Thursday, March 26, 2009

Boston Globe Bashes Cops Again

Not that they don't deserve it sometimes, but the only time the Globe likes them is when they bash you, readers!!!

: The Boston Globe's Good Cop

The Boston Globe's Bad Cop

"Injured officers stay on payroll for years; City pushes to put them into early retirement" by Maria Cramer, Globe Staff | March 21, 2009

At a time when Boston police are letting go of cadets and considering the layoffs of uniformed officers, the department is paying full, tax-free salaries to 21 sergeants, detectives, and patrol officers who are on extended injured leave and not expected to return.

One 51-year-old sergeant has been out for nine years. A 49-year-old detective has been out for nearly six. Six of the officers have been out for three to five years, according to a Globe review.

Taxpayers are footing the bill not only for their $1.7 million in salaries, but for the extra overtime doled out to officers who must fill in for the missing employees.

Yeah, right, the cops are the ones breaking this state, sure.

Police officials, who are trying to cut down on a bloated overtime budget and save as many jobs as possible, acknowledge that they need to get these officers off the department's payroll, but said they are caught up in the slow bureaucracy of the early retirement process....


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But it is the cop that is bankrupting us. Pffffftttt!!!!