Friday, March 27, 2009

Europeans Don't Eat S***!

So unlike Americans.

"Economy fuels fury in Europe; Vandalism, clashes as thousands lose jobs, pensions" by Julia Werdigier and Matthew Saltmarsh, International Herald Tribune | March 26, 2009

Workers demanding better severance packages surrounded the office of the director of 3M's French operations yesterday.
Workers demanding better severance packages surrounded the office of the director of 3M's French operations yesterday. (Michel Euler/ Associated Press)

French Show Americans How to Protest

Turning Back Globalism

LONDON - Tempers are flaring across Europe as the economic pain deepens and more people lose their jobs.

Just ask Fred Goodwin, the former chief executive of the ailing Royal Bank of Scotland, whose house and car were vandalized yesterday morning. Or Luc Rousselet, the manager of a 3M factory in France, who was barricaded in an office for a second day by workers demanding better severance packages for 110 employees being laid off.

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And they are the lucky ones!

Maybe THIS would help!

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While such instances are scattered so far, the angry mood threatens to overshadow the Group of 20 summit meeting in London next week, where world leaders hope to find approaches to the financial crisis.

Oh, that's why this made the paper.

Several protests are planned in the City, the financial center of London, and the police are warning financial institutions to beef up security, to cancel unnecessary meetings and to keep employees inside. Bankers are being advised to wear "casual clothing" so as not to attract attention.

A nationwide strike in France last week, which drew at least 1.2 million people, went off peacefully.

That's because there were NO GOVERNMENT PROVOCATEURS at that one!!!

But the government remains worried about an outbreak of violence similar to that seen last month in Guadeloupe, a French overseas department, and in Greece in December.

Oh, so that's why it got a one-and-only mention, huh?

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The sense of frustration among those who lost their jobs or savings or a large part of the value of their pension funds is fueled by reports of executives at ailing firms continuing to reap large rewards, as the outrage in the United States over bonuses paid at the insurance giant American International Group demonstrate.

In Scotland, vandals smashed at least three windows on the ground floor of Goodwin's house in an affluent suburb of Edinburgh and damaged a black Mercedes S600 parked in the driveway.

In a speech this week, President Nicolas Sarkozy of France called on everyone to return to their "values." He criticized both the business community as well as those who chose "intimidation" and "threaten the security of property and people."

Of course, when the NATION of ISRAEL does it, we don't hear anything but applause from Niko!