Friday, January 15, 2010

Globalists Getting Help to Haiti

And WHO will be LEADING the effort?

"Obama has tapped former presidents George W. Bush and Bill Clinton.... White House spokesman Robert Gibbs said the Obama administration’s criticism of Bush’s actions during the response to Hurricane Katrina were irrelevant."

You have GOT to be KIDDING, Obama!!!!

What has taken you guys so long, and why is it only in the face of this tragedy, huh?

: Haiti's Nightmare: the Cocaine Coup and the CIA Connection

The Destabilization of Haiti

Yeah, what were those coups all about, guys?

Was that really helping Haiti and it's democracy?

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Did a Plucked HAARP Hit Haiti?

Even if you didn't hear it, Haitians, you felt it.

And YOUR SAVIORS sent by Obama!

"Ex-presidents to lead Haiti funding effort

WASHINGTON - President Obama has tapped former presidents George W. Bush and Bill Clinton to lead private sector fund-raising efforts for Haiti.

Enlisting the help of former presidents in responding to a natural disaster is just what Bush did in 2004 after a tsunami ripped across Asia. Back then, it was Clinton and President George H.W. Bush who assisted in the relief efforts.

You know, speaking of which did you NOTICE that the Globe didn't give as much coverage to the tsunamis, earthquakes, flood, and landslides from South Asia last fall? Those have been FORGOTTEN as I bet Haiti will be after it has served its agenda-pushing function.

And this "collaboration" between "political enemies" just exposes American politics for the fraud it is.

That's why the newspaper spends so much time on that worthless s***.

Btw, did you happen to see this video?

But he's HELPING OUT now!!

In a joint statement, George W. Bush and Clinton said, “In the days and weeks ahead, we will draw attention to the many ways American citizens and businesses can help meet the urgent needs of the Haitian people.’’

What took you so long, and is that what the democracy-tossing coups were for?

Obama called his predecessors Wednesday to ask them for their assistance because he thought Bush’s decision to mobilize former presidents during the tsunami was a good one, White House spokesman Robert Gibbs said yesterday. Gibbs said the Obama administration’s criticism of Bush’s actions during the response to Hurricane Katrina were irrelevant.

Is that the CHANGE you wanted when you elected Barack, America?

I'm wondering how NEW ORLEANS FEELS about that statement.

What do you mean it is NOT REBUILT yet!!?

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Oh, it's BACK to being a PARTY, 'eh, Glob?!


“I think if you asked George Bush whether the government acted up to its ability in responding to Katrina, I think the answer to that would be ‘no,’ ’’ Gibbs said. “The actions that were taken to deal with the humanitarian crisis from the tsunami, on the other hand, I think worked quite well.’’

So THAT ABSOLVES Georgie, 'eh, Gibbs?


This administration SUCKS, AmeriKa!!!! Some f***ing change!

And CHECK OUT the DONATION levels!!

The Haitians are LUCKY if someone gives SEVEN FIGURES while BANKS get ELEVEN-FIGURE AMOUNTS for their crises.

"From all walks of life, donations pour in" by Megan Woolhouse, Globe Staff | January 15, 2010

They followed news accounts of the devastation in Haiti, horrified. And then they gave to a country that only a few had ever visited, and many knew little about....

That's because Americans are GOOD PEOPLE -- despite our lying, looting, murderous, war-criminal government!

It was a sentiment that seemed to echo everywhere. Businesses, colleges, government agencies, charities, and other groups scrambled to organize Haitian relief efforts, even though money is tight for many....

Not for BANKS and their BONUSES it ain't!

I would RATHER HAVE SENT $700 BILLION dollars to HAITIANS rather than BANKS if you really want to know the truth!

The magnitude of the destruction in a country already wracked by poverty - especially in an age when people worldwide are connected through technology - spurred many to act quickly....

The travel industry has also stepped up, with airlines sending supplies to Haiti, letting frequent fliers donate miles, and allowing passengers to donate seats to relief workers....

Did they go through the scanners?

This article is a P.R. promotion piece, isn't it?

Logan also waived landing fees for humanitarian flights, including an Icelandair Boeing 757 that stopped in Boston to refuel on its way to Haiti Wednesday and a charter flight packed with relief workers and supplies that took off yesterday....

