Friday, March 13, 2009

Bye-Bye, Bernie!

This will likely be one of my last post regarding this disgusting piece of excrement -- unless the joosmedia slips up. I simply can't stand the jooish and Zionist bias anymore.

MSM Mum on Madoff Co-Conspirators

That's why you get words like joo (spelled joo to avoid the joopers trolling the web); to needle the truisms! Sorry if it offends, but I'M OFFENDED by this shit sheet called a newspaper on my table here

"An apologetic Madoff goes to jail; Admits to massive Ponzi scheme, awaits many-year sentence" by Beth Healy and Hinda Mandell, Globe Staff And Globe Correspondent | March 13, 2009

NEW YORK - Pleading guilty to orchestrating the largest fraud in Wall Street history, Bernard L. Madoff said yesterday he was "deeply sorry and ashamed" for his crimes, before being led out of a packed Manhattan courtroom in handcuffs.


Too bad they didn't lead him straight to the gallows!

US District Judge Denny Chin revoked Madoff's bail and ordered that he be sent to jail to await sentencing, saying he was a flight risk because of his age and wealth. Madoff, 70, faces life in prison, up to 150 years, and is scheduled to be sentenced on June 16.

In his first public comments about his crimes since he was arrested Dec. 11, Madoff, in a dark gray suit and speaking in a soft, husky voice, admitted to 11 charges. When the judge asked if Madoff understood he was under oath, Madoff broke into a brief coughing fit, then replied, "Yes."

"Try and keep your voice up so I can hear you," Chin said. The judge read the charges, including fraud, perjury, and money laundering. "Guilty," Madoff responded.

Yeah, SPEAK UP, scum-s***!

Later, Madoff read from a six-page statement in which he revealed the scope of his deception - a scheme that cost duped investors billions of dollars. Madoff said he knew what he was doing was wrong, and criminal....



Indeed, even as victims got to see Madoff sent to jail, many complained that the government has yet to charge others in a crime that almost certainly could not have been committed by one person.

Yeah, it's called a COVER UP!!

By pleading guilty, Madoff relieved himself of any duty to cooperate with investigators and to give up the names of others who may have been involved in the Ponzi scheme....

Victims among the more than 100 spectators crammed into the courtroom on the 24th floor of the federal courthouse in Lower Manhattan burst into applause after the judge said Madoff would go directly to jail. Some cheered. A marshal immediately handcuffed Madoff, who momentarily appeared close to losing his balance as he was led away. His expression was grave, but he did not speak or turn to his attorney....

Yeah, well, FUCK HIM!! S*** in his mouth and make him eat it!!!!!!!!!!!!

In Boston, the Carl and Ruth Shapiro Family Foundation, which lost about $145 million, or nearly half of its assets to Madoff, had no comment on his guilty plea. A spokesman for Robert Jaffe, a Boston broker who helped raise money for Madoff, said Jaffe had no comment....

Pffft! His PARTNERS in CRIME there!

Madoff's attorney, Ira Sorkin, said he would appeal the judge's order revoking Madoff's bail....

Yeah, you do that, scum!!