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Drug War a Cover For North American Union

"To combat the southbound flow of guns, ammunition, and grenades at border checkpoints, the government may deploy new equipment, such as scales to weigh vehicles and automated license-plate readers linked to databases, as well as other surveillance technology....

$800 million in new efforts and continuations or expansions of programs under the Bush administration.... For the first time, the United States has begun efforts that will result in screening 100 percent of rail cars moving south"

That's CHANGE, 'eh, America?


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"US prepares to aid Mexico in drug war; Obama to move resources to aid fight versus cartels" by Spencer S. Hsu, Washington Post | March 23, 2009

WASHINGTON - President Obama is finalizing plans to move federal agents, equipment, and other resources to the border with Mexico to support President Felipe Calderon's campaign against violent drug cartels, according to US security officials.

In Obama's first major domestic security initiative, administration officials are expected to announce as early as this week a crackdown on the supply of weapons and cash moving from the United States into Mexico that helps sustain that country's narco-traffickers, officials said.

The announcement sets the stage for Mexico City visits by three Cabinet members, beginning Wednesday with Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton and followed next week by Attorney General Eric Holder and Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano.

Napolitano, designated by Obama to convene a multiagency security plan for the border, said the government is preparing plans to send more agents and intensify its investigation and prosecution of cartel-related activity in the United States. In addition, she said, the government may expand efforts to trace the sources of guns that move from the United States into Mexico.

Oh, so it is ALSO an ATTACK on the SECOND AMENDMENT, too, huh?

Ya gonna bust some CIA agents then, Nappy?!!!!!

To combat the southbound flow of guns, ammunition, and grenades at border checkpoints, the government may deploy new equipment, such as scales to weigh vehicles and automated license-plate readers linked to databases, as well as other surveillance technology, she said.

Government officials are discussing how to increase intelligence sharing and military cooperation with Mexico, after a visit there this month by Admiral Michael Mullen, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. And the administration could employ tools used to track terrorist financing to follow the flow of funds within the estimated $65 billion North American drug trade.

This isn't about drugs, readers! WAKE UP, America!!!!!!!!!

Funds - estimated at $18 billion to $39 billion a year - move through wire transfers as well as cash smuggled into Mexico in planes and vehicles and by human "mules."

Yup, government and law enforcement can't find these guys -- but the government has to have unlimited spying power to read my emails and listen to my phone calls.

Obama, who plans to visit Mexico in mid-April and has said he will have a "comprehensive policy" on border security in place within months, has elevated to the top of the agenda a subject that did not receive significant attention in the presidential campaign.

It's what is known as AGENDA-PUSHING by the MSM, folks!!!! After ALL THIS TIME and DISRESPECTING of the anti-immigration crowd the border security is NOW on the agenda? Pffft!

Yup, all this time TERRORISTS could have gotten through, too!!!!

His focus on Mexico follows a sharp increase in drug-related killings in Mexican cities along the border, prompting fears in the United States of destabilization in the populous neighbor. Since the beginning of 2008, more than 7,200 people have died in drug-related violence, according to Mexican authorities.

Andrew Selee, director of the Mexico Institute at the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars, said Obama's security and foreign policy aides have spent the past two months reordering their priorities as "snowballing" concern in Congress pushed Mexico "to the front burner" alongside the economy and the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

And here comes your NAU and the AMERO, America!!!!

Obama's efforts mark a shift from the homeland security priorities of the Bush administration, targeted mainly at the threat of Islamist terrorists overseas and illegal immigration at home. While Obama has vowed to maintain counterterrorism efforts, the addition of fighting Mexican drug trafficking as well human smuggling networks represents a new emphasis.

Yup, more change lies. As I recall, Bush made human trafficking a huge issue, but then again, I'm just a 'too-pid Amurkn who can't remember shit, right, MSM?

While a Pentagon study in November concluded that the sudden collapse of Mexico and Pakistan into failed states "bear consideration" as potential worst-case threats over 25 years, several senior US intelligence officials disputed that analysis and said they do not believe the cartels will deliberately target US government personnel, interests, or civilians in the United States in the near-term.

