Sunday, March 15, 2009

Rich Elites Exercise Education-Bumping Privileges

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The Kennedy-Kerry Draft

"Economic collapse puts graduates on unforeseen paths; Enrollment in public service jobs rising sharply" by Tracy Jan, Globe Staff | March 14, 2009

As the economy collapsed last fall, so did the job prospects of thousands of college seniors, especially those who had set their sights on Wall Street. But after the initial panic, some students said they felt an odd relief.

Instead of going straight into a 100-hour-a-week job at an investment bank, they are pursuing less lucrative but potentially more satisfying opportunities in public service, enrolling in record numbers in the Peace Corps, AmeriCorps, and Teach for America. Other students seeking refuge from the recession are flocking to graduate schools, increasing competition for admission.

Which means the MIDDLE CLASS KID who USED TO GET THAT JOB will be doing WHAT? ENLIST?

At elite universities such as Harvard, where about half the graduating class would enter finance and consulting in years past, many students say they feel liberated to consider alternative career paths, crediting not only the tanking economy but also President Obama's call for public service....

"There's always that push to make money and be comfortable, but the financial crisis made me think that there's a lot more in life than going to get that corporate job," said Matthew Clair, a Harvard government major who will spend the next two years teaching at an Atlanta primary school. "It gave me a good excuse to take some more time off to do what I'm really passionate about."


Across the country and in nearly all fields, employers expect to hire 22 percent fewer graduates from the class of 2009 compared with last year, according to a recent survey by the National Association of Colleges and Employers. The drop is even worse in the Northeast, with a 39 percent decrease from last year.

Employers in the finance sector - traditionally a prime landing spot for college seniors, particularly in the Northeast - expect to have 71 percent fewer jobs to offer this year's graduates.... The surge toward public service is getting a boost from college leaders, including Harvard president Drew Faust. She recently named a committee to help steer students into such careers, options she said many would have pursued in the past if not for the lure of finance.

Yup, so the WALL STREET FUCKING of the American people CONTINUES on EVERY FRONT no matter how divorced it seems from the ripple!

"The path to Wall Street was so clearly defined, so if you weren't sure what direction to go, this direction was filled with signposts and rewards," Faust said in an interview. "But we are seeing two historic moments converge: this extraordinary financial crisis and this outpouring of interest in the public sphere."

Faust said she hopes to tap alumni connections and join with other colleges to set up a recruitment process for public service that mirrors the way the corporate world woos students....


Alea Stein, a Tufts University senior majoring in international relations and Chinese, said she had been planning to work for a large multinational corporation in Shanghai or Beijing. Now, she is considering applying to the Peace Corps to work in a rural village in China.

What, America not good enough for ya? We have villages that need rebuilding, too!!!! (I hate to say it, but Stein is a jewish name, isn't it? I mean, the paper proves my point for me, folks)

"As hard as the economy is and as upsetting as it is while looking for a job, in a way it's almost a relief because we don't have to face the same kind of job pressure that other students in a good economy face from their parents and everyone," Stein said.

The elite insults kind of get to me after a while, folks.

Peace Corps applications are up by 16 percent from last year, and applications to two graduate programs offered at dozens of US universities that offer academic credit for Peace Corps service have grown as well, said spokeswoman Laura Lartigue.


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Other students say the tough job market makes graduate school more appealing....

Nice to have THAT OPTION, too, huh, kids?

Shari Rabin (another Jew!), a senior at Boston University who is deciding between several top doctoral programs in religious studies, said she is grateful not to have to hunt for a job now....

Seriously, readers, can the insulting shit-shovel of the elite shitters at the BG get any worse? No wonder the Globe is going out of print.