Sunday, March 8, 2009

The Peppering of Pakistan

As opposed to the post immediately below, I get a daily diet of war propaganda and preparation for the war-promoting Zionist War Daily I call a Sunday paper.

: Preparing Pakistan For Occupation

Of course, Pakistan has its own cholera and refugee issues, no thanks to the U.S.:

The Greatest Refugee Crisis You Never Heard Of


"Bombs kill 15 in Pakistan; US drone reported crashed" by Associated Press | March 8, 2009

ISLAMABAD - Three bombings killed 15 people in northwestern Pakistan yesterday, while authorities investigated reports that a pilotless US drone crashed elsewhere in the militant-plagued region bordering Afghanistan.


Yup, AS SOON as there is a TRUCE in the area, the "Al-CIA-Duh" suiciders come out of the woodwork!!!

See: Sunni Suicider Shows Up Just in Time as Obama Widens Covert CIA War in Pakistan


The bombings, occurring days after gunmen attacked Sri Lanka's visiting cricket team, were a fresh reminder of the militant threat in Pakistan, where Western leaders worry that a growing political feud could distract the government from tackling the extremists head on.

Al Qaeda and Taliban fighters are believed to use pockets of Pakistan's northwest as bases to plan attacks on US and NATO forces in Afghanistan. The United States has used drones to fire missile strikes against militants in the area....

Translation: We are bombing indigenous people who don't prefer the terror of foreign occupiers based on unholy lies. That's what it kind of amounts to when you boil it all down. Kinda sick of the unending wars and the killing of people who never did anything to us to advance some horseshit plot for world domination, too. Find it most distasteful.

Did you know that the Boston Globe Knows About "Al-CIA-Duh," reader?

Yesterday's reports of a drone crash came from Angoor Ada village in South Waziristan, a tribal region where the main Pakistani Taliban leader, Baitullah Mehsud, is based....

One wonders if it was shot down since the ofuscatory and omitting MSM wouldn't tell us if it were. You'd have to go the neglected (lately in my case) blogs to find out (over to the right here)! Go here and here for more on how Mehsud is in fact an 'Al-CIA-Duh" asset.

The United States rarely discusses the missile operations, and the drones are believed to be CIA-operated. Militants have staged numerous attacks against Pakistani security forces in recent years, but one yesterday - a car bombing - was unusual in that a body was used to lure police, officials said.

Meanwhile, a roadside bomb killed three civilians and wounded four troops yesterday in the town of Darra Adam Khel. --more--"

And the missiles we are unleashing upon a helpless population running around with guns and grenade-launchers? The civilians -- men, women, and children -- under those firebombs by air mail?

Can you begin to see why I'm sick and tired of unceasing and unending lies of war promotion? Understand my attitude now?