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The Western Jihad in Pakistan

A collection of superb essays that expose who is behind the agenda-pushing campaign of bombings in that set-upon nation.

"American Jihad in Pakistan

By: Peter Chamberlin

The questions about Pakistan’s war on terrorism revolve around secret connections that undercut the war effort, whether the Army is seriously fighting a war or simply putting on a show to convince the doubters. Are Pakistan’s militants really backed by a consortium of intelligence agencies, and if so, then who is in this consortium? Are any Pakistani agencies involved in this operation taking place under their own noses?

If the Army is serious in its operations to eliminate these militants, then why do they make it possible, even comparatively easy, for them to drive away from the offensive, on unguarded roads, to freely carry-out attacks in NWFP? The daily war upon the innocent citizens of Peshawar is ample testimony that all is not right with the war plan that Army generals have designed to control or eliminate the militants.

How could an incredibly competent military (when it comes to fighting against India) in possession of an excellent Air Force, fight a war against thousands of militants for nearly a year and end-up doing nothing more than chasing them back and forth? There is so much circumstantial evidence proving that Pakistan still supports the militants that it once trained, that it is impossible to believe that they are seriously waging against them today, on sequestered battlefields. We are asked to believe the Army when it claims that several hundred militants have really been killed (even though they have produced no casualty lists, bodies, or even notified next of kin) and that none of the dead were leaders.

Much is read into the killing of militant leader Baitullah Mehsud, but that should be seen as nothing more than the continuation of a pattern of killing the prime leaders of S. Waziristan that began in 2003—Mullah Dadollah, Nek Mohammed, Baitullah Mehsud. When Bush dumped the Afghan war in Musharraf’s lap, the secret Pakistani Taliban operation began in S. Waziristan, making use of Taliban assets who had relocated there, after being saved from Northern Alliance troops in the “Kunduz airlift.” This intervention by the Pakistani Air Force, under the watchful eye of America’s Air Force, is the first of many such instances.

The issue of “fake wars” fought against the Taliban within Pakistan, have been primarily in S. Waziristan, centered around these militants who later formed TTP, who were also allegedly trained by Army instructors in 2004. Now that they are carrying-out bombing operations against civilians, police and even the military itself (that have only been made possible because of faulty military operations), is it proper to question the Army’s sincerity in their pursuit of them now?

The heavily restricted Pakistani press cannot question military involvement in the terror attacks that wrack Peshawar each day, but it does question Indian and Israeli support for the attackers, based mostly upon evidence seized in S. Waziristan. Reporters cannot question the Saudi angle of support for the Pakistani Taliban, because to do so implicates mostly Pakistani hands and madrassas, covering up the Taliban’s primary financiers. It is obvious to the world that the armies of Mehsud require far more than a percentage of opium profits to fund and equip armies of ten thousand or more paid militants.

The question is not whether the militants of S. Waziristan are the creation of spy agencies and foreign powers, but which spy agencies are behind them?

The spy game playing-out in Peshawar and vicinity is a risky gamble, bearing high collateral costs. In a new type of CIA warfare, designed to wage war indirectly against the Russians in Afghanistan, armies of highly-trained ideological warriors (“holy warriors”) were created in secret, to secretly fight our wars for us. America’s “Islamists” defeated the Russians for us, without incriminating us for war crimes in the process. They have continued to fight America’s little wars all over the world since then, always under CIA control. The CIA hand in the creation of sectarian warfare outfits is still there, still ordering the attacks upon Shia and other “unbelievers” in the Wahabbi doctrine, promoted as “Shariah.”

America’s secret Islamists wage war for us today, only this time, they are killing our allies in Pakistan, opening the gates to an outright American invasion, to protect the land routes into Afghanistan. None of this would be possible without America’s proxies in the area, cooperation between the government there and the governments who send them.


"Conspiracy to Cover-Up the Obvious

If there is a conspiracy between national news services to ridicule the main points in an ever more popular conspiracy theory, then someone wants readers to laugh at serious questions being raised.

