Friday, March 13, 2009

When Was the Last Time You Heard About.... Somalia?

Before yesterday that is.

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"11 African soldiers killed in Somalia" by Los Angeles Times | February 23, 2009

NAIROBI - A suicide car-bomb attack against African Union peacekeepers in Somalia yesterday killed 11 Burundi soldiers and wounded 15 others, the deadliest attack against AU troops since their deployment two years ago.

I'm already smelling a FALSE-FLAG, "Al-CIA-Duh" stink, aren't you?

Insurgents from Al-Shabab militia, which claims links to Al Qaeda, took responsibility and vowed to continue assaults against AU soldiers who have been helping shore up Somalia's transitional government....

And CUI BONO, 'eh?

Two suicide bombers - one in a vehicle and another wearing an explosives-packed vest - infiltrated the AU base at the former Somali National University in Mogadishu. Hundreds of displaced people are living around the campus, and one witness said he saw two civilians among the dead....


AU and UN officials condemned the attack as an attempt by insurgents to detract attention from ongoing efforts to form a new unity government....

"They are trying to destabilize the situation and take away attention from the good news," said Susannah Price, a spokeswoman for the UN special representative to Somalia.

The attack comes as the AU and the United Nations are struggling to boost the number of peacekeepers in Somalia from the current level of about 3,500 Burundi and Ugandan soldiers. AU troops have been subject to increased attacks since Ethiopian soldiers withdrew from the country in January.

Nothing about them INVADING?


"Militants attack peacekeeping base" by Associated Press | February 25, 2009

MOGADISHU, Somalia - Islamic insurgents attacked a peacekeeping base in the Somali capital for the second time in a week yesterday, and clashes between the soldiers and militants left at least 18 people dead throughout the city.

Dozens of others, including women and children, were seriously injured in the fighting, which came two days after a suicide bomber attacked an African Union peacekeeping base, killing 11 Burundian soldiers. An extremist Islamic group called al-Shabab, which claims the AU troops are an occupying force and has threatened them, claimed responsibility for Sunday's attack.

The US State Department considers al-Shabab a terrorist organization linked to Al Qaeda, something the group has denied. Spokesman Robert Wood called Sunday's attackers "desperate extremists who aim to strip from the Somali people an opportunity to determine their own future."

This STINKS, readers!

Yesterday, Mogadishu's ambulance service staff collected the 18 bodies from different parts of the capital, said Rufa'i Mohamed Salad, one of the coordinators. Medina Hospital Director Dahir Mohamed Dhere said 78 people wounded in the fighting were admitted to his hospital.


"Somali Cabinet backs Islamic law" by Associated Press | March 11, 2009

MOGADISHU, Somalia - The Somali Cabinet voted to make Islam the basis of the country's legal system yesterday in a bid to undercut an increasingly fractured Islamic insurgency and win popular support.

The implementation of Islamic law, or Shariah, has been a key demand of insurgents fighting the UN-backed government. But several insurgent groups have said they would stop fighting if Shariah was formally introduced....

So ANY VIOLENCE THEREAFTER is a FALSE-FLAG JOB, folks -- like ALL of 'em!!!!

Thousands of Somalis have been killed in battles between the insurgents and pro-government forces in the past two years. The fighting has been complicated by a web of clan militias, the involvement of neighboring countries, and freelance bandits who prey on civilians.

I'm tired of obfuscating write-ups and incomplete histories, folks. Just tired of the MSM shit shovel!

Somalia's new president, Sheik Sharif Sheik Ahmed, is a former Islamic insurgent who describes himself as a moderate and has distanced himself from more hard-line elements who have attacked African Union peacekeepers.

Islamic courts are one of the few functioning institutions in Somalia, which has been without an effective central government since clan leaders overthrew a dictator in 1991 then turned their militias on each other. In 2006, the courts formed an alliance that took over the capital of Mogadishu and much of the south before Ethiopian troops supporting the shaky and corrupt UN-backed government chased them from power.

Translation: the Ethiopians INVADED and OVERTHREW the Islamics and then OCCUPIED the country for three years!

The Ethiopians left Somalia at the beginning of this year as part of a peace deal, and parliament elected Sharif as president.

Nothing about the WAR CRIMES while they were there, huh?


