Sunday, March 15, 2009

NaZionist Diplomacy

Talk about bankrupt!

The Israeli Election: NaZionist Kingmaker

"Israeli nationalist rising quickly; Politician's extreme views worry many" by Steven Gutkin, Associated Press | March 13, 2009

JERUSALEM - An Israeli politician who based his election campaign on baiting the country's Arab minority, drawing accusations that he is a racist demagogue, now seems likely to become the Jewish state's top diplomat.

Oh you should be SO PROUD, Iz-ray-HELL!!!!

US, European, and moderate Arab officials have maintained public silence on the issue of Avigdor Lieberman's ascent, but privately acknowledge serious concern.

Why can't they speak about it publicly? Israel has everybody's balls in a salad shooter, don't they? Blackmailing the fucking world with their nuclear weapons and control of banks!

An emerging coalition deal expected to be wrapped up in the coming days would make Lieberman foreign minister at a time when Israel's international image is suffering from its bloody war in Gaza and last month's election of a hawkish government likely to be at odds with would-be Mideast peacemakers.

Yeah, and there is NOTHING THEY CAN DO to REPAIR it save GROVELLING for FORGIVENESS -- something the NaZionist Joo will never do!

Lieberman, 50, an immigrant from the former Soviet Union, has said Palestinian prisoners should be drowned in the Dead Sea, that Israeli-Arab lawmakers who meet Palestinian militants should be executed, and that the president of Egypt could "go to hell."

Oh, yeah, well, if an Arab or Muslim says Jews should be run into the sea, it's an entirely differenT response, isn't it? Then the JEWSPAPERS are BLARING OVER the ANTI-SEMITIC HATRED of the "terrorists,' aren't they? This type of "news" coverage is MAKING ME SICK!!!!!!!

His Yisrael Beitenu movement emerged as the third-largest party in the Knesset, or parliament, in a Feb. 10 election, with a platform that would require members of Israel's Arab minority to swear loyalty to the Jewish state or lose citizenship.

You know, like what the NAZIS did to the JEWS!!!!!!!!!!

Spokesmen for both Lieberman and Prime Minister-designate Benjamin Netanyahu confirmed they have agreed that Lieberman will become foreign minister in the next government as part of a deal expected to be signed within days....

Lieberman's defenders say the world has nothing to worry about, pointing out he now supports Palestinian independence and is a secularist who wants to limit the power of Israel's religious establishment. But questions are being raised about his appointment.

Does the Zionist AmeriKan MSM ever refer to bin Laden's defenders? Ahmadinejad?

Yeah, case closed on the AmeriKan jewsmedia!!!!!!!

Two US officials, speaking on condition of anonymity, said potential problems relating to Lieberman's appointment have been discussed at high levels in the Obama administration.

Well, if YOU HAVE THAT MUCH SWAY with them then you can GET A LOT MORE CONCESSIONS from them! Tell 'em you'll cut off the money (he isn't of course, but it's a nice thought)!

"There is concern Arab nations won't want to deal with him," said one of the officials.

Who would, Arab or not? Would you want to sit down with Hitler?

An EU official, also speaking on condition of anonymity, said European leaders have taken note "of the terrible statements he has made about Arab Israelis."

As they sat by passively and watched Gazans slaughtered by the "moderates!"


Mohammed Bassiouni, an Egyptian lawmaker and former ambassador to Israel, said Lieberman's "vulgar words" about Egypt are less important than what the new government's policies will be. That was a more sanguine assessment than that of Egyptian analyst Emad Gad, who called Lieberman a racist and extremist.

Finally, SOMEONE speaks the TRUTH!!!!

Syrian analyst Imad Fawzi Showaibi, whose statements often reflect his country's official thinking, said he believes Lieberman would not be able to torpedo any serious international push for Arab-Israeli peace.

"I think that there are only two choices for Lieberman," Showaibi said. "Either he would be tamed and enter the peace process as an active element or he will be kicked out of the political equation."

Well, he SEEMS like he is ON the IN, and whose gonna make NaZionist Israel come to the table? Stop the fucking fooleys, will ya, MSM?

Arab-Israeli lawmaker Ahmed Tibi, who has clashed with Lieberman in parliament, is among those who have compared Lieberman to France's Jean-Marie Le Pen and the late Austrian ultranationalist Jorg Haider because of his alleged scapegoating of a powerless minority.

I love how they take alleged anti-semites (applies only to Jews, doncha know?) as a comparison to hatred of Muslims!!! Gotta hand it to the jew war dailies -- they are expert propagandists!!!

"It's a challenge in front of the Arab world and the entire world," Tibi said. "Who will be the Arab official to shake hands with Lieberman?"

WHY should they HAVE TO? Wouldn't it be a GAS if it were AHMADINEJAD??!!!

Yeah, yeah, I know he's Persian, but so what? What a LAUGH RIOT that would be!!!! Yeah, wipe of the map, uh-huh!

This would not be Lieberman's first Cabinet post. He served as deputy prime minister and minister of strategic affairs in the current government until resigning in January 2008 over Israel's participation in US-backed peace talks with the Palestinians.

Lieberman's support for Palestinian independence comes with a catch.


"Support for Palestinian independence?" Pfft!

He wants to transfer heavily populated Arab areas within Israel to Palestinian sovereignty, a move that could strip hundreds of thousands of Arabs of their Israeli citizenship, regardless of their own feelings on the matter.

Hey, they STEAL LAND, BULLDOZE HOUSES, and DESTROY FARMS so why would the NaZionist shitters give a care about how the Arabs FEEL? That's why I AM HERE!!!!!!! I DO!!!!!!!


Meanwhile, I'm either getting another political fooley or the brakes are being put on Mr. Hitler here!

"Livni, Netanyahu weigh coalition to win international support, media report" by Associated Press | March 14, 2009

JERUSALEM - Prime Minister-designate Benjamin Netanyahu and Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni are taking another look at teaming up in a governing coalition, Israeli media reported yesterday.

That means 'Zip gets prime minister for two years, right, Bibi?

The alliance would give the incoming government stronger international support because of Livni's commitment to establishing a Palestinian state.

Since when has Israel even given a shit about international support?

And stop jerking us off with lies, Zionist MSM!!!!

The reports emerged as Netanyahu appeared on the verge of forming a narrow government with ultranationalist and religious parties that would take a harder line on concessions to the Palestinians than Livni's would.

Livni said after her last round of coalition talks with Netanyahu two weeks ago that Kadima would not be part of a coalition that was not committed to negotiations on Palestinian statehood. She also has said she would only join Netanyahu's government if he let her serve as prime minister for half of the government's four-year term. Netanyahu rejected the proposal.

Netanyahu spokeswoman Dina Libster said yesterday that the two camps "exchanged messages through intermediaries."


I'll get back to you on that one.

In the meantime, WHAT is HAPPENING in PALESTINE, s*** MSM?