Thursday, October 8, 2015

Jukin This Video

"Viral sunfish video a business opportunity, bro!; Spawns a cottage industry' by Callum Borchers Globe Staff  October 01, 2015

He’s been interviewed by reporters, appeared on local radio, and even hit the big time Tuesday with a five-minute segment on ABC’s “Jimmy Kimmel Live.”

Now it’s time to talk business.

While most Internet stars shine for an instant, then fizzle out, some manage to profit from their sudden prominence.

Pop singer Justin Bieber parlayed YouTube videos into a record deal at age 13. Supermodel Kate Upton vaulted onto the cover of the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue after a video of her dancing in the stands at a Clippers basketball game ricocheted all over the webisphere.

It’s unclear whether Michael Bergin possesses the kind of talent needed to sustain long-term success, but his deal with  Jukin Media Inc., a Los Angeles firm that will charge media outlets and advertisers — basically anyone who might want to use the footage — for the rights, is one way to bank a few bucks in the meantime....