Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Kane Case Confusing

Has something to do with a scandal regarding important people:

"Pa. high court suspends attorney general’s law license" by Marc Levy Associated Press  September 22, 2015

HARRISBURG, Pa. — Pennsylvania’s highest court ordered the temporary suspension of state Attorney General Kathleen Kane’s law license on Monday, a step that could trigger efforts to remove her from office as she fights criminal charges.

The unanimous order by the state Supreme Court’s five justices also could prompt a legal challenge from the first-term Democrat. In the meantime, it leaves the state’s top law enforcement official in charge of a 750-employee office and a $93 million budget but without the ability to act as a lawyer.

The state constitution requires the attorney general to be a licensed lawyer, but the court said in the order that its action should not be construed as removing her from office, raising questions about her ability to do the full range of duties associated with the office.

In a statement, Kane said she was disappointed in the court’s action, but grateful that it recognized her rights as an elected official.

Then, Kane called attention to a pornographic e-mail scandal uncovered by her office that involved numerous current and former officials there and claimed the job last year of a state Supreme Court justice.

It's actually worse than that.

Kane said she would continue the work of her office, including rooting out ‘‘the culture of misogyny and racially/religiously offensive behavior that has permeated law enforcement and members of the judiciary in this Commonwealth for years.’’

The office’s spokesman said Kane will continue performing all duties not prohibited by the court’s order, including setting priorities and making administrative decisions.

The first deputy attorney general, Bruce Beemer, a career prosecutor, will probably assume duties she can no longer perform, the spokesman said.

The order comes barely a month after Montgomery County authorities arrested Kane on charges that she leaked investigative information to a newspaper reporter and then lied about it under oath. She was charged with perjury, obstruction, and other counts.

Tell war lies that murder millions? No problem. Same government also turns around and prosecutes whistleblowers. This woman gets the double whammy.

Kane has maintained she did nothing wrong. Governor Tom Wolf, a Democrat, called on Kane to resign after she was charged Aug. 6.

What compromising stuff do they have of him?

Kane, whose term is up in 2017, will not resign, her spokesman said Monday.

Kane, the first woman to hold the position of Pennsylvania’s top prosecutor, has dismissed the inquiry against her as an unfair backlash over her challenge to what she calls the old-boys’ network in state government.

Old boys network in more than one sick way.


I'm looking at a true hero there, and a good and decent person.

Maybe this will help clear matter up:

"One of Kane’s attackers on PA Supreme Court subject of her e-porn investigation.

Risa Ferman, the pedophile-protecting district attorney of wealthy Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, hit Pennsylvania’s enterprising anti-pedophile Attorney General Kathleen Kane with a second perjury count after Kane vowed to release additional pornographic emails demonstrating the perversion of some of Pennsylvania’s top officials.

Kane also charged that Pennsylvania Supreme Court Justice Michael Eakin, a Republican, was one of the officials who was involved in the transmittal of pornographic images using the state’s email system. Kane is the first Democratic and female Attorney General of the state. Eakin’s GOP colleague on the court, Seamus McCaffrey, resigned last year after he was identified as one of the senders and receivers of porn mail of a misogynistic and pederast nature.

Kane says the email porn scandal involves judges, U.S. attorneys, attorneys general, district attorneys, and public defenders. In other words, some of Ferman’s district attorney colleagues have been the targets of Kane’s probe, which is an outgrowth of the stymied investigation of convicted pedophile, former Penn State assistant football coach Jerry Sandusky and his Second Mile Foundation operation that targeted “troubled teens” for sexual exploitation by high-end donors to the non-profit foundation. Kane’s predecessor as Attorney General and former GOP governor Tom Corbett has been accused of covering up the Sandusky/Second Mile Foundation in order to protect Penn State, its late “sainted” football coach Joe Paterno, and top Republicans who supported Second Mile, including former Senator Rick Santorum (R-PA), a current contender for the GOP presidential nomination.

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court recently suspended Kane’s law license in an attempt to force her from the Attorney General position.

It is clear why a rather obscure Republican district attorney, Risa Ferman, has been relied upon to bring Kathleen Kane down. The Sandusky/Second Mile Foundation scandal is linked to a wider one of global implications. [Open image in new window to see it in larger format.]