Thursday, March 30, 2017

A Ripple in Time

"One way to avoid conflict at home? Rob a bank" by Tom Jackman Washington Post  September 09, 2016

Home? Or jail?

Wife? Or sheriff’s deputies? Such choices.

Federal authorities say Larry Ripple chose time behind bars over another minute at home with the wife. On Friday afternoon, according to a complaint filed in federal court, Ripple, 70, walked into the Bank of Labor in downtown Kansas City, Kan., handed over a note to a teller that said, ‘‘I have a gun, give me your cash,’’ and was given $2,924 in currency from the drawer. (Now is the part where we typically write, ‘‘The robber then fled the bank.”)

The robber then sat in the lobby and began chatting with the bank security guard, the complaint by Special Agent Eric R. Beltz states. All of this was captured on surveillance video. ‘‘I’m the guy you’re looking for,’’ Ripple allegedly told the guard. The guard took Ripple into custody and retrieved the $2,924, Beltz wrote. The police and FBI were summoned, and Ripple was taken to the police station.

Advised of his Miranda rights, about 45 minutes after the stickup, Ripple agreed to speak to the authorities and said ‘‘he and his wife had an argument at home and Ripple no longer wanted to be in the situation. Ripple wrote out his demand note in front of his wife,’’ Beltz wrote, ‘‘and told her he’d rather be in jail than at home. Ripple then walked to the bank and robbed it.’’ Further details of the domestic unrest were not reported in the complaint.

Ripple was promptly incarcerated and held in the Wyandotte County jail, charged with one federal count of bank robbery. However . . .

On Wednesday, federal authorities foiled his plot. Court records show Ripple appeared before US Magistrate Judge David Waxse, and Waxse ordered the defendant to be released from jail on his own recognizance. For a bank robbery. What does a guy have to do to stay in jail?

Forcibly returned to freedom, Ripple could not be located for comment Wednesday evening.


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