Sunday, March 22, 2009

Occupation Iraq: Globe Protest Coverage

In a word: STINKS!!!!

In my paper

"Protesters mark sixth year of war

A throng of war protesters swelled yesterday as it marched across Memorial Bridge into Virginia to the offices of defense contractors to mark the sixth anniversary of the invasion of Iraq. With police in riot gear standing by, hundreds of demonstrators were met by a small group of counter-protesters as they crossed the bridge. Organizers from the ANSWER Coalition said more than 1,000 groups sponsored the protest to call for an end to the Iraq war (AP)."

Yup, it got a BURIED BRIEF is all.

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On the Globe's home page this morning (no longer featured, either. They took it down before you could see it since I copied and pasted it before 5 am this morning. Have I made my point about the Boston Globe, readers?)

"Protests in Washington, Calif. call for war's end" by Nafeesa Syeed, Associated Press Writer | March 21, 2009

WASHINGTON --Before war protesters ended their demonstration Saturday afternoon, several placed cardboard coffins in front of the offices of northern Virginia defense contractors such as KBR Inc. and Lockheed Martin Corp. as riot police stood by.

"Lockheed Martin you can't hide, we charge you with genocide!" they chanted as part of a demonstration that began in Washington to mark the sixth anniversary of the invasion of Iraq.

Arlington County, Va., police estimated there were 2,500 to 3,000 protesters and said no arrests were made. Organizers from the ANSWER Coalition said more than 1,000 groups sponsored the protest to call for an end to the Iraq war, and estimated that about 10,000 people participated. Carrying signs saying "We need jobs and schools, not war" and "Indict Bush," demonstrators beat drums and played trumpets as they marched from near the Lincoln Memorial past the Pentagon into Virginia.

Meanwhile, at a similar protest in San Francisco, tension grew after four or five dozen activists surrounded a group of riot-equipped police, throwing sticks and water bottles. Police responded by regrouping in riot formation and physically detaining several protesters who pushed and shoved with officers.

Always nice to have some government agent provocateurs on hand, isn't it?

Protest leaders shouted from the stage, urging police to leave. Barriers were quickly erected between police and protesters as an organizer urged calm and the activists started to disperse.

In Washington, protesters demanded that President Barack Obama immediately withdraw all U.S. troops from Iraq, saying thousands of Iraqis have died and thousands of American troops have been wounded or killed.

"We think it's especially important for this new administration to feel the pressure from people that we don't want more war," said Obama supporter Pat Halle, 59, of Baltimore.

BoldAnti-war activists said even though former President George W. Bush is out of power, they are disappointed with what they see as stalled action from Obama.

"Obama seems to be led somewhat by the bureaucracies. I want him to follow up on his promise to end the war," said 66-year-old Perry Parks of Rockingham, N.C., who said he served in the Army for nearly 30 years, including in Vietnam.

He's breaking every other one, so why do you think he'd be any different here?

Obama has said he plans to withdraw roughly 100,000 troops by summer 2010. He promises to pull the last of the U.S. troops by the end of 2011, in accordance with a deal Iraqis signed with Bush. There were about 138,000 troops in Iraq as of March 13.

In southern California, hundreds of protesters gathered in Hollywood. Among them were peace advocate Cindy Sheehan -- whose son was killed in Iraq -- Oscar-winning screenwriter Paul Haggis and Ron Kovic, a paralyzed Vietnam veteran whose story was chronicled in the book and film "Born on the Fourth of July."

Protesters in Los Angeles were expected to follow a rally with a march and then a symbolic "die in" where they would lie down in a major Hollywood Boulevard intersection to symbolize the soldiers who have died in the war. Protesters waved signs and sold bumper stickers and T-shirts commemorating the event.

I'm sick of the MSM insults, folks. This does it. NO MORE NEWSPAPERS!!! They have been LYING ABOUT IRAQ and INSULTING the ANTIWAR CROWD for SO LONG NOW. Look at them trying to say we are making money off it. That's just an insult from this piece of shit propaganda agent, and I've had it with them. I really have. We'll see how far I get on my posts today until I call it quits.

Denise Clendenning, 51, an environmental scientist from Chino Hills, Calif., said she hopes Obama will rethink his strategy to withdraw most of the troops from Iraq and Afghanistan and call all of them back instead. "We all have a lot of confidence in him," she said, holding two signs that read "Out of Iraq" and "End the War."


In Washington, U.S. Park Police said no arrests were made. However, there sometimes was commotion among activists. At one point during the demonstration in Virginia, some taunted police while others urged their fellow protesters not to bother authorities. Some protesters then began arguing among themselves.

You cabn SEE WHO ten PROVOCATEURS are, can't you? Yeah, we can spot them pretty easy now. And how about the subtle insult? Antiwars are all so disorganized -- as opposed to the well-oiled war machine and it's mouthpiece rectum here!!!!

This year, the protest in Washington was held on a weekend -- a few days after the March 19 anniversary of the war, which began in 2003. Last year's weekday protest was marked by lower turnout than in previous years.


And WHAT does the Globe lead with on Iraq today?


"As public moves on, local soldiers dig in; Guardsmen prepare for key role in Iraq pullout" by Brian MacQuarrie, Globe Staff | March 22, 2009

CAMP EDWARDS - .... Much of the United States already had consigned this protracted, draining, and controversial conflict to the rear-view mirror....

Oh, like the PEOPLE PROTESTING the ABOMINABLE WAR CRIME you shitbags keep lying about, Globe? They are un-fucking-believable!

From Pentagon brass, to field commanders, to citizen-soldiers like Rodriguez, hard work lies ahead despite a drumbeat of encouraging news about casualty rates and sectarian violence. Indeed, to them, the most important phase of the 6-year-old war might have just begun....

