Tuesday, March 24, 2009

S**ti Group Insult

"The bank.... more than $3 million worth of construction at its corporate headquarters.... The total cost could end up higher.... $10 million.... It has faced criticism, too.... over its $400 million stadium-naming deal with baseball's New York Mets"

S**ti Group Shuffle

"Citigroup plans $3.2m to renovate headquarters" by Associated Press | March 20, 2009

NEW YORK - Citigroup is going through with more than $3 million worth of construction at its corporate headquarters in Manhattan. The bank says the renovation will save $20 million in the long run.

They are frikkin' shameless. You know WHO is PAYING that bill, right, TAXPAYER?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Top executives currently working on two floors will be consolidated in "smaller, simpler offices on a single floor," Citigroup said. But the office makeover on Park Avenue comes at a tricky time for the company, which is operating with $45 billion in federal funding after recording five straight quarters of losses. The bank's use of taxpayer dollars has been under close watch.

Yeah, the use of taxpayer money has been under close watch!! WHERE, you lying puss-bag paper?!!!! Not by the POLITICIANS or by the MSM!!!!!!! That's ANOTHER MSM INSULT and LIE!!!!

Consolidating real estate is a good idea, said Sanjai Bhagat, a professor of finance at the University of Colorado Leeds School of Business. And $3 million is a tiny fraction of $45 billion.

Yeah, that makes me feel a whole lot better. $3 million dollars solves my problems for life!!!! And they toss it around like pigeon feed!

But the question is whether it really takes millions of dollars to move executives from two floors to one. "They're still living in the pre-2008 era," Bhagat said. "They still don't get the message."

Maybe THIS would help!

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In front of a House panel in February, CEO Vikram Pandit said: "Let me be clear to the committee: I get the new reality."

Apparently not!!!!!

The bank, which has been planning the renovations for months, is paying $3.2 million for basic construction, including wall removal and fire safety systems, according to filings at the New York Department of Buildings. The total cost could end up higher, though, after fees and other expenses - other media reports estimated the cost of the renovations at $10 million.

Citigroup pointed out it has saved $100 million over the past two quarters....

Then WHY do they need GOVERNMENT MONEY? What kind of ARROGANT ASSHOLE LYING and EQUIVOCATIONS are these bankers putting forth? It's just making us madder!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Citigroup scrapped plans to buy a $45 million private jet after President Obama called the expenditure "outrageous." It has faced criticism, too, from a few lawmakers over its $400 million stadium-naming deal with baseball's New York Mets.