Saturday, October 17, 2015

Saturday's Political Slop

That is what I'm starting off with today:

"In N.H., a tight race between Clinton and Sanders" by Stephanie Ebbert Globe Staff  October 16, 2015

The poll suggests that Democrats who had soured on Clinton are now giving her a second look.

That's the narrative anyway.

The poll reflected Sanders’ popularity but also voters’ pragmatic view of his prospects: While voters rated Sanders higher than Clinton in both likability and trustworthiness, they thought Clinton won the debate and has the better chance of winning the primary.

After a fitful summer, Clinton is playing catch-up with Sanders, a self-described democratic socialist whose foray into the Democratic race was initially greeted with bemusement. Sanders’ popularity surged over the summer....

“I’m really just sick of hearing about it,” and have already made up my mind anyway (he's polling less than 1%; what do you expect when he's ignored in print and insulted on TV?)


"Obama’s shift on Afghanistan ‘the right decision,’ Clinton says" by James Pindell Globe Staff  October 17, 2015

KEENE, N.H. — Hillary Clinton on Friday embraced President Obama’s controversial decision to halt the withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan, a move that followed her efforts in recent weeks to distance herself from the administration.

Obama’s announcement Thursday to keep at least 5,500 troops in Afghanistan into 2017 prolongs the nation’s longest war and nearly ensures he will break a campaign promise to remove all American forces there before he leaves office.

“I think it is the right decision,” Clinton, a Democratic candidate for president, said in an interview with the Globe.

Lendman is right.

“And I admire the fact that the president has very strong positions about trying to end wars and bring people home — which is exactly the right place to be in — but is not so doctrinaire, absolutist that no matter what the circumstances are that he’s going to stick to his position,” Clinton said. “You have a position of responsibility and a real obligation to try to make the best decisions possible, and I know that’s what he did on this one.”

The president’s decision came after gains by the Taliban against the Afghan government.

I'm starting to wonder about the agenda-pushing focus on Kunduz now. Was lost long ago and was only put out to push keeping forces there? Since when does the war-promoting media and this government holler defeat anyway?

Clinton, Obama’s former secretary of state, also said she would give the administration an overall grade of “A,” arguing that the president deserves more credit for preventing what she described as a second Great Depression early in his presidency....

An "A?"


Of course, the Grand Depression for the vast majority of AmeriKa continues and that shadow State Department Clinton was running....??

"Obama remark on Clinton’s server angered some at FBI" by Matt Apuzzo and Michael S. Schmidt New York Times  October 16, 2015

WASHINGTON — To investigators, it sounded as if Obama had already decided the answers to their questions and cleared anyone involved of wrongdoing.

The White House quickly backed off, but his comments spread quickly, raising the ire of officials who saw an instance of the president trying to influence the outcome of a continuing investigation — and not for the first time.

Say again?

A spokesman for the FBI declined to comment. But Ron Hosko, a former senior FBI official who retired in 2014 and is now the president of the Law Enforcement Legal Defense Fund, said, “Injecting politics into what is supposed to be a fact-finding inquiry leaves a foul taste in the FBI’s mouth.”

Oh, look, the FBI getting a taste of its own medicine after all the FBI-instigated patsy terror plots, the killing of Todashev and others, etc.

At least they found the trucker killer.


RelatedLongtime Clinton aide faces questions from Benghazi panel 

The brief article literally tells you nothing. 

Speaking of e-mail:

"E-mail rekindles speculation on Biden run; Confidant lays out vision, style of a possible presidential campaign" by Annie Linskey Globe Staff  October 16, 2015

WASHINGTON — Don’t count Joe out.

That’s the word from the conclave gathered to help Vice President Joe Biden decide whether to mount a presidential bid. A key member sent up a wisp of smoke to let the masses know that the Democratic field might not be set.

The e-mail set off another frenzied round of speculation about the vice president’s intentions....

Sanders has been able to catch up with Clinton in the money game in part because he runs a lean campaign — pulling his own luggage through airports and cramming into economy seats. A campaign for a sitting vice president would be unable to skimp. Biden wouldn’t be able to fly commercial, according to Nicole Mainor, a spokeswoman for the US Secret Service.

If Biden did use Air Force Two, federal election rules require that he reimburse the government for campaign travel. Another option would be to use a private plane, like Clinton does, for air travel.

There are some donors-in-waiting — particularly in Boston, said Phil Johnston, a Democratic donor. “We know him here very well,” said Johnston. “Ted Kennedy and he were like brothers. So a lot of people who worked for Kennedy have a very positive feeling about him.”

See: The Kennedy War Lobby

Biden has sat on the sidelines pondering a presidential run in the past — only to decide to stay out of the race. During the summer of 2003, then-Senator John Kerry was worried that Biden would run. Kerry’s campaign already was facing a surprisingly strong bid from a populist outsider, Howard Dean.

