Saturday, September 14, 2019

Slow Saturday Special: What If....

What if....

the Bahamas are hit with another hurricane?

the Russians are the peacemakers?

the children weren't vaccinated?

the Sacklers sold Zantac?

the gas company went bankrupt?

the Chinese backed down?

the Red Sox were better than the Patriots?

the offices were orange?

there were fires in Brazil?

France and not England built the empire upon which the sun never set?

Trump was never elected president?

Beto O’Rourke is?

the Catholic Church pedophilia scandal was never exposed?

there were no Amazon, Apple, Facebook, or Google?

walking were more dangerous than swimming?

9/11 never happened?

there were not a ginger-haired elephant in the room with a squad full of women?

Bo$ton bickered over pot?

it wasn't a movie?

the soul-searching had nothing to do with Israeli spying, and would it matter to Palestinians?

Biden had run in 2016 instead?

I stop blogging about the Bo$ton Globe?



What if.....

all schools were equal?

money weren't a minefield for universities?

whales were royalty?

the Bahamas dodged a bullet?

bin Laden was impotent?

France had a 9/11?

smoking were illegal?

Italy had been a military power and Germany had defeated Britain?

Walsh has problems with the State Police?

the Democratic Senate primary was at the center of attention at the state convention?

illegal immigrants had drivers licenses?

movies suck?

I am out of Ideas and have no opinion?

it is time to go back to work?

it is time to retire?