Tuesday, March 24, 2009

WWE in Dallas School

How come dogs -- "the National Football League was facing a legal and public-relations disaster in 2007 over a dog-fighting scandal involving Falcons quarterback Michael Vick" -- and birds elicit more outrage from people?

"Cage-fighting alleged at Dallas high school" by Associated Press | March 20, 2009

DALLAS - The Dallas school system was rocked by allegations yesterday that staff members at a high school made students settle their differences by fighting bare-knuckle brawls inside a steel cage.

This is BARBARIC -- unless you want to set some world leaders at each other!!!

The principal and other employees at South Oak Cliff High knew about the cage fights and allowed the practice to continue, according to a 2008 report by school system investigators....

No criminal charges were ever filed, and there was no mention in the report of whether anyone required medical attention or whether any employees were disciplined. A district spokesman would not comment.

The allegations came to light during a grade-fixing investigation that eventually cost the high school its 2005 and 2006 state basketball titles.

Bummer. See: Boston Globe Wins Tournament Trophy

School officials were suspected of altering students' grades so that they could remain eligible to play for South Oak Cliff, a perennial basketball powerhouse in one of the poorer sections of the city....

That happens ALL the TIME!!!!!