Thursday, March 12, 2009

The Boston Globe's Sri Lankan S***-Shovel

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"Sri Lanka says 80 rebels found killed" by Associated Press | March 10, 2009

COLOMBO, Sri Lanka - Sri Lankan troops battling to capture the last town controlled by the Tamil Tiger rebels found the bodies of 80 guerrillas as fighting raged across the shrinking battlefront, the military said yesterday.

Translation: government-sponsored genocide of a people is taking place and the world is doing nothing (this item a brief in the paper).

Government forces suffered unspecified losses in the fighting near the northeastern town of Puthukkudiyiruppu, the army said in a statement. The government says the military is close to a victory over the Tamil Tigers that promises to end the South Asian island's 25-year-old civil war.

They have been saying that for two months.

Fighting north of Puthukkudiyiruppu flared over the weekend as the rebels mounted a wave of counterattacks against the government's offensive, the military said. The army said it found the bodies of 80 rebel fighters while searching the area. Those casualties brought the number of rebels reported killed in three days of fighting to at least 180.

Mossad helping the Tamils again?

The Defense Ministry said the corpses of dozens of rebels were seen floating in a coastal lagoon. Tamil Tiger officials could not be reached, and accounts of the fighting can't be verified independently because journalists are barred from the war zone. Sounds like Palestine, and yet even the MSM isn't beefing about the censorship.

Sort of let's the cat out the bag, 'eh, MSM?

A recent offensive has driven the Tamil Tigers from much of their de facto state across the north of the island and into a strip of coastal territory measuring less than 20 square miles.

Yeah, minimize the government annihilation and slaughter of a people as well as providing no context.


And before reading this next article you must see Sri Lanka: Case Study in MSM Propaganda

You will now note the obvious piece of (full-article) propaganda. No wonder the Boston Globe is going to be out of print in two years: who (other than fools like yours truly) would want to continue to read bullshit lies and crime syndicate cover stories?

"Suicide bomber in Sri Lanka kills 14 at religious procession" by Mark Magnier, Los Angeles Times | March 11, 2009

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan - A suicide bomber in Sri Lanka attacked a Muslim religious procession yesterday, killing at least 14 people and injuring more than three dozen, including a government minister, officials said.

Now WAIT A MINUTE!! The Hindu-Christian resistance (funny how that is OMITTED SO OFTEN in the MSM articles) is up against a BUDDHIST government and somehow the MUSLIMS are dragged into it?

CUI BONO, readers?!! HOW OBVIOUS CAN IT BE? And just how long have Muslims lived in the area? Please, don't tell me; it's CENTURIES, right? Intermarried and all? Yeah.

The army blamed the embattled Tamil Tiger separatist group, which for a quarter of a century has been fighting for a Tamil homeland in the northern part of the South Asia island nation.

That confirm the false-flag nature of the attack for me.

Tiger militants, formally known as the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam, or LTTE, are on their heels since government forces have encircled them in recent months in a small pocket of territory in the north along with tens of thousands of civilians.

Tamils suffering sold short just like Palestinians, Kurds, Africans, and all the other peoples of the planet under globalist/Zionist assault by my Zionist War Daily. This is why they are going down: they are either lying, obfuscating, or omitting the truth!

The militants have been concentrated into an area of about 23 square miles, according to Brigadier General Udaya Nanayakkara: "They're desperate."

But the bombing showed that the group could still launch an attack far from its traditional base in an area populated largely by majority Sinhalese.

Oh, the STENCH just FILLED UP the ROOM, readers!!

The PINNED DOWN "terrorists" STRUCK FAR FROM "home," huh? And if I took out the names, you would swear the article was about Iraq, wouldn't you?

By some accounts, the attacker was on a bicycle, then mixed in with the crowd before exploding what the army said was a vest. "The message they're trying to send is, `Whatever you do, we're still there,' " said Jean-Charles Bisard, a Paris-based expert on international terrorism.

Oh, this is so COOKIE-CUTTER!!! That's why I DON'T BELIEVE a WORD of my joo war daily when it comes to the WAR on "TERROR!!!!!"

The explosion occurred in the southern city of Akuressa during a celebration marking the anniversary of the prophet Muhammad's birth.

After each paragraph, the STINK of PROPAGANDA becomes EVEN GREATER!

"With the LTTE, there's no love lost for Muslims," said R. Hariharan, a retired colonel who headed intelligence for the Indian Peace-Keeping Force in Sri Lanka between 1987 and 1990.

Yeah, it SOUNDS GOOD except it is COVER STROY BULLSHIT once again HIDING the JOOISH HAND!!!!!!

Some 100,000 Muslims, many of whom had lived there for generations, were given 48 hours to leave Sri Lanka's northern Jafna peninsula many years ago when the Tigers first occupied the area.


Since they spoke Tamil, some of the displaced Muslims took jobs in army intelligence fighting against the separatists group. The Tigers, listed as a terror group by the United States and the European Union, have pioneered many tactics, some of which were later adopted by other militant groups around the world.

Oh, so the MUSLIMS are ONCE AGAIN STATE INTEL ASSETS (a.k.a. patsies), huh?


"The very first Tamil Tiger suicide attack was on July 5, 1987. He was equipped by Mossad. Thus, just as Menchim Begin invented the car bomb, Israelis invented suicide bombers."

The group has developed sophisticated financing methods during a quarter-century war with the government, which has left an estimated 70,000 people dead. It owned a fleet of commercial vessels and even maintained a small air force.


And the 70k dead (like Kurds, like Palestinains) are MOSTLY TAMILS!!!!

They also pioneered the use of suicide vests, which they employed to assassinate Indian Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi in 1990 as well as to kill several senior Sri Lankan officials. By some accounts, they have carried out more suicide bombings than Hamas, Islamic Jihad and Al Qaeda combined.

And we KNOW WHO SHOWED THEM how to do it!!!


And they refined their methods, experts said, by recruiting many female bombers and by adding a trigger mechanism that activated when the bomber's arms were raised - such as might happen if they came under police suspicion. This reportedly has resulted in their suicide bombers being captured alive less frequently than Palestinian counterparts, for example.



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No wonder they are going to be out of print in two years.