Sunday, March 1, 2009

The New Economic Gurus

Another great FRONT-PAGE SPECIAL from the AGENDA-PUSHING BULLSHITTERS at the Boston Globe.

I mean it, readers, this is it. I'm not paying for this shit every morning anymore.

"For psychics, financial future in the cards" by Brian MacQuarrie, Globe Staff | March 1, 2009

... Alex Palermo, owner of the Original Tremont Tearoom... culling a message from the astrological symbols and Hebrew letters contained in the cards....

Wherever there is a rip-off there's a Jew, huh?

In a business that has long catered to questions about romance and family, many psychics are finding that the recession is not only good for business, it has changed their business....

America, I am really losing faith in you. They say a fool and his money....

Rosemary McArthur, founder of the American Association of Psychics, a professional trade organization with more than 100 members, said 90 percent of her customers are now asking questions about their jobs and the economy.

"People want to know where they're going," said McArthur, known professionally as Rosemary the Celtic Lady....

I'll tell you where you are going for half that, America -- to the POOR HOUSE!!!!!

At $100 for a half-hour, McArthur's analysis and advice do not come cheap at a time when people are pinching pennies....

Is she a psychic or hooker? Actually, a hooker would cost less and do more for you.

"People are concerned about losing their homes because they're in dire financial straits," said McArthur, who is based in Colorado. Still, McArthur said, she does not sugarcoat what she sees.

"I'm known for being brutally honest, so don't call me if you don't want to hear the truth," cautioned McArthur, who said she receives direction from the spirit Joshua, an "ascended master" from biblical times.


Such conversations are spilling more and more into the realm of world and current events, as psychics are being asked questions about the future of global markets, mortgage interest rates, and when the recession will hit bottom. It's enough to make a psychic yearn for a business degree.

Ha-ha-ha-ha!! Their fucking attempts at humor are so lame.

Dee Bingham of Atkinson, N.H., who bills herself as a pragmatic "left-brain psychic," has not seen a big bump in business yet but welcomes the shift in questions.

"It's a relief from, 'When will he marry me?' " said Bingham, who charges $105 an hour. "I was always angered with the silly ladies who were living for love."

But you TOOK their MONEY, huh? Pffft!

Palermo, for one, said he does not shy away from questions that take him onto unfamiliar turf, but always offers a disclaimer when asked about whether to invest in a specific hedge fund, for example.

"I feel comfortable answering to the best of my ability, but I remind them that I'm not a stockbroker," Palermo said. "Sometimes I feel like the character Bones in 'Star Trek,' when he tells Captain Kirk, 'Damn it, Jim, I'm a doctor, not a magician!' "

I'm a charlatan, not a fortune teller!!!

As a result, Palermo's staff of six full-time psychics and six part-timers have huddled to discuss how to handle economic questions for which they have little or no expertise. The consensus, Palermo said, is to keep it simple, "answer honestly, but only answer if it will benefit the person."

Isn't that a FORM of LYING?

OMITTING THINGS -- especially BAD or TROUBLESOME information?

Yeah, it is. Sure you aren't a newspaper reporter, psychos?

In a corner of the office, tucked just inside the door, Sonia Medeiros offered soothing words of work-related comfort to a phone client. "These cards are very positive," said Medeiros, a Suffolk University student who has performed readings for three years. "It doesn't feel like you're going to lose your job."

That's what we call getting stroked.

Sometimes, however, the readings lead to some scorchingly tough love. One of the tearoom staffers, a soft-spoken psychic called Raymond, recounted such a session. "I just told one lady that her life would be destroyed and that she would go through three months of hell, but then the sun would shine on the shipwreck of her life," Raymond recalled with a smile....

Nice guy, huh? Yup, SOMEONE ELSES MISERY is worth a SMILE!!!!!

Despite the gloomy times, the psychics interviewed for this report say their card readings and other sources suggest the economy will rebound later this year.

"I tell people it's not going to be that bad, that it's going to be going up in the summer," McArthur predicted.

"Things will pick up in the spring and summer," Medeiros said.

"The general consensus is it'll get as bad as it's going to get in September, and then we'll start digging out," Palermo added....

Well, they can't do any worse then Wall Street and the government. They are wrong all the time.

Palermo acknowledged that psychics invite skepticism, some of which he called deserved because of charlatans and carnival-like practitioners.

