Monday, March 23, 2009

Final Insults: The End of the American Economy (Part I)

The insults should be quite obvious, especially after I complained about the car companies (among others) OUTSOURCING and OFF-SHORING over the last 30 years -- by the SAME AGENDA-PUSHING A**HOLES who are pushing this "insightful commentary" in the business propaganda section.

"Are our shopping days over?; Consumer cutbacks could be a sign of profound shift in how economy operates" by Robert Gavin, Globe Staff | March 22, 2009

The era of the consumer-driven economy may be over.

After powering US and global growth for more than a generation, the American consumer has run out of gas. Burdened by debt and no longer able to borrow against rising home and stock values, US households have begun a long-term retreat in spending that will require the nation and the world to find different economic drivers, economists said.

Translation: it is OVER for you, American people! Life is going to be SO DIFFERENT from what you have known, and you don't even know it!! You think the black fraudster is going to fix things? He's their agent!

In the short term at least, government will play an expanded role in the economy, increasing spending to fill the gap left by shrinking consumer demand, economists said. But over the long term, the nation will need to make fundamental changes by borrowing and consuming less, while saving, producing, and exporting more.

Don't you feel insulted, readers? This crapola from the same globalists who designed the whole thing. Then throw in the dissing of guys like Ron Paul and the blogs that have said exactly this. You see why I was in a funk and rage yesterday?

"We are going to need fewer malls and more factories," said Edward Leamer, director of the UCLA Anderson Forecast, an economic research group at the University of California at Los Angeles, "and it's going to be a long adjustment."

The INSULTS just keep getting better and better, don't they?


Economists say it's going to take at least a decade for this country and the world, particularly countries that export to US markets, to wean themselves from a quarter-century of ever-increasing spending by American consumers....

Consumers in other nations, such as China, will have to pick up more of the spending load from US consumers in coming years, economists said. Just as the United States borrowed, consumed, and imported too much, other nations saved, produced, and exported too much. Now, the global economy must find a better balance.

For the United States, it begins with saving more and exporting more, said Nariman Behravesh, chief economist at IHS Global Insight in Lexington....

Can you take much more, readers? I can't. Just rereading it for posting's sake is ticking me off.

A nation with a trade deficit imports more than it exports, meaning it must borrow from foreign investors to finance its purchases. By increasing savings, the country won't need to borrow so much from foreigners, Behravesh said.

This as the government is borrowing us into oblivion for "bailouts" and "stimulus."

Yeah, I'm exhausted by elitist insults, folks. How 'bout you?

So instead of money going overseas to pay interest, it can stay here to be invested to make the nation more productive and its goods and services more competitive in world markets....

Any problem with the contradiction of investing here to make us "more competitive" when we've been told the exact opposite (and still are) by the globalists and their agenda-pushing organ here?

Have you had enough of the Sunday Globe insults yet?


Others also know, and they have been saying this for a long time. I know because I read their blogs (off to the right there).

They have been so right while the AmeriKan MSM has been so wrong -- and worse!!! The MSM has been ACTIVELY DECEPTIVE and COMPLICIT in WAR CRIMES and its DAILY LIES are UNCONSCIONABLE!!!!

So WHEN and HOW does the end come, America?

"Why the End of America is Closer than You Think

While the sheeple of America are caught up in their hypnotic dreams of world domination, white-collar hoodlums in Washington D.C. and Wall Street are stealing everything!

Given these circumstances, it is not difficult to predict the demise of America as we know it. The U.S. dollar will eventually collapse or be abandoned. This could happen literally overnight, or it could take years, but make no mistake: The American people will not be forewarned of the collapse of the dollar. It will be a sudden, surprise announcement, and all the politicians and banking elitists who engineered the whole thing will pronounce their "shock" that such a thing could happen! "We could never have predicted this," they will insist, even while the whole thing was actually engineered by the very same people.

One day, Americans will wake up and discover that all banks are on "bank holidays" (which means that someone in Washington is taking a holiday with your money while YOU can't access it).

Within hours, the National Guard will roll into the cities of the United States, and Americans will find themselves penniless prisoners in their own country. Anyone who protests will be arrested or shot. Law will be dispensed at the end of military rifles, and the President will get on television and explain how this is all being done for YOUR benefit! It's for your own safety and protection, didn't you know?

From here, it's difficult to say exactly what will unfold. We could see UN troops on U.S. soil, the IMF taking over the U.S. banking system, and the forced transition to a global currency. Other possibilities include the Balkanization of the formerly-united States of America, with regional nation-states declaring their own independence from Washington.

During this chaos, just-in-time delivery of food and products will grind to a halt. Store shelves will be emptied. A healthy economy of barter will immediately spring up to fill the void. Those who have things to trade (toilet paper, butter, salt, sugar, matches, gold, silver, food, fuel, etc.) will eat. Those who don't will starve. Health will plummet and infectious disease will become a very real threat in many cities. The conventional medical system will, of course, be utterly useless and will run out of medicine within days or weeks.

This economic transition chaos will be short-lived, however, and from the ashes of economic turmoil will spring a new nation (or nations) of People who have finally awakened from their complacency. New governments will be forged, and the fields of economic ruin will be ripe for the planting and sprouting of new ideas from a new generation of visionary leaders.

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