Sunday, August 9, 2009

Town Meeting in Massachusetts

Even if we have one, they don't listen.

400 against biomass tree-raper and the board votes 5-0 in favor.


"The eyesore in town center; Municipal offices often decaying" by Kathleen Burge, Globe Staff | August 9, 2009

TOPSFIELD - Across the state, town halls, many of them more than 100 years old, are fading and badly in need of millions of dollars in repairs....

Need $$$ to repair town halls?

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Can you find a few million in there, readers?

And WHERE HAS all the $$$ GONE, anyway?!

These aging town halls, the buildings where the people meet their government, lie on the last frontier of public works projects. State and federal money for rehabilitation projects is scarce, especially when roads and schools are competing for money in dire economic times. Dozens of communities across Massachusetts have applied for federal stimulus money for town hall renovations, but they have been disappointed....

No wonder we are furious, 'eh, world?