Why not? You get us all ginned-up about the drug violence threat and then say, well, maybe not? Yeah, AGENDA-PUSHING at its FINEST!!!!

"The ongoing violence is a concern, but not a national security threat to the United States," said Mike Hammer, spokesman for the National Security Council....

But the PRESS SURE is acting like it IS!!!!!

Spillover violence in the United States is primarily cartel-on-cartel crime, such as kidnappings, Napolitano said. Phoenix, for example, reported 700 kidnappings in the past two years, mostly as human smugglers extorted fees from their clients.


You know, once your mind is opened up to the falsity of so many government pronouncements, it's hard just to read the propaganda from the AmeriKan press.

MEXICO CITY - Mexico's government yesterday offered $2 million each for information leading to the arrest of 24 top drug lords in a public challenge to the cartels' violent grip on the country.

The list indicated that drug gangs have splintered into six main cartels under pressure from the United States and Mexican governments. The two most powerful gangs - the Pacific and Gulf cartels - each suffered fractures that have given rise to new cartels, according to the list published by the attorney general's Office....

Mexico's drug violence has killed more than 9,000 people since President Felipe Calderón took office in December 2006 as gangs battle each other for territory and fight off a government crackdown. Some of that violence is spilling over into the United States, especially the Southwest, where kidnappings and killings are on the rise....

The new list appeared to be the first offering rewards for all the most-wanted cartel members at once. The government could be trying to signal its determination to take on the cartels at the same time, rather than one or two at a time as past administrations have done, said Andrew Selee, director of the Wilson Center's Mexico Institute....

The document offered insight into the reorganization of the cartels more than two years into Calderón's military crackdown against them. The Beltran Leyva and Carrillo Fuentes gangs - once considered affiliated with the Sinaloa group under the Pacific cartel alliance - were listed as their own cartels. So was La Familia, which operates in central Mexico and was once considered a gang that answered to the Gulf cartel.

Calderón's government has attributed fractures in the cartels to the military crackdown, saying the arrest of drug kingpins has set off internal battles for control that have led to Mexico's sharp surge in violence. It dismisses suggestions by some US officials that Mexico is losing control of some of its territory.

Then we will just have to occupy, right? Or create a North American Union to deal with the "problem," right?

The list sends a message that Mexico is using all it resources to root out drug traffickers days before a visit from US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and a month before President Barack Obama visits, said George Grayson, a Mexico expert at the College of William & Mary in Virginia.

After a while, the unending propaganda, cover-ups, obfuscation, and lies of AmeriKa's MSM just gets insulting.

Mexican officials "have been quite defensive about all the talk about Mexico's being a failed state and that the cartels are controlling more and more territory," Grayson said. "I see this as an acceleration of Calderón's policy but with one eye on the upcoming visit of the American leaders."

Wouldn't you be if someone was calling you a failure so they could take you over?

Of course, this is just a shit fooley for Amurkn consumption. Calderon a globalist who stole an election, so he's down with the plan.

However, monetary rewards have not proved crucial to the capture of Mexican drug lords in recent years. Calderón's government has not granted rewards for any of the kingpins arrested on its watch, Najera said.

Gee, I can't imagine why.

Stephen Meiners, a Latin America analyst for the US intelligence service Stratfor, said many arrests are likely based on anonymous tips from cartel leaders trying to get rid of rivals.


"So far that's been enough incentive to phone in these tips," Meiners said. "I kind of doubt that the people making these calls would want to come forward to claim reward money."


And the agenda is definitely being manufactured by the MSM, folks, which is their TRUE FUNCTION!

That explains all the deceit and obfuscations, including this dandy!!!!!!

WASHINGTON - President Obama will send at least 450 more federal agents, drug-sniffing dogs, X-ray scanners, intelligence analysts, and other law enforcement resources to the US-Mexico border in what administration officials yesterday called a comprehensive response to fight Mexican drug cartels and keep violence from spilling into the United States.

Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano said officials were still considering whether to deploy the National Guard to the Arizona and Texas borders with Mexico, which the two states' governors had requested. Deputy Attorney General David Ogden pledged "to destroy these criminal organizations" through a united effort on both sides of the border.

