Monday, May 17, 2021

Meeting You HalfMay

I haven't wanted to post and likely won't post afterwards since I'm sick of the endless streams of lies and distortions and no longer wish to post or link to the noxious Party propaganda that is the spewed by the Bo$ton Globe -- among other things.

For the last month or so, nearly half the printed copy is missing from the alleged web version with stuff in it's place that I never see in print or see a day later. It's a subtle form of censorship akin to having me chase a rabbit, and I got sick of that. If the mission was to get me to stop blogging regarding the regurgitated garbage that spews forth from them, then mission accomplished. It's not like anyone out there is really missing anything given what absolute rubbish I read in the morning.

Anyhow, the surprising (or not) A1 lead today is the most recent round of Israeli slaughter in Gaza in between the war-criminal sieges that were darn near invisible all these years -- immediately raising my suspicion levels regarding what is really going on behind the scenes. AP has its butt in a snit on page A7 because it personally felt the blows from Israel and is now reporting a new series of heavy airstrikes being unleashed by Israeli warplanes with the New York Times accusing Israel of war crimes and mounting calls for a cease-fire.

The current round traces back to Netanyahu's inability to form a government yet again and just after the opposition was given a chance, and what it looks like to me is Netanyahu falling for the bait leading to his ultimate removal. That's the tone and tenor from the globali$t faction that controls the pre$$ -- as opposed to the weakened nationali$t and Zioni$t faction personified by Patron Saint Sheldon Adelson. They are literally waving it in your face through the rockets' red glare and the widening unrest across Israel.

Such things would seem to call for a ground invasion as the chaos in Israeli streets spirals out of control and Palestinians assessed the damage caused by the Israeli air strikes. The New York Times said, and I quote, "there is a widening sense of mayhem in Israel as airstrikes in Gaza have brought mass evacuations and funerals and an accumulation of perceived injustices by Israel in recent weeks such as expulsions and police raids on the mosque." 

Yes, the injustices are mere perceptions and I must admit, the whole thing has the feel of a color-coup revolution given the pre$$ attention, does it not?

The confirmation comes yesterday when AP got the Hamas treatment. Now there is tension in the Democratic Party as AIPAC loses its grip after years of silence from the pre$$.

So why now, 'eh?

Why is the pre$$ finally covering the “Squad” squawking about home demolitions and the throngs of demonstrators rallying in support of Palestinians and demanding an end to US aid to Israel?

The whole thing is collapsing in on itself over there, and the writing is on the wall: nationalist leaders kill kids (he's the last macawan, folks) and must be removed, one way or another. It's not like the New York Times is shining the light of truth on the regime change operation in Syria as the war on Iran is shelved -- for now, at least.

That in no way justifies the repugnant Zioni$t regime or approve of the whitewashed war criminal cabinet that will replace the current crop of criminals, either. It's simply a deeper look at the intramural dynamics possibly taking place amongst ruling cla$$ cretins.

Speaking of them, it looks like the emperor has no clothes if the latest expose from the New York Times is any indication ( and why does Melinda now look like a man, btw?).

My suspicion is he is a sacrificial wolf to placate the sheeple while the project continues, even though the CVD operation has become a complete farce. The masks are quickly being removed as the basis for passports or paperz are being quickly established (you are on the honor system until then) as the data suggests we achieved herd immunity before the vaccines were rolled out because we already had it from past seasonal colds and flus.

That's why the war with China must get moving (who allows the enemy to be in charge of the transportation and power sector while shipping them food?), in case you missed it, or is that simply another excuse for the bloated bureaucracy of political patronage that passes for $tate government?

Maybe Biden can pull a rabbit out of the hat if the rockets start flying and as China’s population is growing at its slowest pace in decades, with a plunge in births and a graying workforce presenting the Communist Party with one of its gravest social and economic challenges. Figures from a census released Tuesday show that China faces a demographic crisis that could stunt growth in the world’s second-largest economy. It has long relied on a fast-growing and ambitious workforce to run its factories and achieve Beijing’s dreams of building a global superpower and industrial giant. An aging, slow-growing population threatens that dynamic. China’s aging-related challenges are similar to that of developed countries like the United States, but its households live on much lower incomes on average than in the United States and elsewhere. In other words, the country is growing old without first having grown rich -- never mind the head count(?) around here!

That's what must be behind the repositioning out of Afghanistan as China and the UN fill the vacuum and we abandon the women and give refuge to collaborators with the occupation (a by-product of all wars).

The truth is, I have been losing my appetite for the Globe for a long time now and am sick of drowning in the morass of misinformation and distraction as the schools open up. I'm sick of digging around in literal horse shit that prepares you for culling and will leave you snowed under and dead. They have laid down a marker on the secret genocide they are dumping on us.

That's why the churning drama that is politics means nothing to me right now and why I am not going to waste time becoming unhinged about the massive electoral fraud the pre$$ is playing down and ignoring, yawn. They are different sides of the same coin and beholden to those can not criticize and who they side with (hint: was the lead story of the day).

Well, time to bring this post to a close even as India’s tragedy reverberates around the world, a stark reminder that what’s happening in India could happen elsewhere as the pandemic turns back the clock on women’s empowerment. Every one of us needs to help and the response in the coming days is essential to the 1.4 billion people who live there.

When it comes to the Globe, Black is White and White is Black, so forget about it and move forward. You need to graduate past the trauma, put history behind you, and find a comfort zone; otherwise, you will be toast just like the Globe.

It's a literal ball-scratcher, and the mother-f**kers at the Globe can go to hell. I'm sure there is plenty of room for them in their enclave that is the solution on the precipice of change, but someone needs to tell them their breath stinks.

So what gives, Janelle, do you have a contract or not?

Not that it matters because at this point in the attempted Swine Flu genocide of 1976, the pre$$ had reported the 50 or so deaths and thousands of adverse effects and reactions and the government shut down the program. Now the pre$$ is a willful criminal collaborator in the CVD lie and genocide along with an active agenda-pushing agent regarding the Great Re$et, etc.

May we meet again, readers -- but don't count on it. My mental frame of mind and outlook is much improved when I don't blog about a Globe and rather enjoy the bountiful nature and wildlife that is just outside my door and all around me.