Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Under Cover of the Judge

It's the war paper, so you know....

"Pakistan's Supreme Court chief justice steps down" by Stephen Graham, Associated Press | March 22, 2009

ISLAMABAD - .... CIA Director Leon Panetta was in Pakistan yesterday, the prime minister's media office said, probably to discuss the rising violence with Pakistani officials. The office said Panetta was meeting with Prime Minister Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani and would meet Zardari and other officials later.

Well, PULL YOUR "Al-CIA-Duh" directors and teams OUT of the area then, duh!

The CIA is believed to be behind a campaign of missile strikes in Pakistani tribal regions along the Afghan border, where Al Qaeda and Taliban are believed to be hiding out. The United States says the campaign has killed scores of militant leaders.

Oh, good! For a minute I thought it was the U.S. government wagiong wars and murdering people. Whew. Glad the cover-up papers cleared that up!

There has been speculation that the strikes, which are deeply unpopular among Pakistanis and publicly denounced by Islamabad, might be extended to the southwestern Baluchistan province, where Taliban leader Mullah Mohammad Omar is said to be.... --more--"

Where MORE INNOCENT PEOPLE will be MURDERED because 9/11 was an INSIDE JOB, the Pakistan intelligence services -- in conjuction with the CIA and the Saudis -- created and funded the Taliban and "Al-CIA-Duh," and it turns out the "insurgents, miltants, rebels, take-your-pick" are simply INDIGENOUS PEOPLE who DO NOT LIKE FOREIGN OCCUPIERS KILLING their FAMILY MEMBERS.

Of course, Americans just accept such thiongs and never fight back against those who killed "our people." And of course, we don't because Dick Cheney and George Bush (among others) still roam free and Dogshit Dick there was directing the war game exercises that were a cover for the real attacks on 9/11. Don' believe me, do your own research.