Oh, you mean, LIKE YOU?

The city of Boston has strict rules governing the business, he said. Psychics, for example, cannot try to sell additional time to clients at the end of a session.... Psychics, however, do serve a need, Palermo suggested.


"I don't know if I would say what we do is important," he said. "But when you need answers you cannot find with your five senses, that's when you go to your sixth sense."

Even at $110 an hour, more people are apparently coming to think that's a pretty good deal in a very bad time.


I'm really disappointed in you, America. You are a land of idiots and are getting what you deserve.

"Americans flock to movies, seeking silver-screen lining; Box office sales surge in midst of recession" by Michael Cieply and Brooks Barnes, New York Times | March 1, 2009

LOS ANGELES - Hollywood could get used to this recession thing.

While much of the economy is teetering between bust and bailout, the movie industry has been startled by a box-office surge that has little precedent in the modern era. Suddenly it seems as if everyone is going to the movies, with ticket sales this year up 17.5 percent, to $1.7 billion, according to Media by Numbers, a box-office tracking company.

And yet they are getting TAX BREAKS and TAX GIVEAWAYS from my state.

See: Making Movies in Massachusetts

And it is not just because ticket prices are higher. Attendance has also jumped, by nearly 16 percent. If that pace continues through the year, it would amount to the biggest box-office surge in at least two decades.

Not by me. I haven't been to the movies in two years. The last good movie I saw was Sicko, and considering the dissing my favorite film took (probably because he's not Jewish), I will never pay for a ticket to a movie ever again.

Americans, for the moment, just want to hide in a very dark place, said Martin Kaplan, the director of the Norman Lear Center for the study of entertainment and society at the University of Southern California.

Yeah, HIDE in the DARK away from the LIGHT and TRUTH, America! I wish I could say that was the exception; however, it is the rule around here.

"It's not rocket science," he said. "People want to forget their troubles, and they want to be with other people."

In the DARK where you CAN'T TALK to anyone and are a SPECTATOR!

Americans, you are pathetic!!!!

You know, if I'm going to be in the dark with another person, I'd rather be having sex -- not watching a movie!

Helping feed the surge is the mix of movies, which have been more audience-friendly in recent months as the studios have tried to adjust after the lackluster sales of more somber and serious films.

Translation: Americans like crap.

As she stood in line at the 18-screen Bridge theater complex here on Thursday to buy weekend tickets for "Jonas Brothers: The 3D Concert Experience," Angel Hernandez was not thinking much about escaping reality. Instead, Hernandez, a Los Angeles parking lot attendant and mother of four young girls, was focused on one very specific reality: her wallet.

Even with the movie carrying a premium price of $15 because of its 3-D effects - children's tickets typically run $9 at the Bridge - Hernandez saw the experience as a bargain.

"Spending hundreds of dollars to take them to Disneyland is ridiculous right now," she said. "For $60 and some candy money I can still be a good mom and give them a little fun."

Oh, THAT'S WHAT being a GOOD MOM is, huh? Shoveling money at Holywood and CANDY into the KIDS!!!!

I've been typing it all day, readers, and I've had it. I'm not buying their stink-shit agenda-pushing paper tomorrow.


The film industry appears to have had a hand in its recent good luck. Over the last year or two, studios have released movies that are less depressing than what came before. After poor results for a spate of serious dramas built around the Middle East ("The Kingdom," "Lions for Lambs," "Rendition"), Hollywood got back to comedies like "Paul Blart: Mall Cop," a review-proof lark about an overstuffed security guard.

Translation: Americans DON'T LIKE WARS, especially when we have been LIED TO ABOUT THEM!!!!!!!!!! And we don't like STINK ELITE, AGENDA-PUSHING CRITICS, either!

"A bunch of movies have come along that don't make you think too much," said Marc Abraham, a producer whose next film is a remake of "The Thing."

That's ALREADY BEEN DONE!! So what, we get a THIRD REMAKE NOW?

Don't you guys have any NEW IDEAS out there?

Certainly exhibitors are looking for a profit lift in the downturn. A new report from Global Media Intelligence on Friday predicted that the fortunes of movie theater operators like Regal Entertainment and Cinemark Holdings would be "increasingly favorable against a backdrop of highly negative economic news."

I want the $300 milion in taxpayer hand-outs back.

