Thursday, March 5, 2009

State Attorneys Investigate Federal Crime Syndicate

Now if the FEDS are handing out the money TO the BANKS, why is it STATE ATTORNEYS JOBS to INVESTIGATE this?

It's OFFICIAL, America: YOUR FEDERAL GOVERNMENT is NOTHING MORE than an ORGANIZED CRIME OUTFIT (and we know whom they are working for, too)!!!!

Of course, the MSM couldn't be troubled to look into things or do an investigation, oh, no.

"New York subpoenas ex-Merrill Lynch officials; Bonuses of $3.6b at issue" by Associated Press | March 5, 2009

NEW YORK - .... [Merrill Lynch] lost more than $15 billion in the fourth quarter. Merrill paid $3.6 billion in bonuses to top executives in December, with 14 receiving $10 million or more....

Cuomo's office has been stonewalled in recent weeks in its attempts to get details about individual bonuses. Last week, Bank of America CEO Ken Lewis testified about what he knew about the bonuses, but did not provide specifics on individual bonuses. Lewis's testimony came just days after Thain completed a second deposition with the attorney general's office.

Thain initially refused to provide information about individual bonuses, saying Bank of America had instructed him not to disclose the information. Cuomo's office then forced Thain, through a court order, to return for a second round of testimony and provide additional details. It is unclear if Thain provided such details during that round of questioning.



Additionally, information requested from Bank of America in a separate investigation by North Carolina's attorney general's office about the bonuses was received by yesterday's deadline....


I really can't take much more of this type of rank garbage being passed of as journalism. It's not just this piece or where it is in the paper, it's the whole, in-total operation and I'm done. After decades of faithful patronage, it's over. The relationship is over. I've said it many times before, but this time it is for real. It's over.