See: Slow Saturday Special: Iraqi Surge of Violence

Tired of the Boston Globe and its lies yet, readers?

Rodriguez's destination: the furnace-hot sands of mammoth Camp Bucca in southern Iraq, where 13,000 inmates are being held in the largest American-run detention facility in that war-scarred country.

Yeah, HOW OFTEN do our ONGOING TORTURE CHAMBERS get a mention, readers? And more than just one sentence stuck in a piece of propaganda.

The success of the mission at Camp Bucca could go far toward determining whether the American withdrawal is a success....

If we withdrawal. We've had that carrot out in front of our noses for years now; why should we believe the lying pussbags of the Boston Globe this time?

Although attacks on American forces have plummeted to their lowest levels since late 2003, and security gains are seen in nearly every corner of Iraq, a hatred for the United States could be concentrated in Camp Bucca like nowhere else in the country.

Gee, WHY would people HATE US when we've "liberated" them, you filthy shit rag? Are YOU tired of the BULLSHIT like me, readers? EVERY DAY with the SAME OLD HORSE SHIT!!

As a result, the 211th Military Police Battalion is heading to a corner of Iraq that contains the dangers, unpredictability, and day-to-day tensions that might no longer be evident to the American public at a time when the Pentagon is shifting attention to Afghanistan.

Yeah, NO THANKS to YOU or your SHIT COVERAGE, Globe!!! I'm sorry, but as far as newspapers go, you are ONE of the WORST and I am a fool for reading you.

But for a battalion that is preparing to run a military prison, a job for which most of its soldiers have no experience, the shooting drills and house-entering exercises might not be replicated at Camp Bucca. Instead, the never-ending battle for hearts and minds is receiving special attention.

I'm really getting disgusted and angry with all the horseshit, insults, and lies, folks. Can't do this much longer.

Soldiers are taking Arabic language instruction, learning to mingle with Iraqi role-players, and receiving crash courses in cultural awareness that range from how to treat Iraqi women to the differences between Shia and Sunni Islam....

Oh, they are doing that NOW, huh -- about SEVEN YEARS TOO LATE!! I thought we were LEAVING, so why do the soldiers need to know any of this now? Unless.... WE AIN'T EVER LEAVING!

I'll tell you one way you can win over Iraqis: STOP KILLING THEM and END the OCCUPATION!!! But you will never find that solution in the war-promoting joopress of AmeriKa -- which is why today is finis!!!!

Johnson did not hide his distaste for the degrading treatment of inmates at Abu Ghraib prison, where some detainees early in the war were subjected to sexual and physical abuse.

Notice how they never call it TORTURE?

Yeah, I'm tired of the joo word games!

When photos of those acts found their way to the outside world, the global perception of the American effort in Iraq suffered a devastating body blow.

Honestly, I'm tired of the false revisions and outright lies of the MSM.

The imperative for respect, however, does not diminish an awareness that danger lurks inside the wire surrounding Camp Bucca, Johnson said. Only about 10 percent of the soldiers have had correction-system experience, so the daily rhythm for most of the battalion will be a new one.

"In the beginning, it was about suppression, and now it's more about focusing on the future," said Lieutenant Veronica Mack, a 26-year-old anthropology graduate of Wellesley College.

I thought it was "liberation?" Sigh

For Mack and her comrades, the deployment will not be about taking the fight to enemy extremists in combat patrols; instead, their job will be about the unglamorous routines of maximum-security prison guards. But the stakes remain high, particularly for the families left behind who will face a year of daily worry and sleepless nights.

For which they have no experience or training.

As for the families left behind, you had your chances to shut this thing down and you continue to take part in an illegal and immoral war. There is no more sympathy for Americans here, not anymore.


For Specialist Peter Castillo, 20, a prison guard from Northampton, the prospect of helping reduce the American presence in Iraq holds immense appeal.

"Our mission isn't just to go over there and drive around fast and shoot stuff up," Castillo said. "Because we've prepared the people of Iraq for our withdrawal, I feel we'll be better able to build a friendship with them and show that the military is not just a force that goes around putting out fires."

No, they start them with invasions based on lies.

In Castillo's small home, where he lives with his parents and seven younger brothers, the pride in his military service is palpable. The same is true in the Rodriguez household in Lowell, where tears from his sister Rosaly over the deployment are mixed with a welling sense of family accomplishment.

Sig heil!

And now, after months of homelessness several years ago, Rodriguez has forged a new path and has a full-time job with the National Guard. At Camp Bucca, he will serve as Lieutenant Mack's driver.

The war will be different for Rodriguez, Mack, and all the others of the 211th Military Police Battalion. The American footprint will be shrinking, as will the attention of most Americans outside the immediate families of these soldiers.

Yeah, that's why there are PROTESTERS in the STREETS of OUR CITIES!!!! Of course, if you READ ONLY the Boston Globe you WOULD THINK THAT because of the AGENDA-PUSHING and CENSORSHIP!

But their objectives are important as these troops shoulder 12- to 15-hour shifts, day after day and month after month, in alien, inhospitable conditions.

I really don't give a shit about our soldiers anymore. Sorry, but they are tools of empire now who know exactly what they are doing. They know the occupation is built on damnable lies, yet they still salute and serve.

Johnson, the battalion commander, said the next year will be a watershed for the legacy of the war. "It's going to be a historic time, and often that doesn't become apparent for years," Johnson said. "I see it as critical as a military officer, and I see it as critical as an American citizen. It will have an impact on the national security of my country."

Translation: This guy has brought the lies hook, line, and sinker!