Cinematic quality has little to do with it. The recent crop of Oscar nominees has fared poorly, for the most part, at the box office. Lighter fare has drawn the crowds....

Or maybe we just don't like what elite shitters like, huh?

"Watchmen," a dark superhero film, opens March 6 and is expected to do megawatt business. Movie theaters are adding 3 a.m. screenings for "Watchmen" next week, and advance sales.... have been strong.

That's nice. An APOCALYPSE FILM is going to be PROMOTED! Just the type of mindset the masses need.

So WHEN is the FALSE-FLAG TERROR ATTACK coming, Jewwood?


And then there is this (as if American minds are not already full of shit, let's stuff the body with some, too):

"Hot dog! This takes a bite out of winter; It's opening weekend at Southie foodstand" by Billy Baker, Globe Correspondent | March 1, 2009

Three-year-old Brennah Hynes (left), of South Boston, and her sister Millie, 2, enjoyed their hot dogs yesterday outside Sullivan's. The hot dog and burger shack, an institution in South Boston since 1951, serves its traditional ''snap dogs'' this time of year. (Photos by John Tlumacki/Globe Staff)

Now THAT'S a NICE HEALTHY SNACK for our kids, huh?

MAKE UP YOUR MIND, Globe!! You in the hot dog-promoting business or the healthful diet because our kids are obese class? And are those SODAS they are drinking?

You fucking frauds, and yeah, I typed the profanity today I'm so jacked up on the endless stream of bullshit appearing in these tired old pages. NO PURCHASE TOMORROW, and the Monitor may be going away for a while.

I'm absolutely sick of this rubbish constantly peddled by the agenda-pushing piece of shit! Tired of typing it, TIRED of READING IT, and DAMN SURE TIRED of going to their rotten web page. I'm MISSING the BLOGS and am FULL of MSM LIES, OBFUSCATIONS, OMISSIONS and GARBAGE to the point of ENDLESS OVERFLOW!!!

Anne Cleary has a hot dog policy, and she's very strict about it. Each year, she eats just one hot dog, and always at her sister's Fourth of July cookout. But this is not a typical year, she said.

The weather and the economy have been so miserable for so long that yesterday morning when she woke up in her West Quincy home, she decided she was going to break that policy for a 75-cent taste of spring.

Meanwhile, a SNOWSTORM is BARRELING DOWN on us!!!

Yup, SPRING is TWO WEEKS AWAY, but here the Globe is PROMOTING the AGENDA AGAIN with a FRONT of the SECTION shit piece!!!!

Cleary was one of hundreds who joined in what has become one of the earliest, and most beloved, spring rites in the city - the opening day of Sullivan's at Castle Island in South Boston.

Sully's, a hot dog and burger shack that has been a Southie institution since 1951, has a decades-old tradition of offering its signature "snap dogs" (named for the sound they make when you bit into them) for half price on opening weekend. This year, Brendan Sullivan, the third-generation owner of "Sully's," is extending that until Tuesday - with the economy and spirits so low, he thinks that, this year, a 75-cent hot dog is more than just a hot dog.

One look at the people queuing up in front of Sully's yesterday made it hard to argue with that.

At 1 p.m., more than a 150 people stood outside, in a line that stretched across the plaza and into the parking lot, where it made a left and snaked around the car where Cleary and her husband were safe and warm with their hot dogs.

"I couldn't help myself," Cleary said as she looked down at her half-eaten frankfurter. She did not look very guilty.

Why should she feel guilty, Globe? You elite shits pigger down as much as is your wont.

The sun was shining, but the cool ocean breeze was brisk enough to keep hats on and hoods up.

But it is almost spring!!!

"It's worth it," Jennifer Flynn, a 30-year-old Southie resident and opening day regular, said as she zipped up her coat and took her place at the end of the line. "I need a glimmer of spring."


As the line grew and grew and the hot dog orders kept piling up, Brendan Sullivan did something unthinkable. Sullivan's is famous for long lines that move fast, but they were overwhelmed and, just for a few minutes, Sullivan had to stop taking orders.

"It's only 40 degrees out there," Sullivan said as he gestured toward the queue.

Yeah, but it's SPRING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

"But the sun is out and people want to get out of the house. And they want their hot dogs."

They don't know what hot dogs are made of, do they?