History repeating itself (using same narrative and script?) with Clinton now Kerry and Sanders now Dean. 

Speaking of Kerry, what exactly is he going to be doing after being SecofState anyway? I mean pissing off Israel, getting a deal with Iran, pulling back on confrontations in Syria and Ukraine. I know he's still a New World Order globalist, but sometimes the guy makes you wonder. 

I would just like to go a decade or so with no goddamn wars, how about that? 

If Biden takes the plunge, he would be months behind all of his competitors. At 72, he would be one of the older presidential candidates in the field. Only Sanders, at 74, is older. As vice president, he would be the candidate most connected to President Obama’s record, including a mammoth trade deal that’s proven deeply unpopular with segments of the Democratic base, especially organized labor.

Yeah, it's looking like it won't work anyway  and what is lost in all this is Joe comes from the most corporate-friendly state in the nation and has served the "financial services industry" for decades.

It’s been more than six decades since a sitting vice president tried and failed to win his party’s presidential nomination, according to Joel Goldstein, a professor at St. Louis University School of Law and vice presidential scholar.

That person was Alben Barkley, who was Harry Truman’s vice president.

Barkley lost, Goldstein said, for three main reasons: He got in the race too late, was considered too old, and he had trouble winning support from labor unions.

So “if he runs....”


Look who else is sending out some missives:

"Trump jabs at Clinton, Sanders at stop in Tyngsborough; Predicts cross-party appeal during speech in Mass." by James A. Kimble Globe Correspondent  October 17, 2015

TYNGSBOROUGH — Republican Donald Trump told voters that he not only continued to lead in the polls nationally, including a Reuters survey released on Friday, but was drawing thousands of new voters and those curious about his campaign.

“You are going to have people voting for me who have never voted for a Republican before,” he said to boisterous applause.

Referring to Clinton’s recent appearance “down the street” in Keene, N.H., he said, “Hillary had 250 people. That’ not good! I love the area, I love Massachusetts. Why do they always say a Republican can’t win in Massachusetts?”

Trump had 4,000, but one might question the crowd.

Trump suggested that Sanders is forcing Clinton into policy positions that would raise taxes, but do little for the economy, health care, and immigration reform.

“We want great medical care. We want things. The problem is he’s dragging down Hillary, poor Hilary,” Trump said about Sanders. “He’s ranting and raving and she is saying I’m going to do that, too.”

Bernie's lost it?

The GOP front-runner said he would stop companies from moving out of the United States, and on foreign policy said he would be tough with China.

“I’m going to take jobs away from China,” he said. “And you know, I get along great with China.”

As if it is some monolithic entity.  

Besides, all the rhetoric, all the war talk, is just that. Economies and elites are to intertwined.

Tyler Morgan, a 20-year-old registered Democrat from Natick, said he agreed with Trump on immigration reform but not “on some of his social policies.”

That's when I lost it. Wow!

“He says what’s on his mind. He’s not [politically correct],” said Morgan, about Trump’s allure. Morgan said he has not decided on a candidate in the presidential election but he came to Friday night’s event “with an open mind.”

Pamela Frattallone and her husband, Gino, donned matching “Make America Great Again” caps, and despite not having tickets cruised the long line outside the school hoping to either get a glimpse of Trump or somehow get inside.

“He’s the most exciting, dynamic candidate we’ve had in the Republican Party for years,” said Pamela Frattallone, who added that she is also drawn to Trump because he self-financed his campaign.

Actually, he hasn't spent a dime yet. He's getting a free ride because its good for ratings.

The presidential hopeful also criticized what he called a lack of leadership in Washington.

“We don’t have strength anymore. We don’t have leaders anymore,” he said.

Trump even bemoaned not being able to say “Merry Christmas” over the holidays.

“If you are another religion, that’s great,” he said. “But why can’t we say Merry Christmas, right? Merry Christmas. It’s so sad.”

That isn't going to sit well with some voters and certain chosen interests.


Maybe you would want to sift through the previous presidential slop on this site, but you will have to find them yourself. I've already spent way too much time on this post.

Now if you will excuse me, I need to get down to the farmer's market.

Look what I found while shopping: “Donald Trump is a TRUTHER!” 


State Dept. aided Clinton-backed Rwanda effort

While I haven't read it yet I'm sure the Globe is only scratching the $urface there. We will never be told that Hillary was running a shadow State Department with Israel having access to her communications via her e-mail server.  That's why there is all this talk of voter rights. The larger the pool, the easier it is to commit fraud.

What does the vote even mean in a system full of fraud and where those who count the votes are truly the ones that matter?