Thursday, August 8, 2013

Concord-Carlisle Bullies Are Jewish?

That can be the only explanation for the lack of information and the omissions in this case, folks:

"Police documented 12 reports of threats against Concord student" by Evan Allen |  Globe Staff, August 08, 2013

Concord and Carlisle Police reports show that the departments documented twelve reports of vandalism and death threats against former Concord-Carlisle High School student Isabella “Belle” Hankey....

The police documents, filed by Hankey’s attorney, Timothy M. Burke, as exhibits attached to the lawsuit, show that police examined video footage from businesses near the locations where Hankey’s car was reported to have been keyed, and that several students were questioned about their possible involvement....

According to the reports, the school resource officer, Detective Scott Camilleri, asked Carlisle police for an extra patrol on the Hankey residence, and it was decided at one point to get handwriting samples from junior and sophomore girls. Camilleri also says he spoke with several students, whose identities are redacted....

An August 2012 Concord police document reports that “Ready?” was carved into Hankey’s car either in a business parking lot or a friend’s house, both in Concord. The officer reported that he viewed video footage from the business, but it was inconclusive.

They can pick Marathon bombers out of a crowd, and can spot Ahmadinejad at the US embassy 34 years ago, but this.... c'mon! And none of the girl's safety measure camera's led to any clues?

In September, Camilleri reported photographing another message on a school bathroom wall, reading “Belle” and “September 15.” A final report, written by Camilleri a few days later, says that “Belle” was found scrawled into another bathroom wall. In a heavily redacted portion of the report, Camilleri says he spoke with at least one person about text messages concerning Hankey’s vehicle.

Well? Certainly the NSA knows where those came from? 

The rest is all regurgitated lawsuit s***.


Not even a whisper about Weinstein today. WTF? 

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Who was he covering up for, folks? 

Of course, if this turns out to be another hoax or a case of Jewish bullying, that doesn't fit the agenda-pushing narrative very well, so we'll see what happens here. 

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