Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Pope's Pilgrimmage

I guess Zimbabwe, Congo, Sudan, Somalia, and the rest of the region just fell off the map. That's the impression I get from the Boston Globe, anyway. I guess black people suffering and starving isn't news.

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"Pope says religion rejects violence; Confers with Muslim leaders" by Victor L. Simpson, Associated Press | March 20, 2009

I gotta start the analysis with a headline, huh?
Religions reject violence, huh? What the hell are you smoking, Pope? And notice the Muslim-hating, Zionist American MSM making sure who to connect the violence. 'eh?

YAOUNDE, Cameroon - Religion must reject violence, Pope Benedict XVI told Muslim leaders yesterday before celebrating an open-air Mass in front of thousands and delivering a message of hope for Africa's expanding, vibrant Catholic flock.

Catholic racist and hypocrite, yay!

Meanwhile, he's sucking on NaZionist asshole
: Pope Puckers Up For Zionist Ass-Kissing

In Cameroon's capital of Yaounde, a clapping, swaying crowd of 40,000 welcomed Benedict to a sports stadium - his first occasion as pope to be among a great crowd of faithful on the continent that is witnessing the church's biggest growth.

In his homily, Benedict expressed compassion for African children being kidnapped and forced to fight by rebel groups trying to carve up parts of Africa. "God loves you, he has not forgotten you," he said in a message to these children.

Once again, another uncovered issue since it is western interests (and Zionist Jews, unfortunately) that control world JEWelry!!!! There is a REASON it is CALLED THAT, you know!

Child soldiers have been used by rebels in eastern Congo and by Uganda's Lord's Resistance Army. An estimated 3,500 children are still with armed groups in Congo alone.

And that's it, huh?

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Earlier, the pope met with 22 representatives of Cameroon's sizable Muslim minority and noted that religion is the basis of human civilization.

Then we are in trouble. Nothing civil about fantasies and lies.

He also returned to one of the key themes of his papacy, saying there is no incompatibility between faith and reason. "Genuine religion . . . stands at the base of any authentically human culture," he said. "It rejects all forms of violence and totalitarianism: not only on principles of faith but also of right reason."

Then why are you guys so UNREASONABLE and INFLEXIBLE, huh? And you don't need religion to reject violence and tyranny!

The pope said "religion and reason mutually reinforce one another" and urged Catholics and Muslims to work together "to build a civilization of love."

Christians and Muslims largely coexist without problems in Cameroon, unlike in neighboring Nigeria, where religious strife has often exploded into violence.

And CUI BONO if Christians and Muslims are at each others' throats? It is SO CLEAR, readers!!! And is it just a coincidence that where there IS VIOLENCE, there is OIL?

"May the enthusiastic cooperation of Muslims, Catholics, and other Christians in Cameroon be a beacon to other African nations of the enormous potential of an inter-religious commitment to peace, justice, and the common good," Benedict said.

The pope has often spoken of the need for religion to shun violence, but has refrained from pointing a finger at specific faiths since a 2006 speech in which he linked Islam to violence.

After an angry reaction from the Islamic world, Benedict expressed regret for any offense caused by his remarks and has since met several times with Muslim leaders from several countries. He is scheduled to visit a mosque in Jordan next month.

Of course, the Joopress loves bringing that up. Since the reinstatement of that bishop, I've notiiced a bit more ax-grinding when it comes to Catholics -- especially in my Jewish mafia War Daily.

Yesterday's meeting with Muslims at the Apostolic Nunciature, where Benedict has been staying on his first African pilgrimage as pope, was closed to the press. The Rev. Federico Lombardi, Vatican spokesman, said the atmosphere was "cordial and friendly" and that the Muslim representatives issued a "warm greeting to the pope."

Of course they did; they are a peaceful and patient people, unlike USrael and its citizens.

Muslims make up about 22 percent of Cameroon's population, Catholics and Animists account for 27 percent each, and Protestants make up 18 percent of the nation's population.


In my paper but not in the web version; do you know how tired I get of the Globe's censorship?

"Pope condemns sexual violence against women" by Victor L. Simpson, Associated Press Writer | March 20, 2009

This from a guy who has pedophile priests running rampant in his church. If I didn't know better, I'd say the guy was Jewish because of the chutzpah!

LUANDA, Angola --Pope Benedict XVI, welcomed to this sweltering capital Friday by the biggest crowds of his African pilgrimage, condemned sexual violence against women in Africa and chided those countries on the continent that have approved abortion.

