Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Seattle Teachers Strike

I'm cutting class, sorry.

"Striking Seattle teachers poised to return to classroom" Associated Press  September 16, 2015

SEATTLE — Seattle teachers reached a tentative contract agreement with the city’s school district as their strike entered its fifth day Tuesday, but they will stay on the picket lines pending its approval.

The sides reached a three-year deal, but the teachers union’s executive board and representative assembly must sign off on it before the strike could be suspended, Seattle Education Association president Jonathan Knapp said. If the leadership groups recommend approval, teachers could be back in classrooms Wednesday, with students attending school for the first time this fall as early as Thursday, and the full union membership would vote on the proposal this weekend.

The agreement addresses major sticking points around pay, testing, student equity, teacher evaluations, and length of the school day, Knapp said at a news conference.