When all the major newspapers in a country all write commentary and opinion pieces ridiculing the same questions (that haven’t been inspired by specific daily news events), then the news bureaus have either decided on the topic together, or were handed a common assignment by higher-ups. Yesterday, all four of Pakistan’s major papers wrote on the alleged secret sponsorship of Taliban militants by India, Israel and the United States. Three of the four papers ridiculed the topic, while only The Nation took the subject seriously—Indo-Israeli military nexus.

Is it possible that this is coincidence, or have three out of four major news services just revealed their true intentions, to white-wash legitimate reports about the very real threats allayed against Pakistan? Read the following excerpts, especially the two by the attractive, intelligent college students, to judge whether this was just a simple coincidence, or another nail in Pakistan’s coffin.

Confusion over war on terror The News. One of the reasons it is so difficult to root out terrorists from Pakistan is that too many Pakistanis are easily fooled by anyone wearing the mask of Islam. They would much rather see the enemy as ‘foreign powers’, namely India, Israel and the US. These feelings are so deep-seated among such Pakistanis that they still refuse to believe that ‘fellow Muslims’, i.e. the Taliban or Al Qaeda, would target innocent Pakistanis.

The convenient curtain of myth dawn asifakhtar80x80

According to them, India, the United States, and Israel had colluded resources to create a super-agency to dishevel this entire region. Though they admitted that convincing a hardened jihadi that the government of Pakistan was also part of the enemy collaborative wasn’t too much of a stretch, they also added that a true jihadi would not be involved in the killing of innocent people.

Surprisingly enough, this whole India-US-Israel theory has a lot of popular currency these days in Pakistan, a country whose national sports should be lounge room politics and conspiracy theorising instead of cricket and hockey. The myriad of television talk-shows on every news channel are heavily relying on this theory of a triangulated axis of evil out to destroy Islam and Pakistan with one nifty stone’s throw of insurgent terror.

I don’t mean to dampen Pakistan’s highly built up superiority complex laced with self pity at the whole world’s always being out to get us, but has anyone ever thought of questioning why we always situate Pakistan at the centre of our world view? It is true that Pakistan is in the news a lot these days, and that the location of our borders in terms of resources and trade routes present significant geopolitical interests. But isn’t it a bit much to consider the current conflict in terms of issues that lie beyond the immediately obvious uses of Pakistan’s soil, and therefore hurl the current conflict in to the realm of myth and conspiracy?

Crime in the name of conspiracy daily times. 20091114_ed05

Just like former US President George W Bush had his axis of evil, a lot of Pakistanis have their own axis of evil — India, Israel and the US. If anybody so much as sneezes in the land of the pure, any one of these three countries or all of them are behind it.


"Indo-Israeli military nexus

Shireen M Mazari

With all that has been happening in this region, one had tended to push the Indo-Israeli relationship on the backburner. This was not wise because the military dimension of this relationship is critical and has been a major factor in India’s military policies in Occupied Kashmir. Post-9/11 the Israeli factor has always covertly been present in Afghanistan because Israel was one of the first country to move into the Central Asian States energy sector after the demise of the Soviet Union and the emergence of independent Central Asian States. Israel has been a major contributor to India’s defence profile, including cooperation in defence production. When India led the few states who welcomed the Missile Defence programme of the Bush Administration, the shadow of Israel was there and one knew the major role it would be playing in helping India acquire missile defence capability. US technology and arms transfers through Israeli labels! So it should not have come as a surprise to find yet another military agreement coming into being – this time the $1.1 billion contract between India and Israel, for an upgraded air defence system for India. The system, produced by Israel, is designed for naval use, aboard ships, and can shoot down incoming missiles, planes and drones.

This will add to India’s missile defence capability, thereby further destabilising the nuclear balance in South Asia. So clearly Pakistan will have to add to its nuclear delivery systems and warheads if it wants to keep its deterrence credible. But even more relevant is the clear indication that India is all set to go full steam ahead to develop a second strike capability – first there was the nuclear submarine programme and now this air defence deal. The aggressive designs of India’s military acquisitions are now hardly oblique. It is strange that the US would allow the increasing militarisation of this region by deliberately disturbing the nuclear equation through its 123 Agreement with India and by allowing Israel to add to the imbalance. Or is the US still assuming it can gain control over Pakistan’s nukes in the scenario outlined in earlier columns?