Meanwhile, look at HOW MUCH PRINT this next agenda-pushing, front-page special gets!

WASHINGTON - A Somali-American community leader warned a Senate panel yesterday that Boston may be among half a dozen cities where youths are being recruited to travel to Somalia to fight alongside a radical Islamic group with links to Al Qaeda.

I am SO SICK of Al-CIA-Duh!! NO LONGER FOOLEYED, sh**ters!!!!

Top US law enforcement and intelligence officials told the Senate Committee on Homeland Security that a "small but significant" number of Somali-Americans from several US cities have traveled to Somalia since 2006 to join Al-Shabaab, which was designated a terrorist organization by the State Department last year.

But the officials did not specifically mention Boston, and the head of the Boston FBI office and officials with the Boston-based Somali Development Center said yesterday they have not heard of any local recruitment efforts.

"We are not aware of anyone in the Boston area involved in any recruitment activities to send someone to Al-Shabaab," said Warren T. Bamford, the special agent in charge of the FBI's Boston office. Community activists in Boston said that most Somalis condemn Al-Shabaab because they believe it is trying to undermine the struggling nation's prospects for peace.

And CUI BONO, 'eh, readers?

At the Senate hearing, the law enforcement officials said they believe that the initial motivation of youths who returned to Somalia was to defend their native land from an invasion by neighboring Ethiopia two years ago, but that they could be indoctrinated and trained to return to the United States to mount terrorist attacks.

Keep hucking shit, MSM!

The officials pointed to signs that some Somali community leaders and radical websites have relied on religious appeals - including a proclamation last month by Al Qaeda's second-in-command that Al-Shabaab's gains were "a step on the path of victory of Islam" - while preying on a sense of isolation among some Somalis in the United States.

Yeah, we KNOW who is BEHIND THOSE!!!

"They've become pawns in a game larger than themselves," said the Senate committee chairman, Joe Lieberman, a Connecticut independent.

I can't disagree with Joe on that one!

National law enforcement officials first became alarmed when a 27-year-old Somali-American college student from Minneapolis blew himself up in a suicide attack in Somalia last October.

Officials said they now believe "tens" of others have recently traveled to Somalia to take up arms with the group, which controls a large swath of the country's south and has introduced suicide attacks, roadside bombs, and other tactics to undermine the Somali government and attack Ethiopian targets. The group has been linked to Al Qaeda operatives responsible for bombing US embassies in Africa during the 1990s as well as terrorist leaders hiding in Pakistan, the panel was told.

I really can't take much more of this bullshit.

"We are concerned that if Somali-American youth can be motivated to engage in such activities overseas . . . fellow travelers could return to the US and engage in terrorist activities here," Andrew Liepman, the deputy director of intelligence at the National Counterterrorism Center, told the panel.

Osman Ahmed, a Somali-American community leader who was invited by the committee to testify, said that special attention should be given to Minneapolis, Seattle, Boston, and Columbus, Ohio, and he called for task forces to reach out to Somalis. "There are youth programs that in some cases have hidden agendas," he testified.

We call it public school here in AmeriKa.

Ahmed is president of a tenants group in Minneapolis, home to the largest Somali community in the United States and home to as many as 20 youths the FBI believes have left for Somalia. He has been sounding warnings on the issue since a nephew went to Somalia last fall.

Federal law enforcement officials, speaking on condition of anonymity because of the ongoing investigation, said yesterday that in addition to the four cities named by Ahmed, they are investigating whether there are links to Al-Shabaab in San Diego and Portland, Maine.

Ahmed said in a later interview that he believes that at least two Somali youngsters from the Boston area traveled to Somalia last summer and may have been recruited by Al-Shabaab.

However, staff members at Somali Development Center's offices in Jamaica Plain, Chelsea, and Springfield said yesterday they were unaware of any local recruiting efforts or of any youths or young men returning to their homeland.

Bamford of the FBI also said he has no confirmation of any youngsters going to Somalia from Boston to fight. He said agents have spoken to local Somalis about the recruitment of Somali youths in Minneapolis and urged them to come forward if they see similar efforts in New England, he said.

"Some young men have gone over to Somalia so we have to be aware of that," Bamford said in a telephone interview. "We can't just sit back and hope it doesn't happen. We have to go out and make the community aware of the concern and make parents aware of what happened elsewhere. They need to be good parents and watch out for their kids."

