Thursday, March 12, 2009

Sudan Being Set Up

See Sudan Shuts Down Israeli Weapons-Smuggling Site before reading the recent cover-story crap from the Zionist-controlled War Daily war promoter.

You now have context with which to read the Zionist propaganda that passes for newspapers here in AmeriKa.

"Sudan releases president's chief rival" by Associated Press | March 10, 2009

KHARTOUM, Sudan - .... Also yesterday, a spokesman for the joint United Nations-African Union peacekeeping force in Darfur said gunmen ambushed peacekeepers last night, wounding four. The attack was the first reported violence against peacekeepers since the arrest warrant for Bashir was issued last week.


And CUI BONO, 'eh?

Think I'm not seeing through the propaganda code words of the agenda-pushing MSM?

KHARTOUM, Sudan - The US Embassy in Sudan authorized nonessential staff and family to leave the country, saying yesterday that protests against the International Criminal Court's indictment of the Sudanese president increased the danger of anti-Western violence.

Sudan's government expelled aid groups from Darfur and has accused them of cooperating with the war crimes court, which President Omar al-Bashir has described as a new form of colonialism. The embassy said it has received information on terrorist threats aimed at American and European interests in Sudan. The embassy gave no details, but it has posted similar messages in recent years.


The United States and the UN have sharply criticized Sudan's decision to expel 13 of the largest Darfur aid groups in response to last week's ICC arrest warrant for Bashir charging him with war crimes in the war-ravaged western region. Bashir has rejected the charges and threatened to throw out diplomats and peacekeepers.

Put the shoe on our foot and imagine how the U.S. power structure would react if the U.N. accused Bush of war crimes. You get my point, right?

Yeah, I am tired of the double-standards and hypocrisy, especially when it comes to the West's African tools that they turn on.

The embassy message said nonessential personnel and family members could leave Sudan if they wanted, and it warned Americans to avoid traveling to Africa's largest country.

President Obama declared yesterday that the violence in Darfur and inaction in the face of its worsening humanitarian crisis are "not acceptable."


Obama said he wanted to send a strong and unified message with the UN to bring peace and security to the region. "We need to be able to get those humanitarian organizations back on the ground," Obama said.

What, no troops?


If Darfur was more than just a tool, the power structure and papers would be screeching about it.

As it is, it is just being used by the papers to offer an example of how they so care about the black African -- as they cover-up the Israeli weapons-smuggling ring in the region that is causing all the chaos.