Then recall the CIA drug-runners, shutdown the drug-laundering banks, etc, etc. Is he doing that? No. They are pouring money into the banks from both ends -- government and drugs, the two-headed beast of the black-ops, black budgets, elites crowd!

The administration blitz is intended to support President Felipe Calderon of Mexico, whose two-year campaign to break the power of Mexican narco-trafficking rings has triggered a spiral of violence that has killed 7,200 people since the beginning of 2008. The turf battles as gangs battle each other for territory and fight off the government crackdown have also led to a spate of kidnappings and home invasions in some US cities.

Officials said President Obama is particularly concerned about killings in Ciudad Juarez and Tijuana, and wants to prevent such violence from spilling over the border. US intelligence officials say that Mexican drug violence remains almost entirely limited to individuals with links to the drug trade and that crime statistics do not bear out the view that the killings are spreading to US cities.

Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton travels to Mexico today for the start of several weeks of high-level meetings between the two countries on the drug violence issue, followed by Obama's own visit in mid-April.

See: Meeting His Mexican Master

Obama's Amnesty

While Mexico wants the United States to take more responsibility in the drug fight, officials have also bristled at the increasing "militarization" of the border, saying that it has made illegal immigration more dangerous and done little to crack down on the illegal weapons trade.

You see what is going on, right? I've pieced together three articles already and the agenda is clear.

Officials outlined roughly $800 million in new efforts and continuations or expansions of programs under the Bush administration paid for through economic stimulus funds and the Merida Initiative, a three-year aid program for Mexico and Central America approved by Congress last year to counter drug trafficking.

Hey! Who knew the STIMULUS was STARTING a WAR!!??

Among new efforts, the Homeland Security Department will send 350 people, including 100 customs inspection workers; more mobile X-ray scanners; license-plate readers and canine teams to southbound checkpoints aimed at deterring cash and weapons smuggling south from the United States into Mexico. For the first time, the United States has begun efforts that will result in screening 100 percent of rail cars moving south across the border for contraband, Napolitano said.

Prosecutors say they will make a greater effort to go after those smuggling guns and drug profits from the United States into Mexico. Napolitano acknowledged that the fight against the drug cartels is not just in Mexico, but also in the United States, where the drugs are sold.

At what point does the absurdity of the rank propaganda require that I stop using my colorful highlighting, readers?

"This is a supply issue, and it's a demand issue," she said. To address the demand, she cited drug courts that "have been very effective in reducing recidivism among drug offenders."

Yeah, even if voters vote for legalization and even if drug laws -- at least, federal drug laws -- are unconstitutional.

Oh, yeah, the FDA is protecting you a whole pile, aren't they? C'mon, Americans, can't you see what this is? NEW WORLD ORDER COMING AT YOU!!!!

The plans fall short of the request last month of Governor Rick Perry of Texas that 1,000 troops be sent to bolster border security in his state. During a visit to El Paso last month, Perry said he had asked Napolitano for aviation assets and "1,000 more troops that we can commit to different parts of the border."

The proposals also don't tackle gun control on the US side of the border. When Attorney General Eric Holder last month suggested reinstituting a ban that expired in 2004 on the sale of certain semiautomatic weapons, many lawmakers balked.

"I don't think the solution to Mexico's problems is to limit Second Amendment gun rights in this country," said Senator John Cornyn, a Texas Republican. "What we can do is help our Mexican friends enforce their own laws." Paul Helmke, president of the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence, said the administration's plan would be inadequate if it does not enact new gun restrictions.

Mexico has long tried to get the United States to curtail the number of guns - many purchased legally - that wind up south of the border, where gun laws are much stricter.

Yeah, so we will have to do the whole hemisphere that way to control it all, right, in like an.... NAU?!!!!


Even though the best way to stop violent crime is to allow guns.

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And lest you not be convinced yet, let the ops page seal the deal, 'eh?

Check out the crap government (like all governments) the U.S. is supporting down there:

John M. Ackerman is a professor at the Institute for Legal Research of the National Autonomous University of Mexico and a columnist for La Jornada newspaper and Proceso magazine.

