates, bagged Louisiana and Kentucky. Despite strong support from the GOP establishment, Florida Sen. Marco Rubio had another disappointing night, raising serious questions about his viability in the race.

Trump, at a post-election news conference in West Palm Beach, Florida, declared himself primed for a head-on contest between himself and Cruz, and called for Rubio to drop out.

‘‘I would like to take on Ted one-on-one,’’ he said, ticking off a list of big states where he said Cruz had no chance. ‘‘That would be so much fun.’’

I'm glad he is upbeat because I was furious when I saw the results last night. 

Ted Cruz won Maine? 

Are you kidding?

Cruz, a tea party favorite, said the results should send a loud message that the GOP contest for the nomination is far from over, and that the status quo is in trouble.

‘‘The scream you hear, the howl that comes from Washington D.C., is utter terror at what we the people are doing together,’’ he declared during a rally in Idaho, which votes in three days.

Trump-Cruz 2016?

With the GOP race in chaos, establishment figures frantically are looking for any way to derail Trump, perhaps at a contested convention if no candidate can get enough delegates to lock up the nomination in advance.

I'm sure there is always the bullet-in-the-back-of-the-head option. 

It's going to make that tour look bad, though.

In all seriousness, for them to do something like that would be a disaster for this country. Any president or candidate being assassinated, no matter how repugnant, would be terrible. 

Maybe a plane crash?

Party leaders — including 2012 nominee Mitt Romney and 2008 nominee Sen. John McCain — are fearful a Trump victory would lead to a disastrous November election, with losses up and down the GOP ticket.

Why? He's bringing in millions of new voters and would have 15-20% of Democrat votes. 

These guys are putting out scare-mongering scenarios that aren't even true. 

They do the same selling you wars, too!!!! 

But put your faith in the honorable scum now because Trump said something!!

‘‘Everyone’s trying to figure out how to stop Trump,’’ the billionaire marveled at an afternoon rally in Orlando, Florida, where he had supporters raise their hands and swear to vote for him.

Oh, there you go! 

Sieg Heil!

Yup, Trump is a Nazi. 

Actually, his real name is Drumpf, and it is of German ancestry. 

I can see why TPTB might be getting nervous.

Doesn't he have a daughter who is Jewish, though? 

Of course, it will be Muslims in the concentration camps, right? 

Oh, right, they are already in them around the world. They are called U.S. interrogation centers.

Trump prevailed in the home state of Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, who has been critical of the front-runner for incendiary comments on Muslims and a slow disavowal of white supremacist groups.


Take that, Mitch (said with as much sardonic sarcasm as one could imagine)!

Rubio, who finished no better than third anywhere and has only one win so far, insisted the upcoming schedule of primaries is ‘‘better for us,’’ and renewed his vow to win his home state of Florida, claiming all 99 delegates there on March 15.

But Cruz suggested it was time for Rubio and Ohio Gov. John Kasich to go.

‘‘As long as the field remains divided, it gives Donald an advantage,’’ he said.

Campaigning in Detroit, Clinton said she was thrilled to add to her delegate count and expected to do well in Michigan’s primary on Tuesday.

As soon as ZNN went to her I changed the channel.

‘‘No matter who wins this Democratic nomination,’’ she said, ‘‘I have not the slightest doubt that on our worst day we will be infinitely better than the Republicans on their best day.’’

Tara Evans, a 52-year-old quilt maker from Bellevue, Nebraska, said she was caucusing for Clinton, and happy to know that the former first lady could bring her husband back to the White House.

‘‘I like Bernie, but I think Hillary had the best chance of winning,’’ she said.

Sanders won by solid margins in Nebraska and Kansas, giving him seven victories so far in the nominating season, compared to 11 for Clinton, who still maintains a commanding lead in competition for delegates.

Sanders, in an interview with The Associated Press, pointed to his wide margins of victory and called it evidence that his political revolution is coming to pass.

Stressing the important of voter turnout, he said, ‘‘when large numbers of people come — working people, young people who have not been involved in the political process — we will do well and I think that is bearing out tonight.’’


Count Wichita’s Barb Berry among those who propelled Cruz to victory in Kansas, where GOP officials reported extremely high turnout. Overall, Cruz has won seven states so far, to 12 for Trump.

‘‘I believe that he is a true fighter for conservatives,’’ said Berry, a 67-year-old retired AT&T manager. As for Trump, Berry said, ‘‘he is a little too narcissistic.’’

Clinton picked up at least 51 delegates to Sanders’ 45 in Saturday’s contests, with delegates yet to be allocated.

Overall, Clinton had at least 1,117 delegates to Sanders’ 477, including superdelegates — members of Congress, governors and party officials who can support the candidate of their choice. It takes 2,383 delegates to win the Democratic nomination.

Cruz will collect at least 60 delegates for winning the Republican caucuses in Kansas and Maine, Trump at least 46 and Rubio at least 13 and Kasich eight.

In the overall race for GOP delegates, Trump led with at least 375 and Cruz had at least 291. Rubio had 123 delegates and Kasich had 33.

It takes 1,237 delegates to win the Republican nomination for president.


I had intended to not play basketball today and use the three+ hours to blog this morning, but I have so much anger, rage, and negative energy that I'm going to go play. 

Thanks, Globe!


Felt like I had a strong effort on the court today. Didn't shoot well, but played tough defense and battled much bigger guys on the boards. 

Donald Trump is all that is man

I missed putting that up this morning and I'm only going to give it a glance in print. What a drama.

Neocon Nightmare: Trump Wants to ‘Get Along With Foreign Countries’ 

The one that particularly bothers them is Russia, which means precluding the Big Show known as WWIII. 



The top story was something I don't care about right now. It's just taking up valuable time I don't have. 

On a sadder note, my prayers go out for those that care. I'm sure everyone has an opinion about her.

I just found out that George H.W. Bush was basically running the White House after Hinckley shot Reagan. He was getting all the briefs meant for Reagan, meaning he was basically president those eight years. There are even family connections between the Hinckley's and Bushes, and likely mind control Manchurian candidate stuff.

That's why they want Trump out of the way, too. He took on that crime family and beat their butt!

Trump Bashing Goes Global

".... The deep irony is that we're told by the Jew-controlled media that 'Republicans' - which is to say, Jews - are trying to block Trump as the Republican nominee.  They claim he is a hater, and the values of haters are the opposite of the values of Republicans (!!!), but the real ironic reason is that they fear the end of the mass destruction and deaths caused by the Wars For The Jews.  At the same time, Trump, a very unimpressive thug from New York City with clear and unambiguous New York City 'values' - somebody who would normally have zero chance of being a popular politician in the American heartland - managed to get his foot in the door using the Islamophobic trope of mass deportations of Muslims, and promoting various hate crimes directed at Muslims.  In other words, the Jewish billionaires have spent their millions and millions and millions and millions of dollars/shekels to create the atmosphere which made Trump possible as the Republican nominee.  You have to laugh.  It is even funnier when you consider that Trump, anticipating the inevitable nomination, has started to walk back the Islamophobic hatred.

It is difficult not to notice that commercially successful American mass culture - television and movies, and entirely the product of Jews - has been reduced to recycling the characters from comic books.  I can't watch Trump, as he looks exactly like a comic-book villain fabricated out of over-sized and garishly-colored plastics.  The Jews have created a golem."-- xymphora

Thanks To The Republican Civil War, Every Scenario Ends With Hillary Clinton Winning The Election


Why not? Ron Paul was. 

The question then becomes would you rather be ruled by the WASP/Globalist/CIA's New World Order or the Zionist's Jew World Order. 

Some choice, huh?