Friday, March 6, 2009

Weathering the Boston Globe Business Lies

Not for much longer.

The Boston Globe's Marathon of Lies

Of course, the day I stop buying them is the day the posts go way down -- if I can get to them at all. This daily exercise in lie and obfuscation consumption is maddening.

"Some retail sales encouraging; Wal-Mart, TJX top estimates" by Bloomberg News | March 6, 2009

I love deceptive headlines, don't you?

NEW YORK - Wal-Mart Stores Inc., TJX Cos., and Aeropostale Inc. reported better February sales than anticipated as spring merchandise drew bargain-hungry shoppers back to stores.

Sales at US stores open at least a year rose 5.1 percent at Wal-Mart, the world's largest retailer said yesterday. That outpaced its quarterly forecast of 1 to 3 percent growth. Aeropostale reported an 11 percent rise, higher than the 6.9 percent estimate in a survey by Retail Metrics Inc. Sales at Framingham, Mass.-based TJX, which runs the TJ Maxx chain, were unchanged, better than an estimated 2.1 percent drop.

While new spring inventory and warmer weather brought more people out to shop than the previous month, most retailers still posted sales declines....

Sigh: Snowblind to the Boston Globe



Cheaper gasoline has had more shoppers driving to Wal-Mart, where they're buying food, televisions, and other products for entertaining at home, said Eduardo Castro-Wright, the Bentonville, Ark. retailer's head of US stores.

"You've got a trend toward financial responsibility," Castro-Wright said in an interview Feb. 26. "It's almost like a significant percentage of consumers realize that they might have been living beyond their real means."


Wal-Mart raised its annual dividend.... --more--"

Well, I'm glad someone is doing well in this s*** economy because I SURE AIN'T!

And it looks like I'm not alone, either.

.... The state's declining employment comes against the backdrop of a deteriorating national economy. Concerns about the survival of financial giant Citigroup and automaker General Motors Corp. sparked another deep sell-off on Wall Street yesterday. The Dow Jones industrial average, now at 1997 levels, plunged 281.40 to 6,594.44....

But SALES WERE UP, etc, etc?

Aren't YOU TIRED of the AGENDA-PUSHING LIES and BULLSHIT, readers (forget me)?!!!!!

In Massachusetts, annual revisions to employment data, also released yesterday, showed the recession here started earlier and cost more jobs than first estimated. The state revises data each year based on information that becomes available after initial estimates are reported....

Oh, GOVERNMENT LIED AGAIN!!! Imagine my shock.

Mike Lynch, regional economist at IHS Global Insight in Lexington, said deteriorating national conditions have undermined the technology, scientific, and business-service firms that supported the Massachusetts economy early last year....

The professional and business-services sector, which includes consulting, technical, and scientific firms as well as lawyers and accountants, led Massachusetts job losses in January, shedding 3,600 jobs. Over the past year, the sector has lost more than 20,000 jobs, or about 4 percent of employment.

Construction, however, has been hardest hit in the downturn, shedding 2,200 jobs in January, bringing the total jobs it lost over the past year to 16,000, or about 12 percent of employment. Overall employment in the state has declined about 2 percent. Among other major sectors, manufacturers cut 1,800 jobs in January. Financial services cut 1,200. State and local governments cut 1,000.

You gotta love the elitism, right?

Yeah, all the stank-stink elites are first out the shi***er paper's mouth, then they turn to the average guy getting a butt-whipping!

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Stimulating Lawyers

On the other hand, education and health services, which includes hospitals and universities, added 1,600 jobs. Retailers ended four consecutive months of job losses, adding 3,300 jobs in January. --more--"

Ya see? Everything is great here in Massachusetts.

As for me, it's been two years. I'm almost out of money and have stopped looking for work. There is nothing in the paper, and no jobs around here save for swabbing toilets. And here I am wasting a dollar on this garbage piece of lies.

Wanna see the workers the agenda-pushing Globe cares about?

"Nervous employers turn to ID check for workers" by Maria Sacchetti, Globe Staff | March 6, 2009

A federal system that lets employers check the legal status of their workers is soaring in popularity across the country, growing by 1,000 companies a week, fueled by anxiety over workplace raids and uncertainty over the future of the nation's illegal immigrants.


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Leading the trend are Arizona and Mississippi, which have made the system mandatory for all employers, and 10 other states that require it for state agencies and contractors. But the system is also ballooning in states where it is optional, such as California, Texas, and Massachusetts.