WTF, Massport?

Why are they being charged at all?


Employees at Foxwoods Resort Casino in Connecticut., which has about 250 Haitians among its 10,000 workers, donated $1,000 to the Red Cross. Sandra Morgan, who supervises dozens of Haitian dishwashers in a Foxwoods kitchen, wrote a personal check for $50.

An employee, who had not heard from her family in Haiti, collapsed on the floor yesterday, Morgan said. Another, whose 6-year-old stepson may have died, started shaking so badly that Morgan sent her home. “They’re not eating, they’re not sleeping,’’ she said of the distressed workers. Many have realized that the most they can do to help is offer their time or financial support....

Bank of America Corp., the largest bank in New England, pledged to give $1 million in aid to victims, including $500,000 to the Red Cross’s Haitian relief fund. Though the bank is based in Charlotte, N.C., executives who oversee its philanthropic efforts are based in Boston.

Well, THERE YOU GO, AmeriKa!!

At least $1 MILLION of YOUR BAILOUT MONEY MAY get put to GOOD USE!!!

The bank’s newly named chief executive officer, Brian Moynihan, who lives in Wellesley, previously served on the board of the Haitian Project, which is run by his brother Patrick. The Providence-based charity supports a school in Haiti.

Jonathan Davis, chief executive of the Davis Companies, an investment firm in Boston, said the devastation caused by the earthquake motivated him and his wife to double to $1,000 their annual contribution to Save the Children, an organization with offices in Haiti that is helping coordinate relief efforts.

“We’re giving what for us is a substantial donation, but it does not begin to address the level of suffering and dislocation,’’ Davis said. “People don’t have a place to live. They don’t have food or water. They don’t even have place to lay down and sleep.’’

I would be living right next to my destroyed home, sob!


But you know who is REALLY IMPORTANT, right, readers?

"A terrible toll for UN: 36 dead, up to 150 missing" by Colum Lynch, Washington Post | January 15, 2010

UNITED NATIONS - Grappling with what appears to be the organization’s greatest loss of life in a single case, United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon said yesterday that up to 150 staff remain missing in the rubble of the Haiti earthquake.

In a rare piece of good news, Ban said an Estonian police officer, Tarmo Joveer, 38, was pulled, unharmed, from the rubble of the Christopher Hotel, which serves as the UN’s headquarters in Haiti.

MSM picks that out like corn in a turd, don't they? Always the spin!

Rescue workers with an elite Virginia-based search-and-rescue team heard scratching sounds coming from beneath the wreckage, Ban said, and lowered a rubber pipe 12 feet below the street to supply Joveer with water until he could be freed. “It was a small miracle during the night that brought few other miracles,’’ Ban said.

So the U.N. gets miracles and the Haitians get hell, huh?

The Associated Press reported that, so far, 36 UN workers have been confirmed dead in the devastating quake. As many as 150 UN staff members - including chief of mission Hedi Annabi - are unaccounted for. The known dead include 13 Brazilian and Jordanian peacekeepers. Well,

I don't know about that, readers.

"International officials and the Haitian government credit MINUSTAH with improving security in Haiti. But some Haitians see the foreign troops as prone to using reckless force with impunity. When last summer massive crowds attended the Port-Au-Prince funeral of Father Gerard Jean-Juste, a popular priest, U.N. troops were seen on state television opening fire"


MIAMI - The Rev. Gerard Jean-Juste, an influential Haitian Roman Catholic priest who was once jailed in Haiti for his political activities and fought for his countrymen's rights in the United States, died Wednesday. He was 62.

Little young, isn't it?

He died in a Miami-area hospital, said immigration lawyer Ira Kurzban, who was a longtime friend. Father Jean-Juste's brother, Kernst, said he died of complications from a stroke and a lung problem. Father Jean-Juste, who was born in Cavaillon, Haiti, came to the United States as a young man and founded the Haitian Refugee Center in Miami in the late 1970s....


