Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Obama's SBD

That's for "silent but deadly," wow!!

You didn't hear it, but you sure can smell it!

(Ftr, I've had it with the fart-misters and there agenda-pushing bulls***! We are pushing record lows here today; for more go
here, scroll).

"Obama team counters GOP attacks on budget; Plan called key investment Republicans see broad cost hikes" by Lori Montgomery, Washington Post | March 4, 2009

WASHINGTON - .... High earners are not the only targets of Obama's budget proposal: His plan to raise $646 billion over the next decade by auctioning off pollution permits to industries that generate greenhouse gases would increase the cost of gasoline, electricity, and other forms of energy for every US consumer, regardless of income....


Gonna have CARBON BROKERS now even though it's impossible to measure.


White House budget director Peter Orszag and Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner, testifying separately before the House Budget Committee, both defended the proposal as a critical step toward reducing the effects of global warming.

Global what?

But some Democrats are worried about the effect of a cap-and-trade system and are urging that the money raised through permit auctions be returned to consumers. Some Democrats also joined Republicans in complaining about another tax provision: a proposal to reduce the value of itemized deductions for charitable contributions and other items for high-earning families.

Representative Shelley Berkley, Democrat of Nevada, called the proposal "a nonstarter," telling Geithner: "I'd like to think that people give out of the goodness of their hearts, but that tax deduction helps to loosen up their heartstrings."

Rather than government granting tax deductions to get richers to open their hearts(?), why don't we just scrap all those taxes, 'eh?

Outside the hearing, Berkley said the proposed tax increase was "the number one issue" on the minds of her constituents over the weekend. Reminded that the provision is intended to raise hundreds of billions of dollars to finance an expansion of health insurance coverage, Obama's top domestic priority, she said: "We can find another way."

Despite those and a few other contentious issues, Obama's budget request was generally well-received yesterday.... Republicans and Democrats praised Obama for delivering an honest assessment of the nation's finances that acknowledges that Congress will never permit the alternative minimum tax to collect billions of fresh dollars. Meanwhile, Obama's budget includes the projected cost of the Iraq war, a big-ticket item left off the books by former President George W. Bush....

Still paying for it though, right?


.... Flanked by Vice President Joe Biden and Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood, Obama said:

"The American public is grateful to public servants like you...."

What frikkin' planet is that guy living on? LaHood just proposed a tax-by-the-mile scheme, and the public is ready to revolt over all these looter giveaways and tax increases!

Seriously, 'bamer, you are JUST READING WHAT THEY PUT IN FRONT of YOU like BUSH, huh?

Later, the president went to the Interior Department, which is celebrating its 160th anniversary, but which is trying to recover from seamy allegations of corruption, sex, and drugs involving agency officials and lobbyists for the oil and gas industries.

Related: The Department of Partying

Obama told cheering Interior employees that their mission remains steadfast: to "defend the natural bounty of this country" and to further the welfare of Americans. "You have become the Department of America," he said.

Interior is now Immigration and Customs enforcement?

The Department of AmeriKa?!!!!!

Obama said that with so much of the nation's resources in public lands managed by the agency, it will play a key role in the clean energy initiatives he is pushing. "Your mission is more important than ever before," he said....

You know, those enviro-crunchy cult liars have HURT US with their LIES!

They BURNED OUR FOOD for ethanol and drove up hunger and starvation for starters.


He knows he dealt it, too!

Of course, all the farting is going to produce those GOOD JOBS (that went off-shore and overseas) I've heard so much about:

"Middle-class task force will focus on green jobs at first meeting" by Associated Press | February 26, 2009

WASHINGTON - Green jobs, where are they and how to get them, will be the focus when President Obama's task force on middle-class working families formally begins its work tomorrow in Philadelphia.

The panel, chaired by Vice President Joe Biden, will hear from experts on the potential to create and fill these jobs. The $787 billion economic stimulus bill Obama signed last week includes billions to help create such jobs as installing solar panels and building wind turbines, which also is part of his goal to nudge the country away from dependence on foreign oil.

It is Obama's belief that such jobs will help raise living standards for middle-class families, who didn't fare well before the current economic downturn set in and are now feeling pinched along with millions of other people who have lost their jobs and homes, and watched retirement and college savings disappear.

The panel's purpose is to recommend ways to boost the middle class. It also will evaluate new and existing policies to determine whether they are helping or hurting the middle class....

Green jobs, broadly defined as related to improving the environment, pay up to 20 percent more than other jobs, are more likely to be union jobs, and likelier held by men, less so by minorities and city dwellers, according to a draft report to be released at tomorrow's meeting at the University of Pennsylvania. Green jobs also are largely domestic jobs that cannot be shipped overseas.


Sounds good, right? Jobs that can't be shipped overseas and is improving the environment?

Except WHAT is to STOP BUSINESS from BRINGING the WORKERS HERE? How many more H1B VISAS are going to be REQUESTED?!!

C'mon, Amurka, GET YOUR HEAD OUT of THEIR ASS!!!!!!!