Monday, October 10, 2016

Monday Surprise

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Working way up and if you look to your left there.... and then down to your right:

"This is the harvest that tries the souls of cranberry farmers — one more example of the far-reaching consequences of this summer’s extreme drought...."

They keep saying that despite the steady rains we have been having every two-three days the last two-three weeks.  

"Matthew killed hundreds of people in Haiti, with the final death toll still unknown on Sunday. It plowed into the desperately poor country at 145 miles per hour last week. The fearsome storm then sideswiped hundreds of miles of the US coastline from Florida through Georgia and the Carolinas.

The eye of the hurricane stayed far enough offshore that the damage in many places along the coast was relatively modest, consisting mostly of flooded streets, flattened trees, and blown-down signs and awnings.

Elsewhere along the Atlantic coast, life was slowly returning to normal...."

Meaning they don't want to cover it anymore.

"Cholera grips Haiti in wake of Hurricane Matthew" by Joshua Partlow Washington Post  October 09, 2016

PORT-A-PIMENT, Haiti — Mile after mile of shoreline tourist towns and fishing villages have been reduced by Hurricane Matthew to a brutalized landscape of smashed homes, crumbled churches, broken trees, and toppled telephone poles.

The first two cargo planes of humanitarian aid from the United States arrived Saturday at Toussaint Louverture International Airport in the capital, Port-au-Prince, the AP said. Three more American planes are expected. But distribution remains a problem.

In some of villages, and especially in the more remote and inaccessible mountain towns above them, flooding and contaminated water have ignited an outbreak of cholera that is spreading rapidly, according to hospital staff, aid workers, and residents.

In the Port-a-Piment hospital, dozens of cholera patients spilled out of operating rooms into hallways and courtyards Sunday, mixing with relatives and harried volunteer staff. Children were crying and retching on the tile floor.

Babies were lying catatonic with dark circles under their eyes, sprawled on T-shirts and rags, while their parents held up their bags of intravenous fluids.

“Ninety to 95 percent of these patients have cholera — diarrhea, vomiting,” said Missole Antoine, the medical director at the hospital, standing amid the throng of patients. The hospital had no isolated ward for the highly contagious disease. “If everyone keeps coming here, we’ll all be contaminated.”

Staff from Doctors Without Borders were pitching in to help treat the crush of patients, including 45 new cholera cases Sunday morning. Four people have died at the hospital from the disease....

They “have no medicine?”


The cover for introducing cholera to Haiti is the Nepalese peacekeepers stationed at a United Nations base, but that ignores the decades where there was no cholera in Haiti despite similar conditions. 

Given the push for artificial intelligence and a machine-driven world by those driving the agenda, one wonders what the real motivations are behind the cholera outbreak in Haiti.

What is also noticed is the lack of NYT pieces in today's paper.

US forces increasing Iraq presence ahead of Mosul operation Thirteen years ago, Chase Snow’s father was among the American troops who moved into the Iraqi city of Mosul during the US-led invasion that toppled Saddam Hussein. Now Snow, a US Army specialist, is deployed in Iraq to help in the fight to retake the city from the Islamic State. 


Btw, add another charge to the war crimes docket from yesterday. 

(Meanwhile, the U.S. has consolidated its terrorists, 'er, refugees in Syria).

"Thousands in Yemen protest airstrike that killed 140" by Sudarsan Raghavan Washington Post   October 09, 2016

CAIRO — Thousands took to the streets of Yemen’s capital, Sana, on Sunday to protest a Saudi-led coalition airstrike that killed more than 140 people and injured hundreds a day earlier.

The Saudi military coalition, which receives US support, initially denied carrying out the air raid, which targeted a funeral attended by hundreds. But on Sunday it called the bombing ‘‘regrettable and painful’’ and pledged an investigation.

It added that American experts would join in the inquiry, and also expressed ‘‘its deepest condolences and support’’ to the families of the victims.

