Sunday, March 15, 2009

The Controlled Demolition of World Trade

World trade collapsed as quick as those towers on 9/11, folks!

Of course, you know what came after those towers dropped, 'eh?

"US trade plunges amid global woes; Policies to protect domestic industry might be on tap" by Bloomberg News | March 14, 2009

WASHINGTON - US imports and exports slumped for a sixth straight month in January in what may be the biggest collapse of world trade since the 1930s, raising the threat of protectionist measures to shield domestic industries.

Huh. Got a world war then, too!

Of course, WE ALREADY HAVE PROTECTIONIST MEASURES (think BANK BAILOUT, readers) and SHIELDED INDUSTRIES! What the agenda-pushing, pro-elite paper is worried about are the MASSES EXACTING their JUST DUE from the HIDES of the RICHERS they work for!!!!

The US trade deficit narrowed in January to $36 billion, the lowest level in six years, on tumbling American demand for everything from OPEC oil to Japanese automobiles, Commerce Department figures showed yesterday. The Labor Department said prices of imported goods dropped for a seventh month in February, another byproduct of the global recession....

Government said? I'll wait for the revisions, thanks.

The figures may add to pressure on the Obama administration to rework international agreements and include protections for US workers and the environment....

And it gives him the URGENCY to get it passed, hmmm? We have been here before, readers!

The trade deficit has narrowed as imports fall faster than exports. American consumers are reining in spending as the unemployment rate surges and household wealth evaporates at a record pace. Consumer confidence remained near a 28-year low in March, a private report showed yesterday....