Are they sending them of to wars based on lies for Israel? Oh.

Boston has a small, tight-knit Somali-American community of about 5,000, who have arrived since 1992, after US intervention in the country's humanitarian crisis, according to the Somali Development Center. Several thousand more live elsewhere in New England, including Portland, Maine, according to the center, which was established in 1996 to provide social services.

Is that what they are calling occupations now?

Nationwide there are an estimated 150,000 to 200,000 Somali-Americans. Youths are considered particularly vulnerable to religious or other community leaders who might sympathize with Al-Shabaab, which means "youth" in Arabic.

"Somali families tend to be large, mostly with single parents who are working to make ends meet," testified Abdirahman Mukhtar, a Somali immigrant and youth program manager at the Brian Coyle community center in Minneapolis. "Somali families for the most part live in high-density housing in the lowest-income neighborhoods."

The Bush administration's tacit support for Ethiopia's invasion of Somalia in 2006 also fueled anger among Somali communities in the United States and abroad.

How come the TRUTH is always ONE SENTENCE surrounded by bulls*** in my Zionist War Daily?

"Even Somalis with close links to the US and many of those with US citizenship were scathing in their criticism of the US," Ken Menkhaus, a political science professor and East Africa specialist at Davidson College in North Carolina, told the panel.

Since then, "the number of individuals we believe have departed for Somalia is comparatively larger than the number of individuals who have left the United States for other conflict zones around the world over the past few years," Philip Mudd, a top FBI official, told lawmakers.

And if it is ONLY in the TENS then HOMEGROWN TERRORISTS really are NOT a PROBLEM, are they, false-flagging gummint?

The officials, however, stressed to the committee that they do not detect a community-wide radicalization, and that the overwhelming majority of Somali-Americans want to contribute to American society but need better schools, housing, and healthcare to fully integrate here.


I guess that is what FALSE-FLAGGING GOVERNMENT'S JOB is, huh?

Abdillahi Abdirahman, president of the Somali Development Center's board in Boston, said that he held a community meeting about two months ago at the FBI's request to warn parents about recruitment efforts, but that he has not heard of any recruiting from parents or from young people who hang out at his Roxbury cafe, Butterfly Coffee, or at the center's after-school programs.

"I am not aware of any kid who has been missing or any kid has been recruited," he said.

Community activists pointed out that Somalis in Massachusetts are scattered across the state and hail from different backgrounds, which would hinder recruitment. For instance, the Somali Bantus, a minority group, suffered widespread discrimination in their homeland and have no interest in returning, they said.

Pffft! Sigh!

"People in Boston don't need war, that's why we come to America," said Hawa Kulmiye, an outreach worker at the center's Chelsea office who immigrated more than seven years ago. She, too, said she was unaware of anyone leaving the Boston area to fight in Somalia.

"We don't have enough food, no government," said Kulmiye, referring to Somalia. "They kill each other. Nobody goes back there."


Translation: Your GOVERNMENT and NEWSPAPER are LYING TO YOU AGAIN when it comes to "terror," Americans!!!!

Btw, whatever happened to those PIRATES, huh? They just GO AWAY?

Nope, their mission was fulfilled: to get western warships patrolling that vital stretch of sea lane shipping!! And thus, the need for agenda-pushing items about "pirates" fades!


"Terror allegations rile Boston's Somali immigrants; Say efforts aren't being conducted in Hub" by Maria Sacchetti, Globe Staff | March 13, 2009

The social hub for Somali immigrants is a little coffee shop wedged between a T station and the transit police at Roxbury Crossing. Everyone seems to know everyone else's name, where they work, and where their children work. "Cousin!" the owner greets customers, whether they are related or not.

Yesterday, the tight circle at Butterfly Coffee was shaken by assertions before a Senate panel Wednesday that a radical Islamic group linked to Al Qaeda might be recruiting youths in Boston to fight in Somalia. Immigrants said they are worried about such recruitment nationwide, but they were angered that a Somali leader from another state had put Boston's community in a harsh national spotlight without providing hard evidence.