In Massachusetts, enrollment quadrupled to 1,712 businesses over the past three years, from Boston's exclusive Algonquin Club to the Papa Gino's restaurant chain to the law firm Ropes & Gray, according to a list provided by the federal government. Individual employers and private households may also use the system: Ann Romney, wife of former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney, signed up last year after a Globe investigation found that the family had twice hired a landscaping company that used unauthorized workers.

Known as E-Verify, the system is up for renewal in Congress and igniting debate across the United States. Federal officials are waging a publicity campaign to turn the once-obscure service into a household name, while advocates for immigrants say it contains erroneous information that could lead to some workers being unfairly denied jobs. But employers, rattled as business owners are going to jail and paying million-dollar fines for hiring illegal workers, say the system offers peace of mind....

Congress established E-Verify, a partnership between the Department of Homeland Security and the Social Security Administration, in 1996 as a pilot program for a handful of states.

And it will now be WITH US FOREVER!!!!


Of course, if they just SEALED the BORDER (Israel has a wall and no one says it's ineffectual) then WE WOULDN'T HAVE TO PAY FOR ALL THIS, would we, taxpayers?

Of course, the BENEFITS to the GLOBALIST AGENDA-PUSHERS and AmeriKan enforcers of tyranny have nothing to do with it, right($$$$)?

But the system expanded significantly in 2007, amid national debate over illegal immigration, and government officials predict that it will become even more widespread if Congress legalizes the 11 million illegal immigrants in the United States.

They are going to do that even though the American people are staunchly opposed to amnesty. That's AmeriKan democracy, all right!! Need some rope and some lamposts, people!

All federal agencies began using E-Verify in 2007, including the office of Barack Obama when he was a US senator, and it will be required of all federal contractors starting in May.

E-Verify works like this: Companies and individual employers must first enroll in the free system, pass a tutorial, and sign a memorandum of understanding with the government. Then they enter all new employees' Social Security numbers and other information into an Internet program to verify their identities. The system searches federal databases and typically confirms the worker within seconds.

An unconfirmed employee has eight days to appeal. Companies can use the system for new hires only, under the rules, and do not automatically flag rejected workers for deportation because it is not used for enforcement. Some employers are forced to use E-Verify - Rhode Island mandates it for state agencies - while others sign up voluntarily. Still other companies have signed up after something went wrong.

Eagle Industries started using the service in New Bedford after buying Michael Bianco Inc., the leather-goods factory raided by immigration agents two years ago. Former Bianco owner Francesco Insolia was recently sentenced to a year in prison and a $1 million fine.

Why does the Globe leave out that the "workers sewed backpacks for the military?"


Hey, what's ONE MORE OMISSION, right? Paper is full of them.

Dunkin' Donuts made use of E-Verify mandatory for all stores in 2006 after a Connecticut franchise holder, Jose Calhelha, was arrested and charged with illegally hiring Portuguese workers. He was later sentenced to 10 months in prison, two years of probation, and a $1 million fine.

Business executives say the system is working overall, even as some grumble that it is time-consuming to learn and that problems can be costly to fix.


The Winchester Country Club, which has a long history of hiring seasonal landscapers from Honduras to groom the golf course, signed up last summer to improve hiring practices. Club officials immediately noticed that some of their best workers did not reapply.

"We don't intentionally hire illegal workers," said club general manager Paul Lazar. "Obviously, the reality is there's some really good people out there in the workforce and we'd love to be able to hire them. They show up every day and try to do a good job, and they don't sit around and try to call their girlfriends on their cellphones."

Yeah, you OVER-PRIVILEGED, SHIT-FUCK little American kid!!

That's why YOU HAVE to JOIN the MILITARY!!

Because the ILLEGAL will EAT BOSS SHIT and STAY QUIET (and take less pay)!!

What a bunch of LAZY LITTLE FUCKS you AMERICAN KIDS are, talking on the phone to your girl!!!

Have YOU had enough of the INSULTS from the BOSTON GLOBE, kiddos?

You know, the SHIT PAPER that PRETENDS to CARE ABOUT YOU but will tell LIES so you will GO TO WAR for ZIONIST Iz-ray-HELL!!!!!

Critics of the service are anxious about E-Verify's rapid expansion. They say the existing databases contain inaccurate and sometimes fraudulent information. And they caution that enrolling in the system is no guarantee against immigration raids: The Swift & Co. meat packing company was enrolled in E-Verify when federal agents raided several plants in 2006 and arrested more than 1,200 people.

In addition, they say, legitimate workers are unfairly rejected because companies are wrongly screening them before they are hired, without giving them a chance to solve the problem.

"We think that an expansion of E-Verify without immigration reform makes no sense whatsoever," said Ali Noorani, executive director of the National Immigration Forum in Washington. "We're not fixing the problem."

