Sunday, March 1, 2009

Boston Bus Ride

Yup, you try to do the right thing, the thing the fart-misters tell, and you are F***ED ANYWAY!!

Have you ever been put on a rail, Bostonian!

"Slice of the transit dream fractured by schedule changes" by Noah Bierman, Globe Staff | March 1, 2009

For 15 years, Barbara Fitzgerald has walked two blocks from her home to the North Wilmington train station, taken the train for about 40 minutes, then walked comfortably to her job as a legal secretary at a downtown law office.

This is just the kind of transit-oriented lifestyle that environmentalists, enemies of traffic congestion, and transit advocates dream about. But this particular slice of the transit dream is over for Fitzgerald, or at least fractured.

I can't read this stuff anymore. BUT, STILL, IF, COULD BE, MAY BE... all GUESSES and BULLSHIT!!!!!!!!!

The MBTA changed the schedule a couple of weeks ago so the train no longer stops at North Wilmington during morning rush hour. A train comes at 6:43 a.m. and another at 9:37 a.m. - but nothing in between.

She and fellow travelers - some of whom moved to the area because of convenient train service - have been writing to officials, but have not prevailed on anyone to reexamine the schedule, she said. North Wilmington is one of the few commuter rail stations with nearby free parking.

"Nobody's listening to us," she said. "We're stunned."

I'm not. Government didn't listen to you? Your kidding!


And they are going to RAISE TAXES, too, huh?


Of course, STINK RICHER ELITES -- like those at the Globe -- don't have to worry about taking the bus.