Tuesday, September 22, 2015

This Post Doesn't Merritt Your Attention

"Phoenix freeway shooting suspect says police have ‘the wrong guy’" by Terry Tang and Brian Skoloff Associated Press  September 19, 2015

PHOENIX — Leslie Allen Merritt Jr., 21, was arrested around 7 p.m. Friday after a SWAT team swarmed him at a Walmart.

They “got him!”

Brandon Copeland said he witnessed the arrest of the suspect as he did some Friday night shopping at the Wal-Mart. He was struck at the military-style response as officers stormed the crowded store and came out with the man in handcuffs.

Good thing Jade Helm just ended (or did it?).

‘‘My girl goes, ‘maybe we should leave,’ and I’m thinking we should leave. And as soon as she says that, like five, six unmarked units just rolled up with blue and reds flashing everywhere,’’ he said....

Meanwhile Friday, a judge ordered the release of a 19-year-old man who was detained Sept. 11 and questioned regarding the shootings. Authorities have declined to explain why the man was questioned about the shootings but said he was not a prime suspect.

The two kind of go together now, and the psych jobs from the string-pullers must love the symbolism.

He was arrested on an alleged probation violation stemming from marijuana found in the man’s house after a tip that he was violating probation by possessing a gun. The man had been sentenced to probation for excessive speeding and fleeing from police.


"A 19-year-old man who lives in a Phoenix suburb has been detained for questioning in a string of Phoenix freeway shootings, but police said Saturday that they are still searching for the prime suspect in a case that has left the city on edge for two weeks. Police were still seeking tips, with freeway message boards across the city continuing to flash a tip line number."

Got caught up in the production did he?


Government says they did tests, so....

"Arizona authorities investigate freeway shootings" Associated Press  September 10, 2015

PHOENIX — A truck’s passenger window shattered on a Phoenix freeway Wednesday as Arizona authorities investigated a string of highway shootings that have rattled nerves and heightened fears of a possible serial shooter.

Authorities were already investigating nine shootings of vehicles over the past two weeks....

Arizona Department of Public Safety director Frank Milstead called the incidents ‘‘domestic terrorism crimes.’’

‘‘Anytime that you have multiple shootings against American citizens on a highway, that’s terrorism,’’ Milstead said.

‘‘They’re trying to frighten or kill somebody.’’

Bombing nations, that's okay, and yanking the public around with false flag psyops that are constantly reinforced through the ma$$ media narratives, no problem.


"Search intensifies for Ariz. sniper"  Associated Press  September 10, 2015

PHOENIX — The search for a suspect in a string of Phoenix freeway shootings took on a frenzied pace Thursday as police jumped from one spot to another, investigating five more reports of vehicles being shot as a panicked public flooded a hot line with tips.

Smells like BS to me.

Authorities are appealing for help through social media, news conferences, TV interviews, and billboards.

Thousands of tips have come in, many of them proving to be false leads based on road hazards routine in Arizona, including windshields cracked by loose rocks sent airborne by the tires of other vehicles.

The shootings haven’t fit any obvious pattern. Most happened on Interstate 10, a main route through Phoenix. Bullets have been fired at various times of the day, striking a seemingly random assortment of vehicles, from an empty bus to tractor-trailers to pickup trucks, cars, and SUVs....


NDU: Arizona Highway Shooting is a Ridiculous Arch Zionist Gun Control Hoax

That does Merritt a look-see, or at least a contemplative thought.

UPDATE: Suspect in 4 of 11 Phoenix freeway shootings charged