I just wonder what a Jew is doing writing about Mexica.... never mind.

HILLARY CLINTON should take advantage of this week's visit to Mexico to openly question the Mexican government's failing human rights record. President Felipe Calderón has centered his anti-drug strategy almost exclusively on the use of the military. If the United States wants to support a lasting peace south of the border, it should complement its military support with demands to respect basic civil liberties.

And yet, the "news" article above tells me the Mexicans are bitching! Pfffft!!!

Since taking power, Calderón has engineered armed crackdowns in 10 states and set up military checkpoints throughout the country.

What is this, PALESTINE, the western hemisphere version??

He has sent 40,000 troops to patrol urban centers, with almost 10,000 posted in the border city of Ciudad Juárez. Two of the highest federal police commanders are now military officers, and a dozen prosecutors and police chiefs in Mexico's states are also members of the armed forces.

Mexico's National Human Rights Commission has received over 1,000 new complaints against the military since the beginning of this offensive. Human Rights Watch, the United Nations Human Rights Commission, and local non-governmental organizations have severely criticized the Calderón administration for the abuses by the military and police.

Huh. You never read about that in the "news" section.

Just last month, two leading indigenous human rights leaders were tortured and assassinated in the state of Guerrero by armed men who claimed to be police officers.


In another recent case, two women and three children were gunned down at a checkpoint because their driver, who was rushing to attend a funeral, did not stop fast enough.


The State Department's own Human Rights Report issued in February clearly demonstrates that these cases are all too frequent. Nevertheless, Secretary of State Clinton has yet to take a clear public position on the issue. She may fear that emphasizing human rights might interfere with the "war" against the drug cartels.

Hey, she told the Chinese she didn't care; why would she care about Mexicans?

Hell, she doesn't even care about us and she is supposed to be "serving" us.

But Mexico is not at war.

Coulda fooled me.

The drug cartels are not interested in overthrowing the government nor do they have an ideological agenda.

Well, that's because THEY ARE the GOVERNMENT, and sorry, that IS IDEOLOGICAL!!! Even the good guys are slant shits in the jewspapers.

They are indeed heavily armed. But the fight against the drug trade will not be won in the streets with superior firepower. The real struggle is behind the scenes where authorities need to purge corruption and strengthen criminal intelligence.

Translation: They need to look into the mirror.

Since Mexico is not at war, there is no justification for the virtual state of emergency that exists in many parts of the country. Nevertheless, the Mexican government is committed to maintaining the status quo. All crimes and human rights abuses committed by soldiers are tried exclusively by military tribunals. These courts tend to excuse even the most flagrant violations.

Like the U.S. courts absolving all its low-level mass-murderers (we never get to try the real war criminals like ickie and Georgie, Condi and Donnie).

Calderón has recently pushed through a constitutional reform that allows suspects of organized crime to be held for up to 80 days before bringing charges, and then for months in preventative prison before standing trial. Another recent reform closes down freedom-of-information requests to almost all aspects of criminal investigations even after they have been completed.

Historically, Mexico has stood out from other Latin American nations for its lack of militarism. In Brazil, Argentina, and Chile, the armed forces are relatively active in politics and have even taken power at crucial moments in recent history. In contrast, Mexico has not suffered a coup d'état for almost a century, and the military has normally maintained itself distant from civilian institutions.

All good things come to an end, hmmm?

This may be changing. In a worrisome parallel to the Bush administration, Calderón systematically looks to militaristic posturing as a way to artificially inflate his flagging political legitimacy. This is especially the case at the moment, since the sitting government faces the possibility of a sweeping defeat in the polls during the midterm elections in July. Public opinion polls place Calderón's party 10 points behind.

I don't think its posturing, dumb-dumb!

Clinton's visit to Mexico this week provides an important opportunity to demonstrate the US government's commitment to the rule of law. The "war" on drugs does not justify the wholesale suspension of civil liberties any more than the "war" on terror does.

Did he type that with a straight face?

He knows about the illegal spying and the torture, right?