Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Industry Knows 9/11 Was False-Flag Attack

It's the only thing that can explain their lack of concern for our safety.

"Cargo screening deadline challenged" by Associated Press | February 26, 2009

WASHINGTON - Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano told lawmakers yesterday that the agency cannot meet its 2012 deadline for screening all cargo coming into the United States for radiological and nuclear materials....

Total screening also could significantly slow commerce at busy ports, and at least 27 countries and major industry associations have raised significant concerns with how they would be affected by the law.

And THAT is what is REALLY IMPORTANT -- $$$$!!!! Of course, $$$$ shouldn't matter when it is OUR SAFETY at stake, right?

Among the major obstacles to meeting the deadline is deploying trained US officials to more than 700 foreign ports to operate scanning equipment.... --more--"

I really don't want to hear excuses when (booga-booga) the TERRORISTS are COMING TO GET US!!!! They've had EIGHT FUCKING YEARS!! They can CLIMB UP my e-mail and phone call ass though, right?