Not good enough, not anymore. 

The coalition, which is the only air power involved in the Yemen war, said its pilots ‘‘have clear instructions not to target populated areas and to avoid civilians.’’

The shift in the Saudi response came hours after a White House National Security Council spokesman said the Obama administration was ‘‘deeply disturbed’’ by the reports of the airstrike....

Meaning this is damage control for a public relations nightmare. The targeting of the "enemy" at a funeral.

I suspect this will be quickly forgotten after the furor dies down ma$$ media can start beating the war drums against Syria, Russia, China, and Iran again.


Or has Saudi done something wrong like turns towards Russia and China? Is that why this is the World lead today? It's not beyond the realm of possibility. Obama has already had Turkey turn on him while losing the Philippines.

Notice how Israel remains unmentioned in regards to any war crimes (as they lay off Russia for the day)?

Now to finish with the other thing on TV:

Candidates spar in nasty, personal debate Trump offered only a brief apology and instead launched a scorching attack on Hillary Clinton and her husband, the former president. Trump threatened to jail Clinton over her use of a private e-mail server, called her the devil, and accused Bill Clinton.

 I watched as much as I could stomach, which was about a combined total of about 2 minutes.

Trump didn't take my advice. He dodged the role model question that opened things up before being ambushed by Anderson Cooper regarding the tape. Locker room talk was not the way I would have handled it, but Cooper was trying to get him to admit to sexual assault and rape. Trump tried to turn it to the boilerplate that passes for issues these days before Clinton was thrown a softball that allowed her to play the women's card and declare the Donald unfit to serve.

Trump then turned on the attack when I went back (I changed channels very often during this time between the football and baseball games; seems like I could only stomach seconds before I needed to get off that debate). I saw Radditz mention the domination of the tape story and that millions on social media were paying attention before asking him if he was a changed man. He again failed to heed my advice. The whole thing turned into a sham in my eyes. The special prosecutor/jail thing is a good start, but it needs to be done by Democrats. Trump, as a Republican, needs to try and jail the Bush war criminals first. That's how you keep the thing nonpartisan (and is a good reason he can not be allowed to win in certain eyes, right?)

I have to say that the guy brings out an instant revulsion in me when I see him. Maybe it's the camera, maybe it's his presentation, perhaps he is not that way in private settings, but I don't think I could even meet with him. That's not to say I'm voting for Hillary. That won't be happening unless someone literally puts a gun to my head. That doesn't mean I'm voting Trump either. I really don't know what to do, and have never feared so much for the future. Trump is thin-skinned, no doubt, but when I stopped watching Clinton was going on about Russian aggression and the last thing I want right now is more wars (something my football buddy said yesterday when the conversation briefly slipped into that realm yesterday, much to my surprise).

Judging by the reaction of the TV media it looks like Trump "won." FOX was crowing about it this morning and Mika on MSNBC looked absolutely sick that the sex tape was dropped after the first 15 minutes, but it is time to shift away from such things."

Btw, blog roll is still having its glitches and problems as are the tools Blogger provides to work on them. Everything is slow and sluggish.


No surprises today. 

Donald Trump’s campaign still alive, but it’s increasingly isolated

That's the front-page lead and below it is some fluff regarding the most recent Clinton e-mail leak (does EW know about the subversion of her wing and the statements to banks behind closed doors?). It's all anti-Trump hatred with gender division at the top of the agenda. The whole narrative from the pre$$ regarding this election has become cartoonish, and certain names are not appearing in my print. I'd rather watch Springer, and what's with the lenient treatment regarding Billy Bush? The media protect their own (and the good names of certain dynastic political families whose paths often cross and whose secrets must be kept). Instead we get the celebrity takes on Trump and the rest -- as if we cared (who criticized/begged Israel?).

Speaking of war criminal nations....