But the Indo-Israeli deal has repercussions for the neighbourhood also. For instance, through this deal Israel will get more naval access through India in the immediate vicinity of Pakistan and Iran. At any future date, it will make it much more feasible for Israel to target Iran from the sea – and keep the US and its Arab allies out of the equation, saving them a political crisis. For Pakistan also this presents further complications to its security parameters. Already, we are confronted with a two-front war: one at home with extremists in our midst; and a second through the covert low intensity conflict being waged by India, aided and abetted by the US, in Pakistan’s sensitive provinces of Balochistan and NWFP as well as FATA. The flow of weapons and money coming in from Afghanistan for this purpose has now been established without a shadow of doubt, by our government but for some strange reason it merely makes declaratory accusations while taking no action.

There is also a darker side to the Indo-Israeli relationship in terms of their cooperation in clandestine operations. Israel’s tentacles through its covert operations agency Mossad spread across the Arab world and the Middle East and now through India’s RAW it will have South Asian access while India will gain greater access in West Asia. The Mossad connection with RAW goes back to the time the latter was created in September 1968. Indira Gandhi especially asked the RAW point man, Rameshawar Nath Kao to connect to Mossad. But the New Delhi-Mossad contacts had already evolved after Israel was allowed to open a consulate in Mumbai in the 1950s, even before India established full diplomatic relations with Israel.

In any case RAW sent many of its personnel for training to Israel and C.D. Sahay, when he took charge of RAW in April 2003, was the first chief to have been trained by Israeli intelligence. He is reputed to being an expert on Kashmir, Pakistan and terrorism and had looked after the Pakistan desk as well as actually serving in Pakistan.

The RAW-Mossad nexus has had a major impact on Indian policies towards Pakistan and Indian aggression in Occupied Kashmir. In 1993 there were reports of Mossad agents in occupied Kashmir and in June 1996 Jane’s Defence Weekly had reported that Israel was providing sensitive information on Pakistan to India through its spy satellite, Ofek. It was an Indian publication, The Pioneer, (3 March 2001) that revealed the extent of the RAW-Mossad cooperation against Pakistan. Also India acquired UAVs from Israel to patrol the LOC, especially after its intelligence failure at Kargil.

It is this clandestine Indo-Israeli cooperation that should be an issue of concern, as it undermines stability around the whole region. With a strong covert presence of the US already in Pakistan (from marines to American mercenaries like Xe Worldwide and DynCorps), including in Balochistan from where Iran is being destabilised; and with India funnelling arms to the militants in FATA through Afghanistan, the Israelis may gain a foothold here without the states of the region discovering till after the event. After all, how does Pakistan ensure that the US covert operatives coming in without observing any immigration formalities are not also Israeli citizens? After all, many travel on non-Israeli passports? How do we know that our information sharing with the US is not travelling to New Delhi and Tel Aviv?

These are issues that need to be taken up by Parliament which needs to ensure that all foreigners arriving in Pakistan come through proper procedures. This is a basic level to ensure security. And we know now, thanks to Seymour Hersh, that the US is war gaming scenarios on how to seize our nuclear triggers! So there is simply too much risk involved and already too much access has been given to a vast army of clandestine US operatives. The Indo-US factor in Afghanistan has already been recognised as a source of illicit weapons supplies to militants in Pakistan. The Israeli factor simply ups the ante in this region – especially with the threat of Israeli small arms also creeping into the militants’ arsenals. It is time for greater transparency regarding the type of cooperation that we are involved in with the US; it is also time to factor in Israel as an element in our security parameters and in the regional dynamics – especially in terms of Extra Regional Forces (ERFs) and powers.

With all these factors in mind, it requires little intelligence to realise that before we are encircled by hostile powers, we need to create our own proactive regional responses. A beginning can be made by simply improving our strategic dynamics with Iran. It can also be accompanied by creating a respectable distance between the US and ourselves, so that we have breathing space to formulate our own options


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