Friday, March 6, 2009

Sri Lankan Slaughter Continues as World is Silent

Where is the U.N anyway?

What frikkin' good are they, other than a useful tool for USrael?

Btw, AmeriKa's MSM isn't much better.

: Sri Lanka: Case Study in MSM Propaganda

"Up to 200,000 trapped near battle; Civilians endure Sri Lanka strife" by Seth Mydans, New York Times | March 6, 2009

COLOMBO, Sri Lanka - As many as 200,000 civilians are trapped in a war zone in northern Sri Lanka, sleeping in the open or hiding in trenches as food, water and medical supplies run out and artillery shells explode among them, relief agencies said yesterday.

In what it calls a final assault to end a 25-year rebellion, the military says it has driven ethnic Tamil separatist fighters out of their strongholds and has squeezed them into a 10-square-mile pocket. Tens of thousands of civilians have taken refuge on a sandy spit of land between the ocean and a brackish lagoon, with a mined bridge preventing escape from one end and heavy fighting blocking the other, the relief workers said.

"They describe almost constant shelling, spending hours and hours in bunkers," said Annemarie Loof, head of mission in Sri Lanka of Doctors Without Borders, who talked to wounded civilians at a medical center outside the conflict area. Journalists and relief workers have been barred from the area, but witness reports and amateur video images portray a desperate and brutal battle from which there seems to be no refuge.

If you scoped out the link I provided above, you would be right to wonder what happened to the "war" soon being over. It's been a month already, government murderer!!!!

"They describe how they spend days on end in bunkers - indiscriminate shelling, people injured and dying around them, no time or space to bury the dead," Loof said. "The wounds we see are mostly conflict related: gunshot wounds and shrapnel wounds."

In other words, HELL!!!!

The shelling killed a Sri Lankan relief worker with the International Committee of the Red Cross as he was helping people look for shelter, a spokeswoman for the organization said Thursday.


The government rejects reports of shelling and puts the number of trapped civilians at 70,000. The numbers are impossible to verify, but independent estimates range from 150,000 to 200,000....

Here's why the government rejects criticism:

"There were no civilians killed. We are targeting the LTTE. We are not targeting any civilians so there can't be any civilians killed" -- Brigadier Udaya Nanayakkara, military spokesman


The rebels, known as the LTTE, for Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam, have been fighting for an independent homeland in northern Sri Lanka after decades of marginalization by Sri Lanka's Sinhalese majority.

I notice the RELIGIOUS COMPONENT of that particular battle is conspicuously omitted, especially considering what happened over in Pakistan the last few days.

Of course, anytime there is a Jew involved, the Zionist MSM is sure to highlight that aspect. Given that Mossad is active (and leaving its calling card) in Sri Lanka, we once again have a Jewish War Daily covering up NaZionist Israel's involvement and crimes.

After many failed assaults over the years, the government now says it is close to eliminating the rebels as a regular force, although analysts say guerrilla war and terrorist attacks are likely to continue.

With a Mossad card left at the scene.

More than 70,000 people have been killed since the war began in 1983, and tens of thousands have been wounded or displaced. --more--"

Again, the MSM (in this case, the Jew York Times) minimizes the genocide of Tamils as it minimizes the Muslim and Arab vitims of Israeli aggression.