Saturday, March 5, 2016

Slow Saturday Special: Serving Lunch

Bud Collins, barrier-breaker and tennis authority, dies at 86

He is the reason I watched breakfast at Wimbledon, and he sleeps eternal now.

"‘If I die I am going to haunt you,’ woman told serial killer" by Lindsey Bever Washington Post  February 26, 2016

For years, police said, Lonnie Franklin Jr. had been hunting young black women — sexually assaulting them and then shooting or strangling them and dumping their bodies.

In the 2000s, police investigators began digging into the city’s cold cases, using DNA evidence from hair and skin to find answers. Then, they turned their attention to a serial killer many had been calling the Grim Sleeper.

Over the years, authorities started collecting DNA samples from state prisoners and filing them in a law enforcement DNA database. Franklin’s DNA, however, did not match samples in the system.

An undercover officer followed him to a local pizza parlor, where he was attending a birthday party, and posed as a busboy to collect dishes Franklin had eaten from. In the end, police said, it was an uneaten pizza crust, a napkin and a drinking glass that gave him away, according to the Los Angeles Times....

Oddly enough, I need to go pick up my order.


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