I've already explained my position: My Abortion Evolution

However, the guy is antiabortion yet he is speaking up for women's right?


Benedict arrived in Luanda on the second leg of his African tour, with tens of thousands pouring into the streets along his motorcade route, honking car horns and slowing traffic to a crawl. Many of the faithful wore white T-shirts emblazoned with the pope's picture and "Welcome to our land" written in Portuguese.

"I have come to see our papa because he is good for the church and the church is good to us," said Fatima de Castro, a 52-year-old housekeeper who traveled 14 hours through the night to welcome the pope outside Luanda's airport.

Angolan President Eduardo dos Santos greeted the 81-year-old Benedict as he descended from his chartered plane onto a red carpet under a tropical sun that reddened his face. This former Portuguese colony is mainly Catholic and Benedict lamented what he called strains on the traditional African family.

"Particularly disturbing is the crushing yoke of discrimination that women and girls so often endure, not to mention the unspeakable practice of sexual violence and exploitation which causes such humiliation and trauma," Benedict told an audience of government leaders and foreign diplomats in the late afternoon. He also criticized what he called the "irony of those who promote abortion as a form of 'maternal' health care."

Well, he's right on that one!!! That's the agenda-pushing sell job they gotta give you on that issue.

Just wondering why this doesn't get a mention: Memory Hole: Where Cultural Relativism Ends

The pope was referring to an African Union agreement signed by Angola and 44 other countries that abortion should be legal in cases of rape, incest or when the mother's life is endangered.

"How disconcerting the claim that the termination of life is a matter of reproductive health," Benedict said.....

That's where the paper's editors chopped it. Here's some more:

Angolans traditionally have large families -- the president has nine children -- but many say the high cost of living in this oil-rich country makes them want to have fewer children than previous generations.

Earlier in the weeklong trip, Benedict drew criticism from aid agencies and some European governments when he said that condoms were not the answer to Africa's severe AIDS epidemic, suggesting that sexual behavior was the issue....

In his welcome speech, Benedict did, indeed, refer to Angola's poverty as well as its rich natural resources, saying the multitude of poor Angolans must not be forgotten. Angola is rich in diamonds and oil, but war and mismanagement have left most of its people in poverty....


And what the paper doesn't tell you is the U.S. backed a covert war there for 25 years because of those exact resources mentioned -- something that is a modus operandi in all Africa (which is why the racist Zionist paper gives the impression that they are all a bunch of uncivilized black people fighting amongst themselves and needing a white overseer).

Think I'm kidding?

"Pope condemns sorcery, urges Angolans to convert" by Victor L. Simpson, Associated Press | March 22, 2009

Pope Benedict XVI kissed a child during his visit in Luanda, Angola yesterday. Tens of thousands lined up to greet Benedict. (Associated Press via L' Osservatore Romano)

I post the photo for obvious reasons.

LUANDA, Angola - Tens of thousands of Angola's Catholics lined the streets of the capital yesterday for a blessing from Pope Benedict XVI, who urged the country's faithful to reach out and convert people who believe in witchcraft.

WTF is this, MSM? Hollywood in the 1930s? Stop the racist agenda-pushing, will you? Next thing you know, they will have an article on how all black people believe in ghosts!

"In today's Angola," he said at Mass in Luanda, "Catholics should offer the message of Christ to the many who live in the fear of spirits, of evil powers by whom they feel threatened."

He also gave a message of hope to young people, including some wounded and maimed during Angola's long civil war, when he addressed a crowd of some 30,000 people later at a sports stadium, where a drum concert was held.

"I think of the many tears you shed for the loss of relatives," he told the crowd at a soccer stadium where he watched the drum concert by young men with painted faces, and dancers in colorful costumes. The civil war started with Angola's 1975 independence from Portugal and ended in 2002.

No background paragraph, not even a distorted peace of propaganda?

Hours before the 81-year-old pontiff arrived at the Coqueiros stadium, a stampede broke out as the gates were opened to people waiting outside, and two people were killed in the crush, said Vatican spokesman, the Rev. Federico Lombardi.

"The pope is very upset," Lombardi said late yesterday. Portuguese news agency LUSA cites an unidentified source at a local hospital as saying a man and a woman were killed, eight others were hospitalized with minor injuries, and 10 were given medical assistance at the site.

A reporter saw another stampede break out when the pope arrived, and at least 20 people were taken away in ambulances. In the morning, Benedict attracted thousands onto the streets every time his motorcade passed and delighted the crowds by speaking in Portuguese.

