Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Credit the MSM

With a great job of FOOLIES!!!!!

Tired of seeing one truth amongst a see of sh**!

Buried right in the middle of the log.

"Auto sales plunge in February" by Bloomberg News | March 4, 2009

SOUTHFIELD, Mich. - .... "At this point, it's not as much credit as it is a consumer confidence issue," Al Castignetti, Nissan's vice president of US sales, said. "Even if you can afford the loan, people are not willing to take on the risk right now because of concern about jobs."


Nevertheless, we get lying rote remotes repeated by the crap MSM!!!

"New bank rescue fund payments reach $395m" by Associated Press | March 4, 2009

WASHINGTON - The Treasury Department said yesterday it has provided $394.9 million to 28 banks in new payments from the government's $700 billion financial rescue fund.

The government is buying preferred stock in banks as a way to bolster their balance sheets in the hopes of getting them to resume more normal lending.

Even if the PEOPLE DON;'T WANT a LOAN! See what's going on here? Banks aren't making loans, people don't want loans, and INTO the BANKERS' POCKET GOES the MONEY!

The new payments bring the total to $196.76 billion, covering 467 financial institutions in 47 states and Puerto Rico....



"Former Countrywide officials profit from bad loans" by Eric Lipton, New York Times | March 4, 2009

CALABASAS, Calif. - Fairly or not, Countrywide Financial and its top executives would be on most lists of those who share blame for the nation's economic crisis. After all, the banking behemoth made risky loans to tens of thousands of Americans.

So it may come as a surprise that a dozen former top Countrywide executives now stand to make millions from the home mortgage mess.

Stanford L. Kurland, Countrywide's former president, and his team have been buying up delinquent home mortgages that the government took over from other failed banks, sometimes for pennies on the dollar. They get a piece of what they can collect.

As hundreds of billions of dollars flow from Washington to jump-start the nation's staggering banks, automakers, and other industries, a new economy is emerging of businesses that hope to make money from the various government programs.

Among them is PennyMac, led by Kurland, 56.

While some critics are distressed that Kurland and his team are back in business, the executives say that PennyMac's operations serve as a model for how the federal government, working with the nation's banks, can help stabilize the housing market and lead the nation out of the worst recession in decades. It is quite evident that their efforts are, in fact, helping many distressed homeowners.

Yeah, sure they are! Is that what the pro-banker paper is trying to claim?

But to some, it is disturbing to see Kurland and his former Countrywide executives in the industry again.

"It is sort of like the arsonist who sets fire to the house and then buys up the charred remains and resells it," said Margot Saunders, a lawyer with the National Consumer Law Center.


I am weeping this morning for the American people, who really do not understand what is happening to them.

Maybe YOU ought to BURN SOMETHING DOWN, public! Like a couple of COUNTRYWIDE OFFICES, huh?

For the record, I am non-violent, non-destructive; however, I'm not standing in a patriot's way over the matter. Now violence at an antiwar protest, by comparison, will be called out for the false-flag provocateurism it is.