"In Boston? It's impossible," said Abraham Ahmad, a realtor and Somali immigrant who sat with a group of men for his morning coffee. "We would report it as soon as possible."

Concern over recruitment has intensified in recent months, particularly in Minnesota, where several young men have disappeared and where one man is believed to be the first Somali-born US citizen to become a suicide bomber, after he blew himself up in Somalia in October.

On Wednesday, top US law enforcement and intelligence officials told the Senate Committee on Homeland Security that a small number of Somali-Americans from several US cities have traveled to Somalia since 2006 to fight with Al-Shabaab, which was declared a terrorist organization by the State Department last year.

Officials do not believe it is widespread among the more than 150,000 Somali-Americans, including 5,000 in Massachusetts, but said it is troubling because insurgents could be trained and return to engage in terrorist activities in the United States.

A Somali leader from another state, Osman Ahmed, told the committee that task forces to reach out to Somalis should be set up in Minneapolis, Seattle, Columbus, Ohio, and Boston to prevent such recruitment. Yesterday, he said he launched a nationwide investigation last fall, after his own nephew left for Somalia, possibly to be with Al-Shabaab, and was told by friends that two youths had also disappeared in Boston.

Ahmed urged Boston-area families to come forward if their children are missing. "We need to work together," he said. For some Somali-Americans, the Senate testimony resurrected memories about the fear and rejection many of them faced after they arrived in New England.

In 2002, the Holyoke City Council voted to oppose a plan to resettle Somali refugees there, contending the city could not afford the burden on schools and other services. That same year, the mayor of Lewiston, Maine, urged Somali refugees to stop coming to his city because he said they were a drain on services.

But in recent years, like other immigrant groups, Somalis have learned English, gone to college, become business owners and bankers, as well as parking garage attendants and taxi drivers. In Boston, they are increasingly US citizens who are concerned as much with homeownership, getting into public office, and jury duty as with their families back home.

So WHY YOU BRIC-BATTING THEM SO MUCH, war-propaganda pusher?

They even hire native-born Americans, one customer pointed out, noting that all the counter help in the Somali-owned Butterfly Coffee are white college students who take orders from non-English speaking immigrants using makeshift sign language.

Yeah, GET USED TO IT, Amurkn serfs!!!

And how 'bout the GLOBE PUSHING the IMMIGRANT AGENDA AGAIN!! Yup, the IMMIGRANTS are SAVING YOUR ASS, 'murkns!!! Pffffftt!

Two months ago, local Somali leaders promised the FBI at a meeting in the Muslim community's new mosque across the street from the coffee shop that they would watch for any signs that radicals were recruiting local youths, but knew of no such activity.

"The FBI told us to watch out," 63-year-old Hassan Dahir, a father of six, all of whom went to college, said through a translator yesterday. "We all told the kids you just have to be a good citizen. . . . They don't want to be in a war."

Yesterday, a group of elders at Butterfly Coffee cornered a Somali teenager, Farah Musa, who dropped by after class ended at English High School. He was born in a Kenyan refugee camp and raised in America. He said he had not heard of any recruitment.

"That's not Boston," said Musa, 16, shaking his head under a Bruins cap. "That's not my city."

For Somali immigrants, much is at stake in America. Their good standing is literally helping them save lives back home: Immigrants send up to $1 billion a year home in remittances - including from a kiosk inside Butterfly Coffee - to a Horn of Africa nation wracked by war and vast unemployment.

I think the Somalis should get anything they want because I love them, but there goes the Globe again. Shipping money out of this country is good if it supports their globalist agenda.

Of course, the Somalis would be helped much more if we STOPPED MEDDLING in their COUNTRY!!!!

The money is used to treat malaria, feed dozens of friends and relatives, and put roofs over grandparents' heads. "If I wasn't here, there's no life in Somalia," said Abdillahi Abdirahman, the coffee shop owner.

Like the others, he is worried about what Al-Shabaab's recruiting efforts could do to his Somali-American communities, whether they are in Boston or not. "One bad apple [in Massachusetts] could destroy the whole thing that we've built," he said.

Yup, ONE ISRAELI FALSE-FLAG pinned on them will ruin it for them here in shit-chewing Amurka!!!


Wow, that's a lot of print for "terrorists" -- as opposed to the atrocious situation the U.S. brought to that land.