Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Turning Back Globalism

And they are WORRIED ABOUT IT!!!!!

"EU says no to new stimulus funds" by Aoife White, Associated Press | March 21, 2009

BRUSSELS - .... The European Union also raised new red flags against protectionism after French carmaker Renault SA said it was moving jobs out of low-wage Slovenia and into recession-hit France, and urged more funding for the International Monetary Fund to help countries hard hit by the crisis.

Stimulus spending, market confidence, financial regulation, and free trade will be key issues at a Group of 20 summit of the world's leading rich and developing economies next month. The plan EU leaders outlined yesterday stands in stark contrast to President Obama's heavy stimulus spending and could make for tough negotiations at the April 2 summit on how best to resolve the global economic crisis.

Using the tools that "created" this "crisis" ON PURPOSE isn't going to help things. Do you look to the fox to guard the hen house?

Getting lending flowing again to businesses and households means more rules and oversight for the financial system and a stronger role and more resources for the IMF, the EU leaders said at a summit that ended yesterday....

Have you had enough globalist lies, America?