Friday, March 20, 2009

Nonviolence is No Answer

I think of all the core beliefs that have been shattered, this is the most painful of all:

"Peter Gelderloos (an excerpt from his book, How Nonviolence Protects the State)

Time and again, people struggling not for some token reform but for complete liberation — the reclamation of control over our own lives and the power to negotiate our own relationships with the people and the world around us — will find that nonviolence does not work, that we face a self-perpetuating power structure that is immune to appeals to conscience and strong enough to plow over the disobedient and uncooperative.

We must reclaim histories of resistance to understand why we have failed in the past and how exactly we achieved the limited successes we did. We must also accept that all social struggles, except those carried out by a completely pacified and thus ineffective people, include a diversity of tactics. more


Why bother going on? Gandhiji was just a special phenomenon for a particular place in time. Now I will really sob next time I see it, for I am truly without hope now.

"Southern group to campaign for poor" by Associated Press | March 19, 2009

ATLANTA - The Southern Christian Leadership Conference hopes to mobilize 50,000 people in the Mississippi Delta this summer in a campaign to draw attention to the poverty of a region where some Americans still live in homes with dirt floors and brown water flows from their faucets.

The effort is much like the one envisioned by the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr., who was planning a Poor People's Campaign and march on Washington before he was assassinated in 1968....

And he had ALSO begun to SPEAK OUT against VIETNAM!!! Why does the divisive, war-promoting MSM cover up the man's code of nonviolence while pushing the race issue at every.... never mind, reader.