Okay, well, the PRO-ILLEGALS LOBBY sure has had a VOICE in this article?


Government officials say they have boosted resources to significantly reduce errors. Last year, 3.9 percent of queries did not match, which is similar to the roughly 5 percent of the workforce that is estimated to be here illegally. Only 0.4 percent of those who were rejected had the finding overturned and were declared authorized to work.

"The system is working," said Kathy Lotspeich, deputy chief of verification for US Citizenship and Immigration Services, the Department of Homeland Security agency that operates E-Verify. "We rarely get criticism from people who actually use the program."

No, it is ONLY FROM AGENDA-PUSHING SHITTERS like the elite globalist crowd!


The use of E-Verify is still tiny relative to the general workforce. Less than 2 percent of the nation's companies are enrolled, but more states and companies are considering using the service.

"Let's face it, the vast majority of employers want to do the right thing," said lawyer Susan Cohen of the Boston law firm Mintz, Levin, Cohn, Ferris, Glovsky, and Popeo, which advises companies on the issue.

"With the increased emphasis over the last couple of years on workplace raids," she said, "the Department of Homeland Security has really put fear into the hearts of employers across the country about what could happen at their companies." --more--"


Maybe they will STEP to the PLATE of TRUTH and start EXPOSING the FALSE-FLAG LIES that the TYRANNY is BASED UPON.

Naaaaah, TOO MUCH $$$ to BE HAD!!!!

"Renewable job market; Even as economy worsens, state's green companies are hiring" by Erin Ailworth, Globe Staff | March 6, 2009

.... The workforce expansions are being partly spurred by the federal economic stimulus package, which includes billions for home energy-efficiency upgrades and an extension of a tax credit for renewable energy technologies such as wind power. Within the next two years, stimulus spending is expected to create or save 79,000 jobs in Massachusetts, and an estimated 3.5 million nationwide, according to the federal government....

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It's unclear how just how many green jobs will be created in Massachusetts by stimulus-related initiatives, though preliminary estimates put the number at thousands.

And, of course, I BELIEVE MY GOVERNMENT despite the FALSE PROMISES, LIES and LOOTINGS!!!!!!!!!

According to a spokesman for congressman Ed Markey, the Malden Democrat who chairs the Select Committee on Energy Independence and Global Warming, Massachusetts is set to get $125 million in stimulus funds for weatherization projects and $55 million in state energy block grants to be used mainly for energy-efficiency programs. That money is expected to create an estimated 6,500 jobs related to weatherization and hundreds as part of the energy-efficiency programs.

Yeah, I'll deal with that crap in a minute.

The jobs are coming at a time when the US unemployment rate is at its highest in about two decades, according to the federal Bureau of Labor Statistics. In Massachusetts, the January unemployment rate was 7.4 percent - the highest since 1993 - and job losses for the month totaled 4,900, according to the state's Executive Office of Labor and Workforce Development.

Kevin Shaw, a Boston partner at accounting firm PricewaterhouseCoopers called the injection of stimulus money into the clean-tech sector a "silver lining" in a faltering economy.


According to a recently released report from his firm, the legislation contains about $83 billion for "clean-tech spending and tax plans" and positions the industry as a "key driver of economic stabilization and job growth."

Still, he was realistic about just how much the nascent industry would be able to do for an economy whose biggest sectors, including auto manufacturing, are failing.....

Sigh. Need I even type it?

looking to hire.... hoping to hire.... hopes to bring on.... wants to hire.... --more--"

Yup, adds up to about 200 JOBS, folks, not THOUSANDS!!!!!!!!


Oh, and ONE that WILL BENEFIT?

"Justice Dept. is looking into EMC's sales to government" by Globe Staff And Wires | March 3, 2009

SEATTLE - EMC Corp., the world's biggest maker of storage computers, said the Justice Department is investigating allegations about the company's sales to the federal government.

EMC Corp?

"Profit declines 45% at EMC

Data storage company EMC Corp. said its fourth-quarter profit fell 45 percent as one-time restructuring expenses weighed on its results. Excluding charges, the Hopkinton company's results beat Wall Street estimates, but EMC said it would not issue any financial guidance due to the uncertain economy. EMC said its earnings for the quarter fell to $288 million.... Revenue rose 5 percent to $4.02 billion... as businesses continued to buy its typically recession-proof data storage products. EMC... is laying off 2,400 people (AP)."

The allegations relate to EMC's fee arrangements with partners and its compliance with the terms of certain contracts.... The company is in talks with the government about resolving the investigation without admitting guilt.... --more--"

Yeah, let's COVER UP the CORPORATE LOOTING of the AMERICAN TAXPAYER! You know, the ones the government is supposed to be working for.