"Missiles fired from rebel-held Yemen land near US destroyer" by Jon Gambrell Associated Press  October 10, 2016

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates — Two missiles fired from rebel-held territory in Yemen landed near an American destroyer in the Red Sea, the US Navy said Monday, the second such launch targeting ships in the crucial international waterway in recent days.

The missile launches Sunday came as a ballistic missile fired from Yemen apparently targeted a Saudi air base near the Muslim holy city of Mecca, the deepest strike yet into the kingdom by Shi’ite rebels and their allies.

The rebels fired another two missiles into the Saudi Jizan region along the border on Monday, wounding two foreigners who worked there, the local civil defense said in a statement.

Yemen’s Shi’ite rebels, known as Houthis, and their allies offered no reason for the launches, though they came after a Saudi-led airstrike targeting a funeral in Yemen’s capital killed more than 140 people and wounded 525 on Saturday.

The Houthis denying even firing!

In a statement, the Navy said no American sailors were wounded and no damage was caused to the USS Mason, an Arleigh Burke class of guided missile destroyer whose home port is Norfolk, Va.


I suppose they will call it the Gulf of Aden resolution for the history books. 

Btw, "the Bab el-Mandeb Strait serves as a gateway for oil tankers headed to Europe through the Suez Canal," so who benefits from this "aggression?"

Last week, an Emirati-leased Swift boat came under rocket fire near the same area and suffered serious damage. The United Arab Emirates described the vessel as carrying humanitarian aid and having a crew of civilians, while the Houthis called the boat a warship.

Analysts with the Washington Institute for Near East Policy suggested in a report that the Houthis may have targeted the Emirati ship with an Iranian anti-shipping cruise missile, based on purported video of the attack.


More Jewish war propaganda posing as expert analysis in my pre$$ -- and trying to get a war going against Iran!

Iran supports the Houthis, but denies arming them. Any Iranian involvement could exacerbate tensions with the United States following a series of tense naval encounters in the Persian Gulf in recent months.

Saudi state television aired a brief clip of what appeared to be a projectile that was said to have landed in Taif, in the ballistic missile attack. The video shows the flash of an explosion, followed by images of emergency vehicles.

Taif is home to Saudi Arabia’s King Fahd Air Base, which hosts US military personnel training the kingdom’s armed forces.

The Saudi military said the missile fired late Saturday night was intercepted and caused no damage. The US military’s Central Command, which oversees troops in the Middle East, did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Al-Masirah, a Houthi-run satellite news channel, identified the missile as a local variant of a Soviet-era Scud. The Houthis have fired a series of ballistic missiles in Saudi Arabia since a kingdom-led coalition of Arab countries launched an offensive against them in Yemen in March 2015. Most of those ballistic missiles have hit areas far closer to Saudi Arabia’s border with Yemen.

In the Taif attack, however, the missile struck a target more than 325 miles from the border. Taif also is just outside of Mecca, which is home to the cube-shaped Kaaba that all of the world’s Muslims pray toward.

Setting the stage for a false flag and destruction of that monument that would roil the Muslim world and pit Sunnis versus Shi'ites? Who benefits from that?

The Saudi military said it earlier intercepted another ballistic missile fired Sunday on the Yemeni city of Marib.

The Houthis gave no reason for their targeting of Taif, but it comes after a Saudi-led airstrike Saturday targeting the funeral in Yemen’s capital, Sana.

On Sunday, thousands marched through the streets of Sana to protest the strike, one of the deadliest single attacks in the impoverished Arab country’s relentless civil war.

At the United Nations on Monday, Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon urged the UN Human Rights Council to establish an independent body to investigate rights abuses and other violations in Yemen, especially following last weekend’s ‘‘horrendous attack’’ on the funeral....

That's it regarding the Saudi war crimes. Two lousy paragraphs. 

The "attack" on the US destroyers sure shifted attention, huh?


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It's New York Times rot and not worth your time.

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Don't they deserve such a fate for their stand on transgender bathrooms?

Well, I guess I'm back up and running in one form or fashion.

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