Father Jean-Juste returned to Haiti in the early 1990s and was a prominent supporter of former president Jean-Bertrand Aristide. He was often considered the Martin Luther King Jr. of Haiti in fighting for civil rights, giving impassioned sermons as an advocate for the poor. After Aristide left the country during a bloody coup in 2004, the US-backed interim government jailed Father Jean-Juste in connection with the killing of a prominent Haitian journalist and poet.

That, of course, would be the SECOND AMERIKAN COUP of an Aristide government! U.S. also did it under Bush's daddy back in 1991!!

Please see: Haiti's Nightmare: the Cocaine Coup and the CIA Connection

The Destabilization of Haiti


International human rights groups maintained the allegations were politically motivated, and eventually the charges were dropped. While in prison, the priest's supporters tried to register him as a presidential candidate for the 2006 elections, but authorities barred his candidacy because he was in jail. Later that year, Haitian officials allowed Father Jean-Juste to be released from jail and return to the United States to be treated for leukemia.

Why do feel a suspicion that he was murdered?

What did they inject this guy with when he was in his cell?

Even while he was sick, his brother said, Father Jean-Juste's goal was to return to Haiti and fight for the people in the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere.

"He's the kind of person who only comes about every 50 or 100 years," Bastien said of Father Jean-Juste. "He pressured both Democratic and Republican administrations to treat Haitians fairly, humanly, and equally."

I can see the U.S. wanting to get rid of him!


NOTHING about U.N TROOPS opening fire, 'eh?

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Yeah, you see why the beautiful Haitians are risking their lives in rickety boats, right?

Gee, we love the Haitians so much we SEND THEM BACK as our LAND BORDER with MEXICO remains POROUS?!! What is WRONG with this MSM PICTURE, readers!?

And GLOBALIST FORCES in your country is NEVER GOOD for you, world!!!


On Saturday, April 11th, a little past 3 p.m., a MINUSTAH (UN) soldier, Nigerian Cpl. Nagya Aminu, was shot and killed in downtown Port-au-Prince. While this killing was widely reported in the international media, what followed the killing was not.

In the immediate aftermath of the killing, at approximately 3:30 p.m. that same afternoon, MINUSTAH troops launched a massive assault on Haitian vendors at the open-air sidewalk market near the main Cathedral in downtown Port-au-Prince—the area where the soldier had been killed.

According to many different street vendors who directly witnessed the MINUSTAH assault, four or five MINUSTAH soldiers emerged from parked trucks near the market and began smashing up the property of street vendors, setting the market on fire, setting off tear gas, and shooting directly at unarmed vendors.

According to one vendor, MINUSTAH soldiers used flame throwers to torch the stalls.....

"The coup was promoted to advance the process of neoliberal capital accumulation, break the left and the unions, and break Famni Lavalas and the civil society organisations sustaining resistance. For years, UN 'peacekeepers' have slaughtered thousands of Haitians, and the residents have been put through rigged election procedures."

But they are NOW coming to HELP, huh?

Officials said there is dwindling hope that many of the missing have survived, and it appears likely that the death toll will exceed the 44 Ghanaian peacekeepers killed in Congo in 1961, as well as the 22 officials and guests who died in a suicide bombing at UN headquarters in Baghdad in August 2003.

Oh, right, I forgot; this is about the UN, not the Haitians.


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Oh, UN helping out the Congo, too, I see!


“This is a very difficult moment for all of us,’’ Susana Malcorra, the head of UN field operations, said Wednesday, after hours of taking calls from distraught relatives of the missing.

Meanwhile, there are Haitian corpses being stacked outside.

But it is ALWAYS ABOUT THEM, isn't it? How much GOOD they are DOING!

Edmond Mulet, a Guatemalan who had previously led the Haiti mission, was sent back to Port-au-Prince late Wednesday to take charge of the mission until the fate of Annabi could be determined. Hundreds of other staff members from around the world volunteered to travel to Haiti to help the survivors, said Alain Le Roy, the top UN peacekeeping official.

The United Nations operation in Haiti is short on food, water, and the heavy equipment required to remove the concrete, metal, and other building materials that have trapped people, Ban said. He said he spoke to Susan E. Rice, the US ambassador to the United Nations, to ask for more engineers, medical supplies, and helicopters.

The United Nations, not the United States, will take the lead in coordinating the humanitarian response, Ban said.

