Monday, February 29, 2016

Leaping Into March

I though an extra day would allow me to accomplish much, but....

What it feels like to turn 1 when you’re really 4

Its from the section I haven't read yet, and even if you gave me an extra three years I doubt I would catch up here, nor do I want to.

I could again type that which I have before regarding how sick I am of the insultingly elitist banker's pre$$ and its constant war-promoting and agenda-pushing propaganda based on distortion, deception, obfuscation, and omission. It's only useful in the sense that it gives you an idea of where the cretins that control this world are headed; other than that, it's hurtful to the soul.

And now I am on the cusp of the month-long experience known as March Madness that is going to restrict my limited time even further and add to my guilt as the world rushes by and I fail to keep pace. How odd that they call it madness, this thing that helps me keep my sanity. Unlike past years, I'm not going to be reporting my comings and goings. I doubt I will even post any items from the Globe, if I'm still buying it at that point.

And with that I am tossing in the towel on this month. I have a lot of personal needs I have been neglecting as I scurry behind the scenes preparing posts (let's face it folks, it's more like spinning my wheels) in eager anticipation of publishing.

Someone once said beware the Ides of March, and my only response at this time is to note that there has been an awful lot of talk in the propaganda pre$$ and alternative media regarding nuclear weapons being introduced in ongoing conflicts around the world. Is that why the elite pre$$ seems to be talking to themselves and over the rest of us these days?

Now let me take one last look.....

Next Day Update:

It looks like there is some arguing going on as to who gets a spot in the bunker.