Drawing on the more than 500 years of Roman Catholicism in Angola, he called Christianity a bridge between the local peoples and the Portuguese settlers. The country's history as a Portuguese colony gave the country Christian roots. Eighty percent of the 16 million people are Christian, about 65 percent Catholic.

The pope began his day addressing Catholic clergymen and nuns, telling them to be missionaries to those Angolans "living in fear of spirits, of malign and threatening powers. In their bewilderment they end up even condemning street children and the elderly as alleged sorcerers."

Some churchgoing Catholics in Africa also follow traditional animist religions and consult medicine men and diviners who are denounced by the church.

Hey, what's more hypocrisy and chutzpah, 'eh?


"1 million attend final Mass of pope's Africa pilgrimage; Pontiff prays for continent's reconciliation" by Victor L. Simpson, Associated Press | March 23, 2009

LUANDA, Angola - Pope Benedict XVI celebrated Mass for the largest gathering of his African pilgrimage yesterday, telling a crowd on the outskirts of this seaside capital that reconciliation on the war-ravaged continent would come only with a "change of heart, a new way of thinking."

The Vatican said as many as 1 million people turned out on the dusty field near a cement factory to hear the pope at the last major event of his seven-day trip, which began Tuesday in Cameroon. Speaking from a tented pink altar, the pope said evils in Africa had "reduced the poor to slavery and deprived future generations of the resources needed to create a more solid and just society."

And we know just who and what they are, too!

"How true it is that war can destroy everything of value," said Benedict, wearing a pink cape and mopping his sweaty brow with a white handkerchief kept inside his sleeve. Later he was scheduled to meet with representatives of women's rights groups to praise the role of women in African society.

Angolans have been enslaved, subjugated, and at war almost nonstop since Portuguese colonizers brought the first Catholic missionaries in 1491. Many of the slaves taken to Brazil, for example, came from Angola.

Please see:

The Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews

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Of course, that true history doesn't make my jewspaper.

The Catholic Church was an ally of the colonizers who discriminated against the people until independence from Portugal in 1975, when civil war erupted, in part fueled by the country's oil and diamond wealth. Some 15,000 died, including missionaries, before the war ended in 2002, and the scars still are evident among the many people who lost limbs in one of the most heavily mined countries in the world.

And the U.S. involvement has been completely scrubbed from the MSM memory banks, 'eh? The fact that CUBA defied its Russian masters and sent troops to fight our covert and proxy operators doesn't enter into the lexicon?

A Marxist revolution also has left scars, though the country's president for 30 years, Eduardo dos Santos, abandoned communism and improved relations with the church starting in the late 1980s. Critics say last year's massive election victory was marred by fraud and corruption and that the pope must beware of allowing his visit, sponsored by the state, to be seen as legitimizing an authoritarian regime.

And yet there he is lecturong them!!!!

The bishops in Angola twice have denounced the government for leaving its people mired in poverty while leaders enrich themselves off oil and diamonds. Since he arrived on Friday from Cameroon, the pope has met with dos Santos and spoken out against corruption in Africa, the continent with the fastest-growing Catholic population in the world.

Before he said Mass yesterday, Benedict clasped his hands, as if in prayer, and offered his condolences to the families of two 20-year-old women trampled to death in a stampede at a Luanda stadium before a youth event he addressed Saturday. He also wished a speedy recovery to some 40 people injured in the crush.

State radio appealed to people to take water and food to yesterday's Mass. People also carried parasols and stools amid the hooting cars and motorbikes making their way to see the pope. Some men hoisted children onto their shoulders and mothers strapped babies to their backs.

In his final appearance on yesterday's schedule, Benedict also made a strong appeal for respect for women's rights in a speech to some 1,000 women in a Luanda church annex.


I'm glad I'm not Catholic. Whatta hypocrite!!!!!

"Pope urges help for the poor as he leaves Africa" by Associated Press | March 24, 2009

LUANDA, Angola - Pope Benedict XVI left Africa yesterday with a final impassioned plea to corrupt leaders to let the poor share in some of the proceeds of the continent's natural resources.

The parting words followed a controversial first pilgrimage to the continent where the growing number of Catholics welcomed his denunciations of corruption - while critics worldwide condemned his rejection of condoms to fight the AIDS epidemic.

"Our hearts cannot be at peace as long as there are brothers that suffer the lack of food, work, a house, and other fundamental goods," the 81-year-old pope said in his farewell speech at Luanda's airport.

Unless they are in PALESTINE, right, Pope?

The pope bathed in a warm welcome from huge crowds during the seven-day visit to Angola and Cameroon.