Which means those UNMENTIONED U.S. MILITARY DEPLOYMENTS are for "security" and OCCUPATION!!!!!!!


So Bush is going to have to work through the U.N. after they proved themselves irrelevant with Iraq?

Yeah, REMEMBER all that CRAP you were SOLD WAY BACK WHEN, AmeriKa?

Speaking of them:

"Globe Editorial

Beyond emergency aid, Haiti needs long-term help

THE EARTHQUAKE that ravaged Haiti this week is a natural disaster of massive proportion, with an estimated death count rising well into the tens of thousands. But the quake’s devastation is made far worse by man-made conditions in the fragile island nation. Roads, water systems, and electricity were barely functioning before the quake hit. Development agencies find it hard to navigate a complex and sometimes devious government bureaucracy. Poverty, overcrowding, poor health, red tape, slipshod construction - these are not acts of God.

The scale of human devastation is only just becoming clear, as grieving families pick through the rubble in Port-au-Prince. A second wave of misery will come soon: the lingering plight of the injured, the spread of disease from a lack of clean drinking water, and epic homelessness. And that’s not even considering the task of rebuilding.

Relief aid and workers are flowing in. Millions of generous individuals will dig deep - and they should. But there is a difference between emergency aid and development aid. If the United States and other wealthy donor nations did a better job of the second, there might be less need for the first.

Maybe letting them KEEP the $1 MILLION DOLLAR a WEEK INTEREST PAYMENTS might have helped!

"Given all these hardships, the Haiti government is still obligated to use what little money it has to pay off the debt to international financial institutions, much of it accrued by past dictators. This is money that the government would otherwise likely put toward healthcare and education. Even with the crises of food price inflation, hurricane recovery, and this tragedy, the government of Haiti continues to pay nearly $1 million per week....



Yeah, never mind the "phrase to describe their hunger pains .... like drinking bleach."

Also see: AmeriKa's Africa

Of course, that is the GLOBALIST'S WAY of saying they LOVE YOU -- "giving" you a USURIOUS, COUNTRY-DESTROYING, DEBT-INDUCING, GLOBALIST LOAN from a BANK!!!!

Last year Haiti received $287 million in foreign aid from the United States, but that followed years of erratic support.

Israel gets $6 BILLION!

Besides better roads, stronger buildings and irrigation and communication systems, well-run development programs build local expertise and more effective governance. All of these are lacking in Haiti - weaknesses brought into high relief by a disaster.

The quake is particularly heartbreaking because stability and economic growth were just beginning to take root in Haiti. Former President Clinton, a United Nations special envoy to Haiti, hosted a two-day conference there in October with group of American businessmen, trying to drum up investment.

Hey, IF THEY CARED and WANTED TO they would have DONE SO and Haiti would not be a hell hole.


Btw, Globe, what ever happened with that U.N. plane crash?


And we have been here before.


When Hurricane Jeanne and its after-effects killed over 2,700 people in 2004, agencies from the Red Cross to the United Nations were sounding alarms about deforestation, rapid urbanization, and shoddy construction.

In time, the acute crisis in Haiti will yield again to these more chronic problems. But that is where the hardest work remains to be done.


The Globe's globalist, agenda-pushing suggestions for donations:

Globe Editorial

Your money at work

IN RECENT days, local TV viewers have seen two vastly different ways in which money can affect the course of events in the world: As news programs show images revealing Haiti’s poverty and desperation, interest groups and campaign organizations are spending millions of dollars on attack ads in an attempt to influence Tuesday’s Senate election in Massachusetts. Imagine if all the money being spent on negative campaigning were going instead to buy food, medical supplies, and shelter for the Haitians living - and dying - amid the chaos wrought by the recent earthquake....

And IMAGINE IF the TRILLIONS in TAXPAYER LOOT didn't go to WARS and BANKS, you disgusting, agenda-pushing phonies!!!


You know, I'M SICK of the JEWISH GUILT TRIPS when I HAVE DONE NOTHING to create any of these conditions and ACTIVELY OPPOSE THEM!!!!

Yeah, the AGENDA-PUSHING TIMING and COVERAGE of this has me REALLY HEARING STRINGS, if you know what I mean!!!!