Monday, March 23, 2009

Monday Morning Apology

I'm re-posting an earlier essay because of the way I felt yesterday and the way it showed in my commentary. As it is now, I would normally be out purchasing a copy of the filthy rag this morning right now; however, I am instead here typing before you. I'll post a couple items above to let you know why I was so disagreeable yesterday. As for now, here's a repeater (why do I feel like I type so many repeats) from the Monitor because he feels remorse for inflicting a tongue-lashing on readers. Then again, it's the only kind of lashing this nonviolent soul has ever done.

For what you may ask. For telling the truth? Naw, I'd never apologize for that. For ripping into our alleged leaders and institutions? No, they deserve that. For exposing the lying, divisive, obfuscating, agenda-pushing, war-promoting, Zionist-controlled, Amerikan War Dailies? Not at all.

The reason I offer the apologies are for the raging spew and profanities that I release during a long day of posting. I'm sorry, readers, but the unending stream of propaganda that arrives in my printed paper day after day just brings out the worst in me.

Let me tell you a little story about a guy I knew

The guy I'm talking about used to look forward to getting his morning papers. He used to purchase the New York Times and Boston Globe every day and meticulously outlined the stories he would cover, marking them with red and blue ink. While understanding the biases of the MSM, he still believed they did report events as they happened. There was no reason to doubt the truth of America's newspapers. Yes, there may have been some mistakes and omissions, but for the most part they did a decent job.

(For more on his journey see
A Lifetime of Lies Since 9/11)

After about a year of increasingly poor MSM coverage and exposure to the blogs, his commentaries became more and more strident. He couldn't believe the scale of lies he was seeing, not just on Iraq and 9/11, but on every single issue (the weather fer cryin' out loud). Such behavior led him to stop purchasing the New York Times. That was part of his New Year's resolution for 2008 and it stuck. The strange part is that he found himself visiting the New York Times website less and less.

He kept purchasing a Boston Globe in the belief that it added a certain perspective and kitsch to his blog, an on-the-ground report on the MSM from his home base; however, their agenda-pushing propaganda -- oddly(?), the New York Times owns the Boston Globe -- just got worse and worse and worse and continues to this day. I guess that's why newspapers are failing: when they can't even please their most faithful purchasers, what hope do they have? They shouldn't tell all those lies.

Anyhow, he decided to scrap purchases of the Boston Globe as his New Years's resolution for 2009. Unfortunately, that resolution did not sick. I think you know
who I'm talking about, readers.

Now back to the apology you are owed. It's for the colorful phrases and graphic language. I know how irritating and inflammatory changing the N in "newsmedia" to a J is. I know calling it the Jewpress is provocative; however, it has been my unfortunate experience after all these years to recognize that IT IS TRUE!! I didn't want this realization; during all the years I was unknowingly steeped and brainwashed by Zionist ideology I didn't have a clue. It is only the last few years where I have become all to painfully aware of whose interests are calling the shots. There is just too much evidence and more keeps coming in every day.

Therefore you get the raging tirades of anger! Sometimes I feel if I can project enough outrage into the karmic cosmos that this hulking, stinking, battleship called Earth will turn around. The fact is, the angry profanity is NOTHING MORE than a WOUNDED SOUL CRYING OUT in AGONY at the MISERY, SUFFERING, LOOTING, LYING and DEATH in this world!! The colorful embellishments are born out of PAIN, folks!!!

As for the false charges of racism and (alleged) anti-semitism, well, you aren't reading my blog. (Read the introduction to
this piece for more) The truth is, I RESPECT and LOVE ALL UNIQUE LIFE FORMS on this planet. EVERY SENTIENT BEING DESERVES RESPECT!! Sadly, the planet is being run by a bunch of lying, psychopathic, power-hungry, evil cretins that have no concern for anyone or anything else. Therefore, they get the well-deserved scorn and rage and will never receive empathy in these quarters -- because they do not deserve it.

I guess I should address my feelings regarding that stinking carcass known as Israel. The fact is, opposition to Zionism is not anti-semitism. Zionism is a POLITICAL PHILOSOPHY, not a religious one. This is the genius of the agenda-pushing Zionists: to equate Israel and Zionism as Judaism. I'll tell you that I used to believe in a two-state solution, but not anymore. Israel has simply stolen too much land in their 60-year mass-murdering, genocidal killing spree of terrorism. I'm sorry it's so unvarnished, readers, but that is the God's Honest Truth that I just typed. That's what is driving the rage, that criminal country and it's world mafia.

Well, I guess that's it. That's my exclusive apology to you, my readers and followers. I hope you can forgive some of the rants, and I hope you don't turn off because of them. Then again, I must consider the possibility that you like some of them. If that's the case, let me rain-check the apology, 'kay?

Good morning, readers, and thanks for making it through a rare essay.

Actually, when I read the commentaries over, they weren't that bad at all. Hardly ant swearing and only a couple joospresses. So what am I apologizing for?