Btw , you know who WON'T BE GETTING a BAILOUT?

The governor's task forces on federal stimulus funding, which helped identify billions of dollars last month in "shovel-ready projects" in Massachusetts, has angered advocates for the disabled by suggesting that the state forego reviews of the need for handicapped accessibility to prevent construction delays.

Activists are threatening legal action and planning to protest a Monday meeting of the state Architectural Access Board. They fear that if the state overlooks accessibility in its rush to put federal stimulus funds to use, it will never find the money to make the buildings accessible.

"For the governor to put a document out that says the first thing we're going to do is abrogate the rights of people with disabilities in order to spend the stimulus money is a real slap in the face to people with disabilities who have fought for civil rights for so many years," said Bill Allan, executive director of the Disability Policy Consortium, a Boston-based organization of volunteer disability rights activists.... --more--"


Remember these?

Governor Guts State Services

Pigs at the State Trough

The State Budget Swindle

Here is someone else getting a bailout
: Circuit City close to the end of its line


And here is someone who DOES NOT NEED ONE:

"Exxon Mobil to spend $29b on '09 projects; Five-year total could hit $150b" by Associated Press | March 6, 2009

HOUSTON - Exxon Mobil Corp. said it plans to increase spending on capital and exploration projects 11 percent this year and could invest as much as $150 billion over the next five years, even as many smaller rivals scale back operations.

The world's largest publicly traded oil company also said it could fuel growth by snapping up competitors or partnering with some of the world's nationalized, state-run oil companies.

The cartel conglomerate and their price manipulations might as well be called nationalized anyway -- except the American public is getting a pump stuck up its ass (unlike, say, Venezuela).

Exxon Mobil chairman and chief executive Rex Tillerson said the company, buoyed by record income in recent years, is well-situated to execute those types of deals. Exxon was sitting on $31 billion cash at the end of 2008, and analysts have speculated it's only a matter of time before the industry behemoth goes shopping....

SITTING ON $31 BILLION -- with a "b" -- huh?

Have you had uite enough, reader?

A deepening global recession and falling energy demand have forced many oil and gas producers to slash spending. Not so for Irving, Texas-based Exxon, which last month reported a profit of $45.2 billion for 2008, breaking its own record for a US company. --more--"

But YOUUUUUU gotta PAY MORE in GAS TAXES, Bay Stater!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And what lie started all this (lingering in the background like a rancid, fetid fart):

"EPA urged to reverse auto emission ruling; Calif. vies to set own standards" by Dina Cappiello, Associated Press | March 6, 2009

ARLINGTON, Va. - .... Mary Nichols, chairwoman of the California Air Resources Board, told a packed Environmental Protection Agency hearing just outside Washington that if the state is unable to control the gases blamed for global warming from cars and trucks, its other air pollution problems will get worse.

I heard different: U.N. Says Pollution the Cure For Global Warming




Nichols was joined by environmental groups and officials from six other states in pressing the EPA to reverse its March 2008 ruling denying California the right to control heat-trapping gases from vehicle exhaust. President Obama has ordered the agency to reconsider the decision, and the hearing yesterday was part of that process.

You know what ALL THIS is ABOUT, right?

See: Patrick's Phart Chip

I assume the JETTING and the LIMOING from here to there is now VERBOTTEN, right, Guv? After all, it is ALL the TAXPAYERS TAB and I don't want to be payong for ruining the environment so you can make some shit-selling trips!!!!

Thirteen other states and the District of Columbia want to adopt California's standards, which would cut greenhouse gas emissions by 30 percent in new cars and trucks by 2016.

Senator Carl Levin of Michigan however, said the EPA should develop national standards to limit greenhouse gases emissions in conjunction with efforts already underway at the Transportation Department to improve fuel economy.

Yeah, SIG HEIL with the FASCISM!! Until FURTHER NOTICE, the CONSTITUTION says STATES RIGHTS, prick!!!!!!!!

Levin, making a rare appearance at an agency hearing, said that while California has been granted permission to set its own standards to control problems like smog, global warming "is a totally different matter. The threat of greenhouse gas emissions is not unique to any state."

I agree; ever try breathing when someone has cut a gasser in a cramped elevator?

Same thing when you are in a room full of fart-misters!

Representatives of the auto industry also pushed for a single, national standard. They argued that a patchwork of regulations will tax an industry already in dire economic straits and do little to address global warming.


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Oh, YOU DIDN'T KNOW the HARMLESS FART-MISTERS were going to COST YOU MORE $$$, Americans?

For more go here, scroll....