Thursday, March 19, 2009

The Attack of the 50-Foot Newswoman

This just proves how idiotic the AmeriKan MSM news is.

Hint: WE DON'T CARE about PRETTY FACES, etc.


Instead we get GARBAGE!!!

Ever watch a local news broadcast?
How many times can you do the weather, anyway, and why do they fill around it with such garbage? Even the sports suck now.

"The rise of the anchorwomen; Viewer attitudes, economics lift young female newscasters" by Johnny Diaz, Globe Staff | March 18, 2009

.... Gender influenced the decisions.... Today's audiences are more willing to accept news from a young woman. As stations lose industry veterans, who typically earn much larger salaries, they turn to younger anchors to cut costs and draw viewers.... Station managers also think they can increase their ratings by putting attractive young women in the anchor chairs....

Pfft! We are NOT WATCHING because it is CRAP, MSM!!!

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And there are a lot more of them in training. Nationally, 70 percent of students at journalism schools are women. At Boston University, 64 percent of students in the undergraduate broadcast journalism program are women. In the graduate broadcast program, women make up 75 percent of the students.

Young women are also seeing more high-profile women climb into bigger anchor chairs. The most prominent example is Katie Couric, who replaced Dan Rather on CBS Evening News in 2006. Shows such as "The Insider," "Entertainment Tonight," and "Inside Edition," as well as "Good Morning America" are led by casts of women.

Those are the templates, huh? Couric is viewed as a failure and she hates the job, while the rest is pure pap.

"One reason is because women as news anchors have credibility with the audience. They see it as a profession where they can do serious work and be accepted," said Barbara Cochran, president of the news directors association. "Many years ago, when women first started to be seen on the air, there were questions whether the audience would accept hard news from a woman. That is not a concern anymore."

It hasn't been and never was in these quarters.

I care about WHAT is BEING SAID, not the WHORED-UP DOLL SAYING IT (if they were men I'd call them pricks)!!!!!


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Yeah, Globe really cares about the women newscasters.

ONCE AGAIN, the Globe uses ANOTHER DIVIVIDING LINE in their AGENDA-PUSHING ARTICLES!!! If I didn't know better, I'd say their agenda is to divide America.