Sunday, March 22, 2009

Palin Pilloried For Doing Right Thing

I will tell you one thing: the more the joopress bashes her, the more I like her.

"Palin criticized for rejecting half of stimulus funds

are blasting Alaska Governor Sarah Palin for spurning nearly half of the economic stimulus money coming to her state, accusing her of putting national political ambitions ahead of her constituents.

Everyone thinks Democrats are better because they aren't as political. Well, there is ANOTHER LIE EXPOSED!! Being from Massachusetts, I see what scum liberal democrats are.

Hey, Democrats, what business is it of yours whether the REPUBLICAN GOVERNOR accepts wasted taxpayer loot?

Palin said Thursday she will accept 55 percent of the estimated $930 million, leaving it up to legislators whether to request the rest.

Oh, so she isn't really rejecting it, is she?

Hey, what's one more MSM distortion and lie, 'eh?