Saturday, October 3, 2015

Slow Saturday Just Got Even Slower

I didn't recognize the Globe when I went and got it today, and I didn't like the way it looked from the start. I'm not even going to link up the web version which has stuff not in print (I call them Invisible Inks) and printed stuff not there (I consider that censorship but I'm not going to complain right now).

My Metro section is pages A2-A5 today, Nation A6 and A7, World A8 and A9, Front page Turn-Ins on pages A10 and A11, my Business section pages A12 and A13, and the A14 back page the op-ed "section." I don't know how many pages of print I've lost, but the collected work of articles is far below the standard level of brief, etc, that I would normally have gotten.

This leads us to two conclusions: 1) The Globe staff is cutting out early on Fridays now and this is a good way to do it, and 2) the sales on Saturday are much lower (which is why governments dump bad news on Fridays, and how Slow Saturday Specials were born) and thus there is no need to expend a lot of energy when the elite of Bo$ton, of and for whom it is written, are busy doing other things (like the rest of the masses).

I should be happy; I just saved some time, will be saving money in the future, and can move on to other pos. They ask what their readership thinks in the bottom right-hand corner and I think I just told you what I think. Less amount of news for the same amount of money; looks like a price increase to me.

Heat went on for the first time today. Once we turn the clocks back I can hopefully get started a bit earlier.  Thankfully, the US National Hurricane Center said Joaquin’s threat to the US East Coast was fading as new forecasts showed it likely to curve out into the Atlantic while moving north and weakening in coming days.

That means all the football games will be played, save one:

"Swampscott cancels football games after ‘disturbance’" by Travis Andersen and Andy Rosen Globe Staff  September 29, 2015

Police are investigating a “disturbance” that involved Swampscott High football players, prompting school officials to cancel this weekend’s varsity game against Saugus, authorities said Tuesday.

In a statement, Superintendent Pamela R.H. Angelakis said Thursday’s freshman team game has also been called off while officials review an incident allegedly involving members of the Swampscott squad at Blocksidge Field, the school’s home field, last Friday night.

Angelakis did not elaborate on what occurred but said that after speaking with police, “it became clear that the incident required further investigation” by Swampscott school officials.

She said no adults were present during the episode.

“Understanding that all the facts have yet to be presented, I do not feel it is appropriate for the football team to take the field representing Swampscott High School at this time,” she said. The superintendent could not be reached for further comment on Tuesday.

In a brief statement, Swampscott police said the department was reviewing an incident “when officers responded to a disturbance complaint which involved a number of student athletes. This investigation is currently ongoing.”

A police log entry noted that officers received a report at about 9 p.m. last Friday of “youths having [a] bonfire near practice football field.”

That all?

The Police Department said no one was available to discuss the matter Tuesday afternoon.

Head football coach Bob Serino and the school’s athletic director, Kelly Farley, could not be reached for comment. School Committee and Board of Selectmen officials either declined to comment or said they were unaware of the details of the case.

“Any kind of police activity in our town that involves the school system is absolutely concerning,” said Amy O’Connor, the School Committee’s vice chairwoman, adding that she is confident police and school officials will investigate the matter “carefully and objectively.”

I may be a bit slow on the uptake, but why should we believe anything they say?

Governor Charlie Baker, a Swampscott resident and former town selectman, briefly addressed the case when a reporter asked him about it during a State House event.

“I would hope that any allegation concerning an issue like that would be properly investigated and dealt with in the most transparent way possible,” he said.

Serino is in his first year as head coach of the team. He joined the squad as an assistant coach in 2007.


RelatedSwampscott drowning victim coached high school football

Just a coincidence, I'm sure.

"Naked exercises at center of Swampscott football investigation" by Andy Rosen Globe Staff  October 02, 2015

Sophomore players on the Swampscott High School football team were performing exercises while completely naked last Friday night, according to school officials, who say they will force the team to forfeit its game this weekend as a result.


The incident took place at the direction of upper class players, as team members stood around the naked students on the school’s athletic field shouting “a variety of comments, from encouragement to obscenities,” officials said in a Friday statement. 

It's the whole power trip, know your place in the hierarchy, prepare you for life thing.

According to a statement from Swampscott Superintendent Pamela Angelakis, the incident took place on the 50-yard-line of Blocksidge Field, and is referred to as the “Sophomore 50.” Older players also said they had participated in the event previously.

Angelakis said schools officials interviewed team captains, “the five alleged ‘victims’ of the incident,” and other members of the team.

The italicized part is what the web version added to my strange looking brief.

“None of the students who were interviewed reported that they felt harassed, belittled, endangered or in any other way upset by the incident,” the statement said. “Two older members of the team said that in their sophomore years they chose not to participate in the ‘Sophomore 50,’ and they have felt no repercussions from that refusal.”

It's just a silly tradition (gag).

The school said it would reach no determination about whether the incident constituted hazing, leaving that definition instead to the local police, who have said they are also investigating, and county prosecutors.

Swampscott Police could not be reached for comment. Carrie Kimball Monahan, spokeswoman for the Essex District Attorney’s Office, said officials there were awaiting the findings of police.

However, the football team will immediately have to undergo an “anti-hazing education program,” which the school system said it would make a requirement for all Swampscott High School athletes.

Students may also face individual discipline.

“The activity that took place was inappropriate under the Swampscott Public Schools Code of Conduct and general expectations for our students,” Angelakis said. “Whether or not a ‘tradition’ — [this] is not the kind of behavior that we expect of our students and student athletes.”

I suppose there are certain traditions worth upholding and remembering, but the society is full of the illusion and lies of tradition being  constantly pushed by mind-manipulating managers reinforcing the narratives.

Some traditions should come to an end. Maybe buying and blogging about the Boston Globe will be one of them.


I suppose it isn't as bad as what happens to the soccer team in Somerville.

What are you kids doing here reading this blog? No school sports to play?

UPDATE: 'Once in 200 Years Rainfall Event' (Blog editor just shakes his head. This isn't news anymore. This is hyperbolic, mind-manipulating, agenda-pushing, string-pulling shit.