Thursday, December 24, 2009

Going Xmas Shopping: Outside the Mall

Already found a parking spot and I'm headed in.

"Sidewalk Santas in unemployment line

NEW YORK - The economy has again taken a toll on the Sidewalk Santas who collect money for the poor on Manhattan’s Fifth Avenue. The 107-year-old program has gone online for the second year in a row. The nonprofit Volunteers of AmericaGreater New York says it doesn’t have the money to pay formerly homeless men to play Santa and gather donations.

But we got

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Merry Xmas for them, huh?


Yes, I noticed less Santas around town this year.

I also noticed less kettles.

"Salvation Army kettle reported stolen in NH

You gotta be kidding!

DOVER, N.H. --
Police in New Hampshire are investigating the theft of a red Salvation Army donation kettle that was taken from outside a store in Dover while a volunteer momentarily stepped away. Police said the kettle was pilfered shortly after 6 p.m. Saturday from outside a Walgreens drug store. Assistant store manager Tracey Cabel told Foster's Daily Democrat that the volunteer discovered the theft after stepping inside the store for a few minutes to use the bathroom. There was no word on how much money was inside the kettle. Police said they'll be using surveillance video as part of their investigation.


Hey, the Lord taketh away, the Lord giveth

"1881 gold coin found in Conn. donation kettle

A Connecticut Salvation Army chapter got a pleasant surprise when its members were counting change dropped into one of the organization's holiday donation kettles. Members found a rare 1881 "half eagle" coin last week while counting donations made somewhere in Torrington on the day after Thanksgiving. The half eagle was the country's first-ever gold coin and had a face value of $5. It was in circulation from 1795 to 1929. The coin was found when a change counting machine didn't recognize the half eagle and separated it from other coins.


I can see why they are going to plastic

"No cash? Salvation Army takes plastic; Card-friendly kettles brought in more in ’08 test" by Kristen Wyatt, Associated Press | November 26, 2009

I still toss change into the kettles.

I like doing it, and I don't have plastic, so....

COLORADO SPRINGS - There could be less jingle in the Salvation’s Army’s hallmark red kettles this season. The charity is testing kettles that take debit and credit cards.

Boston Globe Reporter Goes Begging

The growth of so-called “plastic kettles’’ comes as fewer shoppers carry cash. Bell ringers who stand outside stores during the holiday season say that more and more shoppers are shaking their heads and smiling as they pass by, apologizing for not having spare change or cash....

The charity says its red kettles brought in more than $130 million nationwide last year, an increase of 17 percent from 2007. It’s unclear how much of the increase came from credit or debit donations. Anecdotal evidence indicates people who stop to make credit or debit donations make larger gifts, at least a few dollars.

So the CREDIT CARD COMPANIES are going to get a FEE CUT, huh?

You Can't Bank on Bankers' Good Will

It's ALWAYS about the DAMN BANKS (Father forgive me)!

Major George Hood, spokesman for the Arlington, Va.-based charity, said the donation sizes are similar to online donations, which average about $75. The charity says the old-fashioned kettles aren’t going anywhere, because shoppers and children enjoy dropping in coins.

I'm not a child, although I can hardly say I enjoy dropping in coins.

I wish there was NO NEED FOR IT in a LAND of SUCH WEALTH, but I TRY TO DO MY PART to LIVE the CODE!!!



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