Monday, March 9, 2009

What is a Newspaper?

I thought I would let them speak for themselves:

"When Uncle Sam called the shots; 'Selling Democracy' turns a lens on the propaganda films of the Marshall Plan - and how they speak to today's reconstruction and recovery efforts" by Mark Feeney, Globe Staff | March 8, 2009

"All art is to some extent propaganda," George Orwell famously wrote. But what about the reverse - to what extent can propaganda be art? As regards film, that question usually gets posed in terms of totalitarian societies: Sergei Eisenstein's agitprop classic of Soviet cinema, "Battleship Potemkin," say, or Leni Riefenstahl's documentary "Triumph of the Will," about the 1934 Nazi Party rally at Nuremburg.

What about when the propaganda is made by a democracy? More specifically, what about when the democracy is the United States? Well, it tends then to get called "public diplomacy" rather than "propaganda." --more--"

I can't argue with them there.

Need confirmation?

"Globe drops sports tabloid" by Johnny Diaz | March 7, 2009

OT, The Boston Globe's sports weekly that launched last fall, has folded....


The weekly was produced by four part-time editors and designers, who were let go yesterday.... --more--"

That's what happens when you shovel and sell s***!

Update: I've already previewed the Boston Globe and it is everything I thought it would be.... thus, I will not be purchasing it today.