Friday, March 6, 2009

Gandhi Returns to India

Maybe someone could explain that to the rabid nationalist Hindu government.

No monetary value can ever truly encapsulate the worth and value of this tremendous man.

Of course, such men do not serve the causes of war and therefore must be minimized or insulted by the war-promoting, agenda-pushing papers, their elite controllers, and the entire class of profiteering looters of the world.

: Gandhi Rises From the Grave

"Gandhi belongings auctioned for $1.8m" By Associated Press | March 6, 2009

NEW YORK - Mohandas Gandhi's eyeglasses and other items sold for $1.8 million yesterday at an auction that drew outrage from the Indian government, a last-minute reversal from the seller, and a frenzy of bidding won by an Indian conglomerate that said the pacifist leader's possessions will be coming home.

The lot included Gandhi's wire-rim eyeglasses, worn leather sandals, a pocket watch, a plate and the brass bowl from which he ate his final meal. The Indian government had protested the sale, saying the items should be returned to the nation and not sold to the highest bidder. The seller and the government could not work out a deal, and the auction went forward as planned.

But the self-identified owner, California art collector James Otis, told reporters outside the Antiquorum Auctioneers that he no longer wanted to sell the items. Meanwhile, US Justice Department officials served an Indian court injunction on the auction house, blocking it from releasing the items.

Auctioneer Julien Schaerer announced as the sale began that the Gandhi items would be held for two weeks "pending resolution of third party claims."

Toni Bedi, an executive of the Indian company UB Group, had the winning bid after a furious four minutes in which the offers raced from $10,000 to $1.8 million. Bedi said the company wants to donate the items to the Indian government.